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PR boxes are an effective and the most economical tool to reach the customer and increase the sales of your brand. The boxes are designed specifically to increase the customer outreach of companies so that they can get desirable sales. We at CBM design the boxes keeping in mind all your perfect standards and your targeted audience.  With years of experience in the custom boxes market, we give our clients the most premium packaging services. From material selection to the selection of printing, we have all the premium options. In addition to this, our services are cheap and cheerful so you do not have to worry about the cost of your boxes.  Our team makes sure to keep all the manufacturing processes in alignment and help you in keeping track of your packaging boxes. We are the best packaging partners due to: 
  • Our premium quality material 
  • High-end printing facilities
  • Luxurious designs 
  • Low budget services 
  • Multiple box styles 

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    Introduce Business To Buyers And Influence Sales With PR Boxes

    All the brands that want to introduce their business via social media influencers have to invest in PR boxes. In this era where referrals are more influential than ads, the use of packaging to build public relations is an essential element for the brands. We at CBM provide a holistic packaging service that will help you in influencing the buyer’s decision profoundly.

    With our packaging services, you can effectively promote your product and get significant worth and recognition in the market. We at CBM make sure that the packaging that we make is perfect in all aspects so that you can successfully impress your buyers.

    With our diligence, experience, and professionalism team, we make one of the finest quality custom PR boxes that facilitate our clients in generating leads and earning revenue. Apart from this, our packaging services cost next to nothing, so you can get an economical packaging solution from us.

    What Are PR Boxes? 

    PR package is a customized box that is designed to send premium products, new launches, etc to social media influencers. Celebrity endorsements have been a key factor in influencing the buying decisions of customers. Nonetheless, these celebrities are quite expensive and not everyone can afford them.

    But with the rise in the use and popularity of social media, there come many social media influencers that can be a cheaper alternative to promote your brand. You can send your products in a custom PR package and increase awareness about your brand. The more attractive and premium in look the higher the chances that customers are going to be influenced by your brand.

    With CBM’s packaging services, you can get the perfect box with all your desired features. By getting your boxes from us you can get the following advantages:

    • Stand out in the market
    • Our packaging will encourage positive product review
    • You can get organic sales
    • Raise awareness about your brand with professionally designed boxes
    • Create a buzz of your new product

    Features Of Boxes That Set Us Apart 

    We have more than a decade of experience in the packaging industry which is why we make the perfect PR box. Our company is determined to give boxes that are premium in quality and unique. To give you the perfect packaging solution we make your custom gift boxes with the following materials, printing services, and add-ons:

    Raw Material 

    Material is the main foundation of the packaging that allows us to give any shape, look, and size to the boxes. No brand can get good quality packaging if its material is inferior in quality and has no ability to protect the items inside. As the PR package is used for promotional purposes that is why its good quality is a matter of your brand’s worth.

    We do not compromise on the quality of the material and hence reduce the chances of your product damage. With the following material options, you can get a remarkable packaging:

    • Kraft
    • Cardboard 
    • Corrugation 
    • Rigid 

    Kraft and cardboard are the least preferred materials for a box for PR purposes. However, our other two materials, corrugation and rigid, are widely used as these materials give firmness and a luxurious look to the custom PR boxes and help you show the true worth of your brand.

    Printing Facilities 

    We have all the new and advanced printing facilities for your boxes. No matter if you need a minimalist design on the boxes or you are looking for some premium touches we have your back. With the in-house build facility make sure that all your required designs are printed with the exact colors and alignment as desired by you.

    When you send the custom PR package to the customer you can easily impress your audience online and make them select your brand. According to Neilsen’s Global Trust report, 92 % of customers trust their peer’s suggestions while selecting a product.

    So if your packaging will be attractive, unique, and unconventionally designed you can facilitate the influencers in convincing the buyers to choose your brand. From us, you can get the most appealing designs on the boxes as we have the best, most updated printing services. We use the following methods to design your PRs:

    • Offset printing
    • Screen printing
    • Digital printing

    You can let us know your desired colors and design and our team will select the best printing process as per your design requirements. You can get color and design accuracy with the perfect text alignment on the custom PR box and entice the customers with flying colors.


    Embellishments or add-ons are the supplementary designs on the boxes that are added to the packaging as per the specific demand of the customers. These are not included in our default process so you have to let us know if you require add-ons on the boxes. We have the following add-on options for the custom PR package:

    • Embossing
    • Debossing
    • Foil stamping 
    • Spot UV 
    • Die cut windows 
    • Hand tabs 
    • Sleeves 
    • Inserts and dividers 
    • Feet 
    • Tear strip 

    The above-mentioned are some of the add-on options that we provide to the customers. Brands can choose the embellishments for custom PR boxes as per their budget and product demand.


    No packaging box can retain its attractive features and quality if coatings are not applied. Coatings are the essential elements on the boxes and must be applied to make the boxes resistant to moisture and tearing. Not only this, coatings give a sheen to the packaging that entices the customers and helps you grow.

    We have the following options for coatings on your PR box:

    • Gloss coatings 
    • Matte coatings 
    • Silkscreen 
    • Aqueous coatings 
    • Gloss UV 

    The selection of coatings depends entirely on the customers’ demand. If you want coatings that give a shiny look to the packaging then you must go with gloss coatings. On the other hand, for a less shiny and less reflective surface, the best option is matte coating. All the coatings have their unique outlook and you get an understanding of the most appropriate coating for you by contacting our customer care representative.

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    PR boxes are an ideal tool to get the attention of the customer via social media platforms. We at Custom Boxes Market will help you design the packaging that will help you increase your customer outreach by giving you the most perfect designs of the boxes. So contact us now and start your successful business journey.


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