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A beautiful gift wrapped in an amazing box can be a good starter to express yourself! CustomBoxesMarket is a top-rated packaging company, serving the greater areas of the USA. Our commitment to high-quality box manufacturing remains unshakeable because your growth and happiness mean a lot to us.

People love to share gifts and we love to wrap them. It is very essential to present the gift in the perfect way with proper and careful product packaging. If you are a gift product manufacturer, you need our best custom gift boxes with an attractive appearance and suitable packaging material. Moreover, well-made gift packaging boxes please the gift recipients and make them remember it for a long time emotionally. CustomBoxesMarket provides a wide variety of custom gift packaging boxes with top-quality printing and designing.

Significance Of Gift Box Packaging

Our customized gift boxes come in different varieties according to the specific occasion. You can get personalized gift boxes for birthdays as well as weddings. They are fully flexible and easy to customize according to your specific needs. Moreover, they benefit the brand in their product marketing and awareness in the market.

Easily Customizable Gift Boxes Wholesale Packaging

Our boxes come in different varieties means they have the flexibility to customize in different ways. So, you can customize the present boxes or gift boxes wholesale packaging according to your needs, product specification, and occasion type. Moreover, you can choose any suitable packaging material, printing technology, styles, shape, add-ons, designs, colors, and artwork. This way, you can build your own gift box packaging according to your design ideas.

Custom Boxes Are Perfect For Surprises

At CBM, our team manufactures custom gift packaging boxes that are versatile and are used for gift packaging on different occasions. Every event or occasion has its own importance and you can make custom gift boxes according to the types of event to be celebrated. Whether it is a birthday party or a wedding ceremony, depending on us can be a reliable option.

Rapid Brand Growth With Custom Gift Boxes

The way we do the customization of packaging makes the boxes special. When people see your unique gift boxes wholesale packaging with enticing designs, they like them. Finally, they buy them instantly. In short, the personalization of custom gift box packaging attracts more customers to your brand and your customer base increases. This factor helps you in retaining your standing in the market and grow your business quickly.

Custom Gift Packaging Increases Brand Awareness

You can increase your brand awareness in the target market with the help of our wide range of custom gift boxes. The logo is the facet of your company and presents your brand as a whole. The custom-printed gift boxes with logo not only look enticing on sight but also set your products apart from other products in the market.


Different Types Of Custom Gift Boxes


We offer a nice array of gift packaging solutions following the brand’s requirements and market trends. The following are our main types of gift product boxes that you can get according to your needs considering the particular occasion.

You can choose any type of custom gift box packaging that attracts your customers to your products. We create top-notch custom packaging for gift boxes that helps grow your brand’s recognition in the industry. Moreover, you can give us your custom packaging design ideas, and our experts will work on them according to your preferences and make ideal gift boxes for your products.

Packaging Material For Gift Boxes Manufacturing

There are different packaging materials available in the market such as kraft, cardboard, a paper wrapper, and corrugated cardstock. You can make us select a material that seems to relate to your requirements. We have various materials that you can choose from.

Some Top Trending Gift Packaging Materials For Brands

We use kraft, corrugated fiberboard, rigid material, and other packaging ingredients.

Kraft paper is eco-friendly and biodegradable which doesn’t pollute the ecosystem. However, cardboard boxes are also a perfect option for gift packaging. They allow extensive options for custom printing with different colors and images. While corrugated fiberboard is used for shipping purposes that deliver the products safely to the target destination. Mainly it is used for bulk items shipping due to its sturdiness and durability. The rigid material is sturdy enough to protect delicate products and is used to package expensive items to keep them safe from any potential outside damage. In short, which packaging material you choose for your product packaging, depends upon your decisions.

Best Designs For Customizable Gift Packaging

The aesthetics of gift products always attract customers who want to please their loved ones with their gifts. Uniqueness is the first thing that can impact buyers’ purchase decisions more than we think. Moreover, it is important to know that aesthetics and the right packaging material create a perfect custom product box that buyers love to avail. With CustomBoxesMarket, you can have the best of both worlds. We provide you with enticing custom gift boxes with durable packaging materials. You can use appropriate colors, images, and matching with your brand theme and logo to make your gift products shine in the retail market.

Perfect Size Of Custom Gift Packaging Boxes

If your gift items are lightweight and small, custom gift bags are the perfect option instead of packaging boxes. You can get custom-printed gift bags with durable material and handles by CBM at reasonable rates with attractive designs. Moreover, measure the dimensions of your products to craft the perfect gift box wholesale packaging. It is essential to protect the gift items inside the boxes. Consequently, if the gift box has several items inside, packaged with dividers, fit size can protect them well.

In addition, you can choose any packaging style and shape according to your product and brand needs. Some of the key styles are mentioned here:

  1. Sleeve boxes
  2. Book style boxes
  3. Gable boxes
  4. Boxes with handles
  5. Shoulder box
  6. Hinged boxes
  7. Clamshell box

Outstanding Printing And Graphics Quality

At CustomBoxesMarket, we provide our client brand with attractive-looking custom-printed gift boxes. We use modern printers to create fantastic digital printing to grab customers’ attention to your brand. Furthermore, we offer custom gift packaging boxes with the facility of digital and offset printing. Our company also offers UV Printing, eco-friendly soy ink printing, Pantone, and water-based ink that is also nature-friendly though not for food gift boxes.

In addition, you can print your custom-made gift boxes with catchy images, illustrations, printed wishes, and brand/product details on your custom retail boxes for gift items. Moreover, you can imprint your company logo with a perfect color printer at CBM.

Luxury Embellishments on Custom Printed Gift Boxes

Whether it’s a marriage ceremony, birthday party, anniversary, corporate event, or any other formal meet-up, you can make your custom gift boxes with different themes. Furthermore, you also can decorate custom boxes with luxury add-on options such as ribbons, butterflies, glitter, and laces that make them astonishing. You can also paste special fabric flowers onto the custom gift packaging boxes to give them a floral appearance.

In addition, we can embellish the boxes with coatings and laminations that make your custom gift wholesale boxes enticing for onlookers. Consequently, stamp foiling, embossing, debossing, window patching, and window cut-outs are add-ons that can increase the beauty of your custom boxes for gift packaging and attract customers to buy your products.

Affordable Meets Quality

Have the best experience with our custom gift packaging solutions, and get your custom-printed gift boxes staying within your budget. We provide our loyal clients with a reasonable rate for a bulk order of custom boxes. We lessen the burden of price on the pockets of our customers by keeping it at a wholesale rate with attractive designs and sturdy materials. Moreover, you can get special discount offers on different occasions and events like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, New Year, parties, and organizational gatherings. CustomBoxesMarket is your best packaging partner that provides you with cost-effective custom gift packaging solutions in the market.

Why Choose CustomBoxesMarket?

CustomBoxesMarket is a renowned custom box manufacturer in the packaging industry. We at CBM offer the best gift boxes meeting the quality standards. Our company has many years of custom packaging experience and has won many clients with our perfect quality packaging who are fully satisfied with the craftsmanship. We create premium-quality packaging of gift boxes with unique designs and luxury add-ons that can attract customers to your gift products well.

Our company has some service features that set us apart from others in the crowd. These features will make you choose us for your custom gift packaging solutions:

  • No die and plate charges
  • Fast turnaround time (6-8 working days)
  • Completely free shipping in the US
  • Free custom design support
  • Perfect gift packaging material
  • Alluring printing of gift boxes
  • The minimum order: 100 boxes
  • Free sampling of custom boxes (on demand)
  • Friendly client care support

Our company helps improve your product promotion and branding in the higher competitive market. You can increase your customers by look no other than us. Moreover, if you have your own design idea, you can share it with our professionals who will check your design idea, work on it and create astonishing gift boxes for you.

Order the custom gift boxes wholesale packaging at CustomBoxesMarket and grow your business quickly with attractive and unique custom gift packaging designs.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Custom gift boxes are widely used specifically for packaging gifts which are perfectly designed and printed to make your product look more engaging and fascinating to your customers.

    Yes, you can design your custom gift boxes according to your demands or for special occasions and can add different things whatever you want in them.

    Yes, you can add any type of personalized message, greetings, or any other thing that you want to make them more relatable to your customers.

    Gifts are the special things for our loved ones and everyone wants to make them look more special and interesting and this could be done with well crafted custom gift boxes.

    We are wholesalers and we don’t provide less than 100 boxes so you can order accordingly.

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