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CustomBoxesMarket is a one-stop shop for all kinds of packaging solutions. We have spent decades in the market with the goal to serve our customers. Since the very beginning, our standards have never waned, and we are committed to ensuring that our customers receive the most affordable proper boxes.

Our manufacturing process is unique and reliable that enables boxes to protect the product from any possible hazard and cause the buyers to get attracted. We use different types of packaging materials available in the market for various products. All the products have different characteristics, so they need varying packaging boxes made with different materials having their specific properties. In addition, the purpose of the product packaging also has a big vitality in choosing the perfect material. For instance, you can use the products for retail presentation, gifting, and shipping purposes.

Our professionals are qualified, background-checked, and experienced in what we do. Determining the type of material that fulfills the specific needs of our customers makes us feel proud. Different industries need different materials with particular customization. For example, established brands choose food-grade materials for food packaging (such as paperboard) and cardboard material for product presentation. Furthermore, these materials can be easily customized according to your preferences. Some of the materials we use are:

Kraft paper
Cardboard sheet
Rigid material
Corrugated fiberboard

Custom Kraft Packaging Boxes
Kraft boxes are made with unbleached pulp. Typically kraft boxes are made with recycled kraft paperboard. The recycling of materials has a vital role in reducing pollution from the ecosystem. All our process, from inception to project delivery, is 100% eco-friendly, and we do not cause any threat to pollution.

Our boxes are biodegradable and dissolve in the soil after a specific time. It is lightweight, cost-effective, and the simplest material. You can take our help in customizing kraft boxes with different color printing. Kraft boxes come in different sizes, shapes, styles, and designs that highlight your products in the retail market. Consequently, with kraft material, you can create different boxes styles such as:

Straight Tuck End
Reverse Tuck End
Sleeves Boxes
Roll-End Boxes
Hanger Boxes
Carrier Boxes
Auto Bottom
And many others…

For branding purposes, we print the brand’s logo, illustration, or taglines on the boxes as required or suggested by the customers. We do not follow our preferences but focus on providing customers with complete packaging solutions.

Finally, using the kraft packaging material is the perfect option to create sustainable packaging to please your eco-conscious customer base. We are a top-rated packaging supplier in the market for product boxes. You can get custom product boxes made with kraft material at CustomBoxesMarket, at a reasonable cost.
Custom Rigid Packaging Boxes
Luxury packaging boxes make your brand unique in the market. Rigid is the perfect material for delicate items. We have a big variety of custom rigid packaging boxes that not only protect your products but also attract customers to your brand and communicate with them efficiently. Rigid is the most sturdy option for sensitive items, such as glass items, and expensive gifts. In addition, using rigid materials helps us provide the perfect unboxing experience to the customers.
Accurate Customization Of Rigid Boxes
We customize the rigid packaging material according to your desires. For example, you can choose from a wide variety of packaging styles, sizes, shapes, color printing, and luxury add-on features to create your custom rigid box packaging. These additional features consist of gloss/silk/matte lamination, Spot UV/Aqueous/soft-touch coating, and varnish. This type of finishing looks aesthetical and protects the products from environmental factors such as moisture, heat, and dust.
Additional Addons For Rigid Material
In addition, we make rigid boxes more captivating with window patching, embossing, debossing, window die-cuts, and stamp foiling. Windows die-cutting allows customers to see inside the packaging boxes. This factor helps buyers to understand product standards and your value increases in the eyes of your target customers.
Custom Styles For Rigid Material
There are different packaging box styles that we design. So, you can select any style for your packaging boxes according to your product specifications and preferences. Some of the primary packaging styles perfect for rigid packaging material are as under:

One Piece
Two Pieces
Book Style
Foldable / Collapsible
Hinged / Flip Lid
Lift-off Boxes
Box With Magnetic Lock
Slide Style Box
Neck / Shoulder Box
Round Shaped Box

By choosing a box of your choice, you can make your products shine in the market and attract more customers to your brand than your competitors. For rigid gift boxes, you can use inserts to protect your products from damage and paste luxurious ribbons to make your rigid packaging boxes more enticing for your reward/gift cases. Finally, if you’re looking for rigid setup packaging boxes, we are the perfect packaging material supplier for your custom packaging solutions.
Cardboard Packaging Boxes
Our wide range of different packaging options, including cardboard boxes, make the best value for our customers. Since the inception of operations throughout the USA, our team of professionals has been manufacturing premium-quality boxes using cardboard material, which is sturdier and more protective.

We create custom display cardboard boxes with logo printing and fascinating designs to attract your target customer base to your brand.
Corrugated Packaging Boxes
We use corrugated material to make product shipping easier and hassle-free with complete preservation of original integrity. Using this material, we ensure that there is no shock or damage to products. With us, you can choose the packaging styles and flute types according to your needs. Furthermore, these Corrugated cardboard boxes are basically; made up of a paper flute sandwiched in between two kraft paper layers called liners.

Our material is eco-friendly which ensures sustainable packaging. These well-assembled layers of corrugated packaging boxes provide extensive strength to the product. Moreover, this material is lower in cost in comparison with rigid material. In short, corrugated material is the perfect solution to create wholesale packaging boxes for shipping products a long distance with full safety.
What Sets Us Apart
CustomBoxesMarket is the top-rated packaging company in the USA’s product packaging market. We provide our clients with top-notch customized packaging solutions in the market at wholesale rates. Moreover, we offer free packaging designs to print on custom boxes. In addition, our turnaround time is very quick (6-8 days), and we don’t charge even a penny for shipping orders in the USA.

Custom Boxes Market doesn’t impose any hidden charges and provides a free sample of custom boxes. So, if you need custom boxes with perfect customization and protective packaging material, contact our representative to consult about your custom packaging boxes without any hassle. CBM is your best packaging partner that can make your brand sparkle and look different when compared to others in the packaging industry.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Your packaging material will decide the durability and sustainability of your boxes. The following are the commonly used packaging materials:

    • Coated paper
    • Kraft paper
    • Corrugated paper

    You can get more than this but the majority of the time these materials are used for packaging.

    Yes, all businesses can request any of the eco-friendly and sustainable packaging materials for their custom packaging.

    You may find different varieties in all of the packaging material and the same will be the difference between their prices accordingly.

    You need to make sure it is sustainable enough to have a sustainable design and can bear pressure to ensure the safety of your fragile products.

    Yes, we have solutions for every situation, you can get all types of innovations in packaging material to make sure the safety and the presentation of the boxes.

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