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To build meaningful relationships with customers and enhance the overall scope of your branding, the best bet is to arrange unique and versatile custom gift card boxes. At CustomBoxesMarket, we have amazing styles, attractive designs, and durable materials that are the exact manifestation of your desired packaging. Established to serve the most professional packaging solutions, we have earned the finest reputation in the USA. Sending a gift card to someone is an expression of care and love, so why stay behind to package them with lavishness and creativity? Since the inception of our operations, using top-notch customer management strategy and attention to detail have been our priority. With advancements in industrialization, we have employed the most professional team that goes above and beyond the normal effort to meet demanding customer expectations. So, in the shadow of our expertise, you are at an opportunity to win the heart of someone who makes a purchase from your business. Be inspired by our packaging!

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    Make It Loving For Customers

    Looking for elegant gift card boxes wholesale in the USA? Wait, wait! CBM is a top-rated, highly reliable, and trusted packaging partner for most businesses. That did not happen overnight, but our struggle to make packaging easy and convenient helped us achieve customer trust. All our crew is able enough to handle customers’ ideas and plan with the team to make them come true. Being a leader in the field is not so easy, but a hard nut to crack, still we kept on working with passion, which today enables us as an epicenter for trusted packaging solutions.

    Efficient Qualities To Look For In Our Personalized Gift Card Boxes

    Gift card boxes, being a thing that expresses symbols of compassion and love, need to be personalized. Not necessarily with regard to the consumers, but should show signs of love, bond, and affection. Ultimately, a gift card has to be sent to someone, so your business should avail of this chance to showcase how high-quality a presentation is! This arises an emotional and invisible psychological impact on a customer’s mind, which makes them try out something more from your business!

    Ready to get it wrapped? Well! Here are some qualities that custom gift card packaging at CustomBoxesMarket comes with!


    An up-to-the-task box has to provide effective safety, no matter what is being shipped, or how much it weighs. All of our wholesale gift card boxes undergo a dedicated process that enables them to withstand heavy pressures, saving the grace of your fragile items inside the box.

    Imagine that the gift card arrives and is not upright in appearance, it’s going to leave a bad impression. Therefore, we have the right boxes that not only save the integrity of your cards but also add more value to customers, which makes it possible to see newer growth opportunities.


    An old concept, “Seeing is believing” means much more than we can extract out of it. No matter how reputable we are, the ultimate value is what your customers will see. Hence, if you’re not utilizing proper packaging boxes, you can see a significant debacle in your sales. Let us create something valuable with our embossing, debossing, and other techniques!

    The most attractive thing is the design of whatever you’re purchasing. CBM manufactures high-quality designs & prints to give an amazing feel to custom printed gift cards boxes, which ultimately makes your customers delighted and happy. Redefining the packaging trends is what we are here for! No doubt, we will make it exactly right that adds value and offers something more than just boxes!


    Customers do not purchase what they think is a high-quality product! It’s not always about necessity! When we personalize everything to their nature of taste, they are highly likely to get more attracted. Our professionals design the box, make different prints, and give astonishing shapes to resemble the mentality of your customers.

    A gift card is not what the consumer sees first, one sees the box it has been packaged in! That is where our craft of years and knowledge of personalizing the experience with packaging boxes results in a win-win situation for customers! And, that personalized approach, makes a brand get more and more engaged customers!


    The way of manufacturing custom gift card boxes at CBM is industry-trusted and eco-friendly. From selecting a material to finalizing the process, we use durable and environment-friendly materials such as corrugated, Kraft, paper, and others.

    Since we believe in a green environment, we produce minimal or negligible waste as a result of overall production. Trusted by thousands in the market, our team never overlooks any possible waste producing up, and we immediately stop it from occurring.

    Sizes & Shapes

    Aesthetics matter because that is what makes customers wish to try out a new product or something if even they don’t have an idea about! Our experts in packaging produce different sizes and shapes for boxes that provide customers with a variety of options to choose from!

    We have a wide range of shapes to enclose custom gift boxes bulk so anyone purchasing a gift box can choose any box of choice.


    We put no burden on the pockets of our customers, which are operational businesses. Choosing us is the most cost-effective option because all of our boxes are fairly priced, and there are no die and plate charges or any hidden costs.

    So, be sure that this investment is minimum for the bang you are getting. On bulk orders, we provide additional discounts and come up with new offers that save you a lot. So, here affordability meets quality.

    No Promises. Just High-quality Packaging!

    No matter, how big or small your project is, we will cater to your requirement. We fulfill orders of 100 boxes at the very minimum and can go up to half a million custom gift card boxes! Free shipping, special discounts, and other perks are designed for your charm and experience.

    So, look no further and choose none but us. We are awaited to receive your call and be of your utmost help! Choose the right packaging partner and leave the rest to us!


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