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CustomBoxesMarket is a top-rated packaging company with an aim to serve the people of the USA with complete delight. As client satisfaction is essential to us, so we never miss out on any part of the process with regard to dedicated attention. If you want to get Custom Metalized Boxes according to your brand and product preferences, look no other than us. We work diligently to make the ideal customizable metalized boxes for your product packaging according to your desires.

CBM creates custom-printed metalized boxes using various customization options for your product packaging. We can make any shape you like, whether square, circular, hexagonal or any other. The most typical shape we create is a rectangle. However, CBM can accommodate any shape. And, regardless of how tiny or large your branded products are, we will create metalized boxes that are the ideal size for them. In simple words, CBM packaging company creates custom wholesale metalized boxes in various sizes and shapes.

Why Use Metalized Boxes For Special Products

There are different types of brands that sell a variety of products, and we manufacture packaging boxes with a unique set of qualities that work well with customer requirements. Our Boxes are best for products that require a high-level presentation, such as perfume bottles, frequently made of glass, or luxury CD or DVD cases that require extra shine.

Many other products may need additional secure custom-printed metalized boxes to keep them safe while also providing extra exquisite and gleaming rich packaging solutions. Moreover, custom wholesale metalized boxes consist of durable material that protects your products from external damage. We know the art of creating high-quality custom metalized box packaging.

Metalized Box Packaging With Unbeatable Material Quality 

We use high-quality packaging material to create custom wholesale metalized boxes. When the material is of great quality, then packaging boxes become sturdy. These robust printed boxes made up of durable packaging material provide complete protection to your products.

So, our Custom Metalized Boxes protect your product from severe climatic conditions, breakage, and dirt. Moreover, during shipping, they provide complete safety to your products. Furthermore, you can add inserts that provide more safety to your products, and your product does not get misplaced even an inch inside the packaging boxes.

With pride over what we have been doing for years, we cherish a trusted track record of serving thousands of customers in the USA. Not even a single customer in thousands ever complained over our standards because we don’t leave a chance for a compromise. When any order is placed by our customer, we ask for each detail so we can help customers with a proper selection of box material and style. That is why, a considerable number of people have positively rated us on the internet.

When customers receive your products in their original state, they will undoubtedly appreciate your brand due to matchless quality. The packaging material options we offer at CBM for metalized packaging boxes such as:

  • Kraft
  • Cardboard
  • Corrugated

The kraft material at CBM is an affordable packaging material that ensures product integrity. Moreover, it is lighter in weight, due to which your shipping cost reduces. The custom kraft metalized boxes with perfect design give an incredible look to your products. They allure customers to buy your product at first glance.

In the shadow of our expertise, the high-quality cardboard material with thick hardwood paper will keep your products safe and secure for a long time. Our cardboard metalized boxes are perfect for printing product information, branding, and marketing material because they are easily printable.

Tough-looking corrugated packaging material can transform into any style and shape. Corrugated metalized boxes are the first choice for product packaging. Corrugated is a completely environmentally friendly packaging option that may modify various ways. You can rest assured that your expectations will reach fulfillment with us because we do not let our standards wane.

Striking Look Attract More Buyers 

Custom Metalized Boxes with attractive styles give an eye-catching look to your products. The different elegant styles we offer for custom printed metalized boxes are:

Thus, we can help improve your products’ value with these eye-striking metalized boxes.

High-Quality Printing And Finishing For Metalized Boxes 

We understand that the Metalized Boxes’ printing quality and graphical presentation attract customers to interact with and acquire the products. Our first objective is to deliver amazing and exclusive quality solutions to our clients that will assist them in communicating their messages and enticing more individuals.

Our CBM printing experts have all of the necessary expertise and cutting-edge technology such as offset, screen, and digital printing techniques and tools. They may thoroughly comprehend your needs by following your orders and including catchy graphics, appealing product pictures, imagery, and the necessary product descriptions and business contact information.

Why CustomBoxesMarket For Your Product Packaging?

We guarantee only high-quality, well-designed, and reasonably priced boxes. Moreover, we want to put our consumers first by providing them with exactly what they want. Furthermore, we provide you the option of having your logos printed on the surface of our custom packaging to promote your business. Our customer service representatives will gladly assist you in creating the ideal package for you. In addition, we provide free shipping, free custom design, and no die or plate charges if you choose us.

Order CBM Metalized Wholesale Boxes Now! 

No matter how many boxes are required, or what is the size of your order, we will be happy to cater to your needs.

You can order a minimum of 100 Custom Metalized Boxes and a maximum of 500,000 boxes from our website. We provide flat and 3D mock-up trial sampling to ensure that we deliver on our promises. However, if you are still unsure, we can perform a physical sample. There is nothing to wait for, right?

Therefore, grab your phone now and call us today for a free quote!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    These are the film coatings used on the boxes to give protection from external environmental factors. Mostly gold and silver metalized boxes are used.

    Yes, these metalized boxes could be used for packaging luxurious products and the metalized coating will give a premium touch to your customers.

    Yes, both of these gold and silver metalized options are available for your custom boxes.

    It will give a completely different image to your packaging and will make it look more premium to your customers.

    Yes, you can order a minimum of 100 boxes and there isn’t any limit to go maximum.

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