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Get ecommerce packaging from CBM today and deliver your products with confidence. We give all the brands a marvelous opportunity to impress clients with their high-quality packaging and peerless product presentation. Our boxes are available in several styles and are easy to assemble so you and your packaging department will remain hassle-free all the time.  CBM has a huge variety of paper stock so that you can select the material that has the required strength for your product protection. You can get product protection with your unique style statement as we give you the full opportunity to customize the design as per your brand’s needs.  Moreover, we have a huge staff of professionals who make your packaging journey smooth with us and give you easy sailing in this competitive world. You can enjoy the following services: 
  • Quality material with custom thicknesses 
  • Market competence rates 
  • Limitless design and customization options 
  • Customized dimensions

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    Get Ecommerce Packaging And Deliver Your Products With Style 

    Running an ecommerce business and looking for ways to deliver your product? Are you in search of ecommerce packaging that can give you more than just product protection? If you have these concerns then look no further as CBM has your back. 

    We are providing the finest quality packaging for all ecommerce businesses that can give peerless protection and unmatchable presentation. Our company is determined to make the attainment of custom boxes easy that is why we give unlimited customization to all. 

    CBM provides cost-effective custom ecommerce packaging with unlimited design, printing, and several material options. With these boxes, you can give protection to products and reinforce your brand name with style. 

    What Is Ecommerce Packaging? 

    Today many brands are fully or partially serving the audience online and selling products to long distances. To deliver products to people’s doorstep, products have to be packed in specific boxes called custom ecommerce boxes. These boxes are manufactured with premium quality material keeping in mind the product requirements. 

    Not only this, an e-commerce packaging box is preferred to be lightweight so that the shipping cost does not exceed a particular threshold. Apart from this, boxes to be delivered online orders are designed in a specific pattern to increase the branding and customers’ experience. CBM is a custom ecommerce boxes wholesale provider and makes it easy for brands to deliver products at longer distances.  

    What Benefits You Can Get From Us?

    We at CBM diligently design the boxes that make it easy for the brands to start earning via online orders. Our diligence in working on quality makes us the brands’ preferred packaging company in the USA. With our custom printed ecommerce boxes wholesale services brands can get the following benefits: 

    • Complete product protection
    • Ability to keep your product distinct from all the other brands
    • Unlimited customization options 
    • Multiple options for materials 
    • Market competitive rates 
    • Innovative facilities 
    • End-to-end services 
    • Round-the-clock customer care service
    • Free of cost design and delivery services  

    How CBM Manufactures Your Boxes? 

    We know that the quality of the boxes is directly related to the safety of the product and hence the growth of the brand. That is why we emphasize quality assurance via selecting quality raw materials. Furthermore, our wholesale packaging services include advanced printing facilities that give ravishing customized ecommerce boxes. We manufacture your boxes by following the below-mentioned steps: 

    Materials Options 

    The selection of material for e-commerce boxes is mainly based on the robustness of the material because here the purpose of the boxes is entirely associated with the safe delivery of the product. Whether you are running a logistics company or you have an online store quality of material matters a lot. 

    As a custom ecommerce packaging wholesale provider in the USA we adhere to give multiple material options to our clients. With this, our clients are able to get the boxes with their desired raw material. Our packaging material includes: 

    We understand that e-commerce boxes are required to be high in quality and low in weight so that the shipping charges can be reduced without affecting the quality of the material. Our paper-based material has long fibers that give tear resistant nature to the boxes. Moreover, paper is light in weight compared to other materials so the weight boxes do not remain an issue. 

    Printing Selection 

    Although e-commerce boxes are not required to be pompous in appearance still they must have a unique look so that the receiver can feel a sense of connection with your brand. Unlike retail packaging that is printed to create an immediate shelf appeal, custom printed ecommerce boxes are designed with minimalist print. 

    We offer multiple types of printings that can be selected considering the demand and budget of your brand. Our printing facilities include: 

    • Flexography
    • Offset printing 
    • Digital printing 
    • Screen printing 

    We have in-house facilities for the designing of your boxes that allow us to give extensive printed design options to the customers. Along with this, we make it economical for the client by omitting plate charges for ecommerce packaging boxes. 


    It is not easy sailing when it comes to the creation of a strong brand identity. From the quality of the product to the quality of the packaging all matters. E-commerce boxes are designed minimally to reduce cost and retain sustainability but to make them catchy add-ons can be used. 

    If you want the simplest designs then you can go with embossing and debossing that include only pushing in and out of the paper. If you want luxury ecommerce packaging then we have various other options too.


    The purpose of finishings aligns with the purpose of the e-commerce boxes i.e. they both are used to enhance the protection. We at CBM give different finishing options for e-commerce cartons. But the problem with finishings is that they are not suitable if you want sustainable ecommerce packaging. 

    Our finishings contain two options:

    • Varnishes 
    • Lamination 

    Varnishes and lamination are further classified into two types: gloss and matt. Lamination gives a high level of protection but it also reduces the recyclability of the material. On the other hand, varnishes give a moderate level of protection but they do not reduce the sustainable nature of the boxes. 

    Be The Master Of Your Product Presentation 

    Be the master of your product presentation with our best ecommerce packaging. We give the brands a huge opportunity to take the lead in their product design and discuss all their required features of the boxes with the professional team of CBM designers. 

    Stay Ahead Of The Market Trends 

    We have all the advanced and avant-garde packaging facilities in the United States that keep our clients ahead of all the marketing trends.  With our ecommerce packaging supplies, you can elevate customers’ experience with your brand. 

    Stay Sustainable 

    CBM is fully aware of all the new trends, tactics, and techniques to manufacture boxes with minimum to no impact on the climate. So if you want eco friendly packaging you can contact our team and learn what features you can omit and retain in the boxes to stay sustainable. 

    Don’t Delay! 

    Don’t delay enjoying our best packaging service in the USA. Start stealing the show with our ecommerce packaging that will deliver your products in sound condition. Contact CBM at the given contact information and become an e-commerce business. 


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