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It’s always special to wish our loved ones on their special moments to make the moment more special. Are you selling 16 wishes candles congrats this is the perfect place you were looking for. We are providing the most colourful and pleasant to have 16 wishes candles box to make it more worth buying for your customers.  The best thing is now you can customise all of the elements to make them look justifiable to your customers. That’s why just after coming in contact with you our experts will ask for the basic information and your goals, and mission to know what you need so they can act accordingly. But we will strongly suggest you choose the best for yourself if you need to get the best 16 wishes box for your candles. Let’s make it more special for you. 
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  • Cardboard material
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Many of you have seen the rest of the businesses which are heading at the top how they are taking their packaging seriously and promoting their products to get more sales and are getting successful in that too. You can be the next one if you add some more value to your beautiful candles by packing them in a very elegant packaging. 

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    There is always a way to get more sales all we need to do is the basic analysis of what is trending and how you can make a difference accordingly. As business persons you have seen many candle businesses working out there and still didn’t get as much attention as they should. 

    Sixteen wishes candles are getting attention these days and people are again attracted towards them which is ultimately increasing the competition. That’s why you need our help to get things done in a better way and to make your candles look more special to sell and for your customers to have.   

    Product Overview

    Now at first, you should be capable enough to understand which kind of candles your customers prefer to have and what kind of aspects they prefer the most so you can provide accordingly. 

    You just need to note down all of those demands and share them with us so we can have a better understanding of what you need which can make a difference to your business.    

    The material and design of the 16 wishes candle box will play a central role in making your packaging look more sustainable. Even the rest of the elements like printing, designing, and shapes will also be stronger and better if the material is of good quality.    

    • High-quality cardboard material
    • Elegant and eye-catching design

    Designing has always been an interesting factor in manufacturing your packaging boxes for us. As we have mentioned earlier we have to keep on updating the custom 16 wishes candle boxes accordingly. 

    Have you seen the packaging having different slogans from season to season like off-sales and the rest of the factors? The same should be done with your packaging to attract customers like you can give special offers to your customers on certain occasions. 

    Dimensions and Capacity of the Box

    As we mentioned earlier you can have customisation options so we can let you have all types of sizes and shapes custom 16 wishes candle packaging so you can place the number of candles according to your demands. When our expert comes in contact with you just share all of your demands and the rest of the things so we can customise accordingly.   

    • Suitable for holding 16 standard-sized candles
    • Compact and space-saving design

    There are different add-ons and laminations which you can have to make them safer to keep your products. You can have inserts to keep your candles separate from each other. And to keep the large number of candles you can ask our experts to design your custom 16 wishes candle boxes wholesale accordingly. 

    Features and Benefits Of the Box

    You might never be able to neglect the importance of the 16 wishes candle boxes to sell like crazy. How can you even sell anything without having a well presentable packaging? It’s not possible at all, that’s what we are offering to all of you. 

    • Secure lid to keep candles in place: The lip will keep your candles separate which will keep them safe from external factors like heat and rest of them. You can also decide or ask for variations in this lip to add some extra charm to your packaging.   
    • Convenient handle for easy carrying: We provide convenience to our customers with packaging so putting the handle on any of the given surfaces will also make your packaging look more classy and that’s what you can have too. All you need to do is just ask our experts which kind of special offers we have to make your packaging look more enticing.  
    • Customizable options for personalization: Customisation is much more important for all of you to make your packaging resemble your brand. For that, we simply put your brand’s logo and the rest of the images etc to make them look like strong marketing tools for you. 


    You just need to provide the required information as it is and the rest of the requirements that you want to have on your boxes. Many of you do even not prefer printing on your packaging which could be the best thing for you.  

    Usage and Versatility of the Box

    We are welcoming to all of the innovations to make things more creative so we can go out of the box. Versatility can be possible in every aspect of the packaging. 

    You just need to discuss things accordingly with our experts so they can be able to know the exact mission behind and that’s what you need to make sure should be at the top of the list of your demands. Only then we will be able to know the targeted audience and their mindset. As packaging experts all of us need to know the issues which customers usually face and that will be the loophole which we can turn into a plus point to get more sales.    

    • Ideal for gifting or personal use: You can use them on different occasions that is why we asked you to let us add some more specialities and colours to them. That’s how we can make a difference. 

    We are trying our best to just let you know which kind of different classic factors you can have in our 16 wishes candle packaging to stand out in the market. We can customise them also for your customers so they can use your candles on different special moments as gifts.  

    • Can be used for storing other small items: That’s all about your choice you can also have different insertions and the rest of the factors in them to make these boxes more useful for you to put some extra stuff. You can keep any of your small items to make it look like a complete package and the rest of the things. 


    We tried our best to explain all of the factors that you can have on our platforms and how we are different from the rest of the manufacturers. Feel free to share all of your questions, queries and confusions so we can help you out accordingly. Our exoperts are always here to serve and guide you to get favourable results accordingly.

    All you need to do is visit our site and check out boxes by style or the rest of the categories to select any of the good designs but if you didn’t find any of them much more interesting for you as your brand’s 16 wishes candle box, no worries simply ask our experts who will get this done for you. Order Now!        


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