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Do you want to give your attendees souvenir gifts or do you want to promote your gift shop? No matter what your endeavor is,  get custom gift bags to pack your gifts and promote your brand. These gift bags will help you give an unforgettable experience to people. CustomBoxesMarket gives eco-friendly material options for gift bags. We offer economical rates that will help you get low-cost custom bags. Along with this, we offer several options for box embellishment that will provide you with one of the peerless designs for gift bags. Besides, with our different types of coatings and stickers, we significantly increase the protection and presentation of the bags. We offer specific designs for different occasions with catchy themes and add-ons. Moreover, you can get luxurious gift bags by ordering hot foil stamping. Our perseverance toward sustainability and lower rates make us the preferred packaging industry of a large population.

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    Get Eco-Friendly Custom Gift Bags At Economical Rates 

    Do you want to send good vibes and positive messages to your guest via gift? Or are you running a gift shop and want to promote your brand? No matter what your endeavor is, the use of custom gift bags can prove beneficial in both scenarios.

    From CustomBoxesMarket you can easily get gift bags made from eco-friendly material. Our finest quality material can elevate the look of gift bags and make them a memorable goodies for your clients or guests.

    CBM’s wholesale paper gift bags are the best option for those looking for economical ways to pack their gifts. Printing facilities used by our company. give uniqueness to the gift bags and cast a positive impression of you on the people.

    Purpose Of Custom Gift Bags

    Many companies love to give souvenir gifts to their attendees and some people need packaging bags for their gift shops. Both of them need gift bags for varying reasons. However, what is the reason may be, if you are giving or selling gifts then gift bags are necessary for you.

    We give custom design gift bags for our clients, with which they can impress people. As we try our best to keep the bags catchy and distinct from the general packaging so you can easily get memorable gift bags.

    Get Premium Gift Bags 

    We offer gift bags made of premium quality. Our compliance to give our customers the best packaging boxes make us one of the top box manufacturing industries in the United States.

    So for premium quality personalized gift bags, you can trust us. We offer a variety of materials to produce gift bags. The main box manufacturing materials are kraft and cardboard materials.

    We use 10 pt 10 28 pt kraft material and cardboard material of variance thickness. The durability of these materials will allow you to show the high value of your brand. You can show sophistication to your guest and quality to your client by placing an order at CustomBoxesMarket.

    Get Promotional Gift Bags From CBM 

    For promotional purposes, one thing that is of sheer importance is the printing on the bags. For custom print gift bags, we use vibrant colors that elevate the look of the bags and give diversity in appearance.

    If you are presenting gifts at the end of the meeting or you need gift bags for your retail shop, the printing of the logo is a must. With our high-end printings, you can turn your gift boxes into a marketing tool.

    For, custom gift bags wholesale, we only use efficient printing methods to save the time of our customers and to give them the fastest delivery of their orders. The color selection for the packaging must align with your brand’s message, so you can tell us if you have a specific color demand for your gift bags.

    There are numerous types of printing procedures available in the market and we have all the options. For printed gift bags, whether you want to give pastel hues to the bags or you are looking for minimalist but elegant colors you can contact us.

    Give Your Bags A Luxurious Look 

    Another service of CustomBoxesMarket is that it provides add-ons and finishing to the bags. The purpose of these bag finishings is to give a luxurious experience to our customers. Customize gift bags embellished with add-ons are also available at wholesale rates. We offer the following add-ons, namely:

    • Embossing
    • Debossing
    • Foil stamping
    • Handles (made of paper or fabric)

    Not only this but for long-lasting impressions, we offer coatings to the bags. Our coatings provide additional protection to the bags. Those clients that desire to make their event memorable must get these coatings on custom printed paper gift bags. Our coatings options contain:

    • Aqueous coatings
    • UV coatings
    • Matt ad gloss varnishes
    • Matt and gloss laminations
    • Silkscreen coating

    Additional Services 

    We not only claim to be the top box manufacturing industry, but we prove this with our high-end services. In this regard, we provide additional services of hot foil stamping and stickers.

    Hot Foil Stamping 

    To create unmatchable designs for customized gift bags we offer an additional service of foil stamping. Here we use heat and pressure to apply metal inks to the paper. If you want to add a memorable tagline or you want your logo to stand out on the bags, then this offer is suitable for you.


    Custom Boxes Market also provides stickers for the bags. These stickers will not only increase the uniqueness of the custom printed gift bags but also provide an additional layer of protective coating to the boxes. For instance, our holographic stickers facilitate clients to make their logo, tagline, trademark, etc outshine.

    In holographic stickers, we use more than one image, infuse it, and make desirable stickers for our customers. We have various other options for stickers too, say vinyl stickers and magnetic stickers.

    What Makes Us The Best

    Our company’s custom printed gift bags wholesale have catchy designs and economical rates. Our all-inclusive packaging services stand us apart from various other packaging industries. We claim to be the best due to the following reasons:

    Our Perseverance For Sustainability 

    We consistently follow our policy of perseverance toward the use of eco-friendly materials. Therefore we avoid using unsustainable raw materials like plastic in the manufacturing of boxes or bags. For customized gift bags with logo, we have options for eco-friendly material and inks.

    So if you want to reduce the carbon footprint of your company and tell your customers or guest about the importance of using sustainable materials, CBM is the most suitable option for you.

    Our Wholesales Rates 

    Printed gift bags wholesale made by us are suitable options for all clients. Whether you order a large order or a small one, we offer wholesale rates, you just have to palace the minimum order for 100 pieces to get the benefits from our services.


    Apart from sustainable options and wholesale rates, we offer versatile design options for boxes and bags. We provide various types of materials, several types of printing, and unique but catchy finishing options for paper gift bags wholesale.

    Shipping Facility 

    Our customer-friendly options do not end here. We facilitate our customers throughout the journey. That is why we offer free shipping in the United States. So place your order in a few simple steps and get it asap!


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    Katrina Cole

    August 17, 2023

    These guys really helped me to suggest some good options for my gift packaging. The foiling they did on the box was top notch quality! Will definitely order more soon.

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