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At CBM, the matchless quality of material and the best design are our guarantees. Our custom corrugated boxes are the most commonly used boxes because they’re sturdy and durable. People turn to these boxes for their long life. Corrugated Box comes in the best material to handle any kind of heavy-weight item. The boxes are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. If you have a specialized vision to ship your products or sell in your store, look no further. CustomBoxesMarket is a home to all your packaging needs so you can enjoy all amenities for packing your items. Since day one, our mission is to employ the best strategies to manufacture a proper box with regard to design, size, and texture. Our years of experience hold us prominent in the market so it is a sure thing to get a reasonable bang for your buck.  As your corrugated box packaging company, CustomBoxesMarket is determined to make boxes exactly as per your requirements and specifications.

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    A Wide Array Of Proper Boxes

    Your choice is our passion. Whatever you’re looking for to pack your items nicely, the place of rescue is CustomBoxesMarket. We deal in all kinds of packaging boxes at affordable pricing and commitment to excellence. 


    Every brand wants to make its product distinctive from other brands in the market. So, you are at the right place if you want your product to be different from similar. CBM offers you highly durable Custom Corrugated Boxes. Our properly manufactured boxes come up with various customization options. That is why, you can think of having a lasting impression on your audience. 


    Moreover, corrugated boxes wholesale have flutes which makes them highly durable. So, they provide complete protection to your product from temperature, sun rays, and humidity. Consequently, custom boxes maintain the freshness of the products. Moreover, grab the vast audiences’ attention to your products. As a result, you can improve the sales of your branded items. 


    We at CBM provide the finest quality custom corrugated box packaging for your products. Let’s have a look at how these durable corrugated boxes benefit your brand. 

    Benefits Of Our Custom Printed Corrugated Boxes 

    The way we manufacture corrugated boxes provides a lot of benefits to your brand as they offer a better presentation of your products. Let’s take a look at the essential advantages your company will get after using wholesale corrugated boxes. 

    Product Safety

    Corrugated packaging boxes provide complete safety for your products from damage. The corrugated packaging material is of great thickness. Moreover, corrugated printed boxes offer complete protection to the product from any breakage during shipping. 


    When your customers receive products in their original state, they will appreciate your company’s services. Thus, always prefer your brand to buy branded packaging items. 

    Customers’ Loyalty 

    When customers start preferring your branded items due to your services, your company attains customers’ loyalty. Moreover, they also recommend your branding products to others. As a result, your branded item products’ sales increase. So, choose our craft and make your brand famous. 

    Attention Of Audience 

    Custom corrugated box packaging with incredible design and perfect color combination allure buyers of your products. Moreover, you can style these custom boxes with logo according to your taste. Furthermore, you can add ribbon embellishments, holders, artwork, handmade drawings, etc., to your the corrugated boxes. 


    In addition, corrugated boxes with unique color combinations give an aesthetic appeal to buyers. These ways to design custom boxes will urge customers to buy your products. Thus, improve your branded items sales with these Custom Corrugated Boxes. 

    No Extra Charge For Advertising

    Marketing messages tailored to your most critical target audiences can be printed on custom boxes. Companies may often reach new demographics and customers without spending additional money on advertising campaigns.


    So, take advantage of this almost free advertising opportunity by getting us to design excellent corrugated boxes. You increase the sale of your branded items from these custom corrugated shipping boxes. 

    Various Customization Options

    You can make new changes to your old fashioned packaging. Custom corrugated printed boxes allow you to update your packaging with a modern look. For example, add window features, coatings, laminations, foilings and waterproof layers to your custom packing boxes. Thus, make your product modern and unique with these custom corrugated shipping boxes. 


    Let’s have a look at how we customize corrugated boxes at CustomBoxesMarket for your product’s packaging. 

    Durable Packaging Material Custom Corrugated Boxes 

    The paper was fed by two Englishmen, Healy and Allen, into a two-roll hand machine with two flutes for the first time. The result was a lovely fluted paper utilized as a hat lining. For the packaging, corrugated paper is used by American man Albert L.Jones for the wrapping of bottles. But, now, it is used to create custom boxes for the packaging of products. 

    What is corrugated packaging material?

    Corrugated packaging material comprises two sheets of paper known as liners, and they are glued together with a corrugated inner medium called fluting. These three layers of paper are stacked so that the overall structure is stronger than the individual layers.


    This clever design creates a series of interconnected arches that are well known for their capacity to withstand heavy loads. Our boxes have a robust and resistant structure. 


    Moreover, the air in the flutes also acts as an insulator, providing good protection from temperature fluctuations. There are many distinct corrugated varieties from A to E. E-Flute corrugated box packaging is very common. 


    Corrugated packaging boxes are made by cutting and folding corrugated boards into an unlimited number of shapes and sizes. Corrugated is a high-performance packaging material for packing, protecting, and promoting items. So, you can choose CBM corrugated boxes and we will help you to improve your branded item’s visibility in the marketplace. 

    Attractive Styles Of Custom Corrugated Box Packaging 

    Uniquely style your products with creatively designed boxes to make your branded item look highly attractive. The different elegant opening types we offer at CBM for Custom Corrugated Boxes are as follows:

    • Tab lock roll end corrugated box
    • Roll end tuck top 
    • Roll end with the lid 
    • Tuck top auto bottom 
    • Reverse tuck end 
    • Roll end tuck front 
    • Roll end 3 flaps tuck

    So, you are open to choosing any style from the options mentioned earlier for the custom-printed corrugated boxes. 

    What Differs Our Printing Techniques

    CBM employs high-quality printing techniques. The different printing methods are as follows:

    • Digital printing 
    • Offset printing 
    • Screen printing 

    We make your custom corrugated wholesale boxes stand out from the crowd with these excellent printing techniques. So, choose any printing method from the earlier options for your corrugated boxes. 


    Moreover, we offer add-on options for custom corrugated wholesale boxes such as foilings, laminations, coatings, embossing, debossing and waterproof layers. The different finishing features we provide at CustomBoxesMarket are:

    • Spot UV makes certain areas of custom boxes prominent. 
    • Gloss lamination gives a shiny exterior to product packaging corrugated boxes. 
    • Matte lamination gives a smooth surface to corrugated boxes. 

    So, choose any coating feature for your printed corrugated boxes. Thus, improve the value of your branded item with these customized corrugated boxes. 

    What Sets Us Apart?

    For the packaging of your products, we at CustomBoxesMarket provide high-quality Custom Corrugated Boxes. Furthermore, compared to other companies in the United States, we provide competitive pricing. In addition, our personalized corrugated packaging boxes start from 100 pieces as the minimum order limit. Moreover, we also offer free shipping, free custom design, and no die or plate charges. So, choose us for your product packaging and gain benefits from our proper boxes. Please hurry up! Order CBM customized corrugated packaging boxes for your products and boost your sales.


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    Jason Cooper

    September 4, 2023

    I am happy to receive the boxes on time. Both the boxes and tags were excellent with the embossing on the logo.

    Johnny Guidry

    July 6, 2023

    CBM is our valuable business partner. Their professional packaging of custom business card boxes is outstanding.

    Bernard Boyster

    January 26, 2023

    None can compete with CBM’s custom corrugated boxes. I received mine and they are perfect in every aspect.

    Manuel Winston

    December 3, 2022

    The best packaging industry in town is CBM. The sturdiness of their custom corrugated boxes keeps the pack items safe and in original condition.

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