3 Key Features of Custom Boxes That Protect Products From Outside Damage

The main purpose of packaging is to protect the products from external environmental damages and shocks during the transit process. You may have noticed that extremely bad weather conditions, extensive heat and sunshine, humidity, moisture, and dust can have a bad impact on the product. This way, products can be damaged that buyers don't like to buy. Finally, brands can face a big loss of investment that also badly affects their brand reputation and reliability in the retail market. Custom Boxes are a perfect option for products to protect the products from different external damages. These packaging boxes not only protect the retail goods but also make them attractive to buyers.

A premium-quality packaging always protects the products in all types of circumstances. You can design custom packaging boxes considering the needs of products. Customized boxes for product packaging are highly protective and enticing that attract customers to the brand. This factor increases its sales in the competitive market. Moreover, there are many features of custom boxes packaging wholesale that make a simple packaging box into a professional one.

Here are the top 3 main features of customized boxes that protect them from outside damaging factors: 

1. Study and Protective Packaging Materials:

In the e-commerce business, it is a big problem that customers often receive damaged products on their doorstep. The main reason behind this issue is that brands use low-quality materials for product packaging. Packaging of custom boxes is made with sturdy and robust material, which protects the products on the shelves as well as during the shipping process. These sturdy packaging materials come in different varieties that fit different products' packaging, such as Cardboard, Rigid, and Corrugated Fiberboard.

Best Material Choices For Product Packaging

Cardboard material is a highly used material in products' packaging in the retail market by the majority of producers. This material is perfect for lightweight retail products. In addition, custom cardboard boxes are an eco-friendly, biodegradable and economical option for brands to create protective and enticing customized packaging boxes for their products. Furthermore, cardboard packaging boxes can have a thickness level of up to 24 points and can keep products safe in them.

Nearly 67% of American shoppers say that they give preference to buy products with paper, carton-based, and cardboard packaging (Ipsos)

The rigid material is the most sturdy material for product packaging. It is the perfect choice for packaging expensive, fragile, luxury, and gift items like ornaments, wristwatches, and glasses. On the other hand, corrugated material is one of the sturdy paper-based materials which have 3 layers of protection. It is sturdy enough to protect the products during the shipping and delivery process. For e-commerce shipping, custom mailer boxes are perfect options that keep the products safe during transit. They are shipped flat, which reduces the overall cost of a brand.

You can customize these materials to create packaging of custom boxes in different sizes, styles, and designs according to your particular needs.

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2. Laminations And Coatings To Enhance Protection:

There are some additional embellishment opportunities for custom boxes to protect your products from environmental factors, such as using coatings, metalized foiling, glossy lamination, matte lamination, soft-touch lamination, and varnish. These embellishments are applied by the custom packaging suppliers that play a key role in protecting the product and providing an enticing outlook to the products. Without these finishes, your products can get affected by environmental factors like bad weather, moisture, and dust.

Furthermore, these options protect your products' custom boxes with logo printing that makes it possible to display your brand facet (logo) and message to your target customers. Spot UV coating protects the custom printed boxes with your brand logo from color fading caused by hazardous rays of sunshine. You can choose any finishing option for your custom box packaging that suits your needs.

3. Custom Inserts (Dividers) For Products Safety:

Box divider inserts are additional add-ons that protect the products stored in the boxes. They are used to separate the products where many products are placed in the same box. This way, your products can remain safe on the bumpy road during delivery as well as on the retail outlet's shelves. These product box inserts or dividers can be made from cardboard material, whether it is corrugated or not. All this depends on the nature and weight of the product. In addition, these inserts enhance the overall strength level of the packaging box.

Furthermore, using premium standard custom boxes with inserts provides your box with a professional appearance and protects the products placed in the same boxes. These custom made insert boxes are an ideal option for encasing fragile, expensive, and small-sized products. With high-tech cutting with die-cut machinery, brands can create fantastic and fit-sized product boxes. This add-on feature provides customers with the best user unbox experience and urges them to buy the products.

Final Words

Customers prefer to purchase products packaged in boxes with reasonable security. Brands can enjoy the extensive and higher level of their products' protection with customized packaging boxes that are expertly personalized with additional protective add-ons.

Considering these points, brands create fantastic and well-printed custom boxes wholesale packaging for their products with full protection to avoid potential damages.

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