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Custom Boxes Wholesale Packaging Suppliers

Packaging in the retail market is vital as well as the products’ quality. Brands need custom packaging of product boxes to enhance their products’ marketing in the market. CustomBoxesMarket is a renowned custom packaging boxes supplier in the USA market. We make Custom Boxes in a wide variety of designs, printing, and coloring. You can customize them according to your preferences and product characteristics. Custom made boxes with attractive packaging designs attract your target buyers and provide them with a perfect unboxing experience. Our packaging experts create outstanding custom boxes wholesale packaging with innovative printing and design ideas for your products. We facilitate our brand clients with cheap and economical custom box packaging in the market. Moreover, CBM is a responsible packaging firm that creates sustainable custom boxes packaging that doesn’t harm nature. Custom Boxes are made with different packaging materials depending on the products’ nature. These packaging materials are sturdy enough to protect the product from potential damages or shocks during shipping very well. Moreover, they make your brand unique in the market and shine on the retail stores’ shelves, which grabs customers’ attention to them. However, is your perfect custom packaging partner you can trust to make high-quality custom boxes wholesale packaging.

Customization of Packaging Boxes Wholesale

Customized boxes are key to your brand progress due to their outstanding features. You can customize boxes for different products packaging according to your desires, and there are different customization options that you can utilize. Moreover, you can personalize them by considering different manufacturing materials, printing options, design ideas, and luxury add-on features such as windows die-cut, lamination, foiling, and pasting. This customization of packaging boxes makes them enticing for buyers who like your products and decide to buy them just in a few moments. CustomBoxesMarket provides brands with top-notch packaging of custom boxes at reasonable rates in the market. Moreover, our packaging professionals ensure that your custom packaging boxes are free from loopholes that provide customers with a happy user experience. This factor helps you improve your brand value in the market and please your target customers with wholesale custom boxes.

Why Are Custom Boxes Vital for Product Marketing?

Custom packaging designs and styles create unique selling points for your company’s products. Custom printed boxes are key to attracting your target customers to your products. Consequently, when people visit the retail stores and look at your custom made product boxes, their eyes are glued to them due to their attractiveness. As a result, they decide to buy your products and share the user experience with others, which helps in the brand’s seamless and effective marketing. In addition, we provide custom boxes for product packaging that enhance your brand’s market value in the retail market. Furthermore, we offer extensive custom printing techniques to beautify your custom boxes packaging wholesale. So, you can get various product promotion advantages with excellent custom box packaging by – the leading custom packaging boxes provider company in the USA. We at CBM create custom printed boxes wholesale packaging with our modern printing machines. Our top-quality printing machines make your packaging dream come true. Moreover, you can get your fast custom boxes order delivery quickly, depending on the packaging material and add-ons options. Furthermore, you can discuss your packaging design ideas with us to create your desired custom packaging wholesale boxes. You can get cheap and wholesale custom boxes packaging from CustomBoxesMarket and save your hard-earned money to invest in another company resource. Finally, your customers will find your products’ packaging eye-grabbing in the retail outlets, and you will observe a boost in your loyal customers as well as product sales.

Custom Boxes Covers Different Types of Industries

There are different retailers and product manufacturers in the US retail market. You can utilize custom boxes for different types of retail products packaging. Custom packaging boxes cover different industries. These are some common types of custom boxes according to their respective industry:

  • Custom CBD Packaging
  • Cosmetic Packaging Boxes
  • Custom Electronic Boxes
  • Food and Beverage Packaging
  • Healthcare Packaging Boxes
  • Luxury Apparel Boxes

So, you can customize your packaging boxes according to your desires considering your products’ needs. However, here are some key benefits of custom boxes for brands’ products packaging that can take your brand to new heights of development:

Quality Control of Packaging Boxes Is Vital for Brands

It is very important to target all the packaging angles to get quality packaging boxes for your products. You need to choose the premium quality packaging material, printing method, add-on options, and packaging design to provide your customers with top-quality product boxes to gain their loyalty to your brand. Moreover, quality control of products’ custom packaging for small business entities is more vital than for established companies to achieve products’ marketing and sales goals.

High-Grade Packaging Material for Product Boxes

There are different types of packaging materials readily available in the market. These product packaging materials are used considering the products’ specifications. These materials are Kraft paper, cardboard sheets, rigid, corrugated boxes. CustomBoxesMarket uses top-quality packaging material to protect the products from potential damages during shipping and at stores’ shelves. Every packaging material is used for a particular purpose also.

Paper-Based Eco-Friendly Packaging Boxes

Paper-based material is an eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging solution that protects nature from pollution and pleases the eco-conscious customer base. Custom Kraft boxes and custom cardboard packaging boxes are examples of nature-friendly packaging boxes. These custom boxes are more cost-effective than other types of packaging boxes.

Products Presentation with Cardboard Boxes

Custom cardboard boxes are the perfect option to display your products in the market. So, custom cardboard display boxes with attractive packaging designs and printed product/brand details attract people to the product and make your brand unique in the market.

Luxury Packaging Boxes with Rigid Material

On the other hand, custom rigid boxes are used for delicate, fragile, expensive, and luxury gift products packaging to protect the product from being damaged. Rigid packaging boxes allow extensive opportunities for custom printing. That’s why this material is more expensive than Kraft and cardboard material.

Safe Delivery with Custom Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are perfect for shipping purposes due to their high durability and strength due to multiple layers of protection. These boxes protect the products during the delivery process, and that’s why these custom boxes are also known as shipping boxes. You can customize their strength level according to your products’ specifications easily. In addition, you can use any custom packaging material considering your brand requirements. Our custom boxes have the premium quality that protects your products as well as attracts customers with their catchy packaging designs. However, if you want to bring innovation into your custom boxes packaging with novel packaging ideas, regardless of which products you sell, you can contact our team of professionals in this regard without any hassle.

Eye-Catching Custom Boxes Packaging Design Patterns

Custom product boxes come in different varieties of packaging designs and color combinations. Custom designed boxes make your product packaging astonishing from others in the crowd of different brands. Moreover, you can customize your product boxes with different design patterns and match them with your brand’s theme. You can use aesthetic and artistic features to beautify your custom boxes packaging to attract your target customer to your brand’s products. Furthermore, you can choose the packaging color schemes considering your target customers’ age group. Big brands consciously choose the package design color, considering their target audience preferences to grow their market value. You can attract more customers to your products with custom printed boxes wholesale packaging and get amazing product promotion benefits for your brand.

Diversity in Custom Packaging Boxes Styles and Sizes

Different products need different packaging box styles and sizes. For instance, small products need small custom boxes while large products require large packaging boxes to fit the products inside them. All the products in the retail market need to have customized packaging boxes with accurate dimensions. This factor not only makes the products protective but also presents perfect and unique custom boxes in the retail outlets. We provide our clients with a wide variety of custom packaging styles considering their products’ characteristics. In addition, you can use different types of shapes of custom box packaging according to your product requirements. The best strategy is to choose the packaging style that provides people with ease of use and a happy user experience. There are different custom packaging styles available on CustomBoxesMarket.Com, which you can choose for your products’ packaging. So, if you need any specific packaging style, you can contact our professionals to craft your desired custom boxes packaging wholesale. Some popular custom boxes styles are:

  1. Gable Boxes
  2. Window Die-Cut Boxes
  3. Sleeve Boxes
  4. Seal End Auto Bottom
  5. Full Flap Auto Bottom
  6. Auto Bottom with Display Lid
  7. Double Wall Tuck Top
  8. Roll End Tuck Top
  9. Custom Tuck End Auto Bottom
  10. Custom Straight Tuck Boxes and many more

However, custom gable boxes provide customers with the ease of carrying products to their destinations. On the other hand, window die-cut boxes allow customers to see the products inside the boxes before the final purchase. Typically windows boxes have PCV sheets that protect the product from dust/moisture and display it to its target customers very well.

Perfect Custom Boxes Printing by CBM

For product box packaging, dot and geometrical printing are famous enough in the market. Custom printed boxes represent your brand in the retail market efficiently. Using suitable color schemes, you can create alluring packaging boxes with captivating designs according to your brand theme. This way, you can attract your target customers to your brand’s products as well as advertise your products in the market. Furthermore, you can make your particular custom display boxes to promote your brand.

Custom Boxes with Logo and Printed Details

Custom boxes with logo printing make your brand’s products unique and your packaging boxes memorable for your customers. This factor makes your buyers recognize your products in the crowd of many products and get them instantly without any problem. The custom boxes logo printing increases your firm’s market value and presents your company as a responsible and customer caring brand in the retail market. In short, custom packaging boxes with logo imprinting highlight your brand’s products in the crowd of many other brands and put a good impression on your target customer base. Moreover, you can print your custom boxes wholesale packaging with essential details of your product/brand, such as product name, use warnings, use directions, company mission statement, and other details. These essential details make your product trustworthy and your brand reliable for consumers.

Custom Printing Methods for Product Boxes

All the custom printing of packaging boxes is done using different printing techniques. These are two famous custom printing techniques trending in the USA packaging market:

  • Offset printing
  • Digital printing.

Offset printing

has a high-quality output and is more expensive than digital printing. Moreover, offset printers use four colors for product box printing: cyan, magenta, yellow, and key/black (CMYK). It is the best option for small-scale package printing. On the other hand,

Digital printing

is a cheap custom boxes printing option that doesn’t require a big investment in packaging box printing. It is the perfect option for small-scale printing. Furthermore, you can even get a single custom printed box with digital printing. So, if you need custom boxes wholesale packaging in bulk, offset printing is perfect for getting top-quality product packaging. You can transform your packaging design ideas into reality with CustomBoxesMarket packaging solutions.

Custom Packaging Boxes with Luxury Add-ons

You can get packaging boxes finishing coats to protect your custom wholesale boxes from moisture and dust as well as to attract customers to your products. The luxury finishes on the custom boxes colors do not fade away. Consequently, you can use different luxury addons to beautify your custom boxes packaging. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. Matte lamination
  2. Glossy lamination
  3. Soft-touch lamination
  4. Spot UV finish
  5. AQ coating
  6. Silver foiling
  7. Gold foiling
  8. Metallic foiling
  9. Embossing
  10. Debossing
  11. Die-cut windows
  12. Ribbons pasting
  13. Other artistic works

These add-ons make your product packaging unique, enticing buyers and distinguishing them from your competitors’ products. In addition, you can choose any add-on option that suits your brand. If you are confused about deciding which luxury option is perfect for your brand’s products, you can contact CBM representatives to consult about your custom packaging needs. They will cooperate with you to design custom packaging boxes with luxury add-on features that will make your top-class products’ packaging in the retail stores. This way, customers will prefer to buy your products with custom printed boxes wholesale packaging, and your sales profit will increase very fast. Furthermore, CBM custom boxes spread positive word of mouth about your company in the market that benefits your brand growth.

Why Choose CustomBoxesMarket for Custom Packaging?

All the customers and retailers prefer unique product packaging in the market. CBM offers custom made boxes with eye-grabbing packaging designs that attract people to your products. You can personalize them according to your product specifications, your specific packaging needs, and your budget limit. You can choose any suitable packaging material, printing method, and luxury features for your custom packaging boxes wholesale. Rich embellishments make your custom retail product boxes shine in the retail outlets differentiating them from your rival brands’ items. Furthermore, we offer the top-standard customized boxes wholesale with essential product/brand details printing that make your products valuable for your target customer base. Finally, CustomBoxesMarket custom boxes wholesale packaging is the perfect solution to your packaging needs. Furthermore, here are some key custom packaging features of CBM that will make you choose us for your wholesale custom packaging of product boxes:

  • 100% free shipping in all states of the USA.
  • Fast Turnaround time – approximately 6 to 8 days
  • Free-of-cost custom packaging designs services
  • Custom boxes at a pocket-friendly price
  • No die or plate charges
  • No additional or hidden charges
  • Best customers support facilities
  • Minimum order – 100 custom boxes

Order for Custom Boxes Today!

Select the custom boxes packaging design according to your specific needs. Moreover, if you have any packaging box design ideas, you can discuss them with us to get your dream custom boxes. After your final approval, you can get a 3D illustration and package prototype from our company and get your custom product packaging boxes at your doorstep. CBM is your perfect custom packaging partner. So, order the custom boxes wholesale now at Custom box packaging is the best way to strengthen your standing in the retail marketplace and beat your competitors quickly.

Contact us to get your wholesale custom printed boxes packaging today, boost your brand awareness and product sales. CBM custom boxes packaging can help grow your brand quickly in the highly competitive market.


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    We are the best unification of professionalism and creative minds that will instantly elevate the packaging of your products and provide you with the best packaging solutions. We always make top-notch custom boxes having international standard quality and appearance.

    You can order a minimum of 100 boxes from CBM.

    There are several add-on options and coating techniques that you can opt for. The add-on options include,

    • Laminations
    • Spot UV
    • Aqueous Coating
    • Foilings (Gold, Silver, Pearl etc.)
    • Cut out windows with or without PVC sheet
    • Strings (inserted, non-inserted). Its types include jute, several colours (like black, white etc.), black lock, black elastic etc.

    All type of printing material is available for printing of custom boxes. The options are corrugated, Kraft cardstock, rigid stock, bux board and cardboard. The available options are 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS C1S, C2S, 100lb, 120lb & 200lb type of printing stock. All of these materials are eco-friendly, biodegradable and easy to assemble. They will not accumulate into something toxic for the environment.

    We provide the free samples at the order of $4000. If you want generic samples, the cost will be $9. We have to create every box from scratch if the design is unique. The setup cost will be different for every custom box. Hence the sample charges for every unique design is separate. And they will be comparatively high to the generic custom boxes.

    We provide free shipping to North America. You will get your order on the promised timeframe at your doorstep.

    Yes, definitely. Customers have to provide the quantity, dimension and other specifications, and you will get a free quotation for your brand.

    Yes. Customers have to provide artwork of their brand or company. We provide free design support to you.