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If you are looking for high-end packaging solutions for your luxury products in the most cost-effective ways to stand out in the marketplaces, then look no further, CBM has got you covered. Our diverse customization services can provide you with the perfect luxury packaging solutions for increased sales and making a trustworthy brand image.

Our materials promise durability and sustainability. We always prefer customer satisfaction and provide endless design options that you can choose according to the product. Furthermore, our fascinating additions such as handles, inserts, and dividers make the packaging more appealing to catch the customer’s attention even at the very first glance. Let’s jump into the details of our broad customization services to take your brand to new heights of success.

Sustainable & Eco-friendly Materials for Luxury Box Packaging

A high-quality material is the first thing in making custom luxury packaging durable and luxurious. We provide sturdy and robust materials that can withstand the weight of the products and provide enhanced protection against the outside environment. Our materials include the following.

  • Rigid

The rigid material is the best and strongest material that provides an exceptional look to luxury packaging boxes. This material is also the best choice for various printings and finishes providing the glossy and matte look of the packaging alongside the logo and unique colors of the brand. Moreover, rigid material boxes excellently tolerate pressure and scratches during the transportation and storage processes.

  • Kraft

Kraft is the most earth-friendly material and is greatly preferred by environmentally conscious people. We provide vigorous kraft material for the luxurious packaging of lightweight products. Kraft paper material is biodegradable and can be recycled for later uses. Different varieties of kraft paper such as Brown kraft paper, White Bleached paper, white molted oysters and molted kraft can be used for packaging luxury boxes according to the product.

  • Cardboard

This is another premium quality material used most commonly by luxury packaging manufacturers and is an excellent choice for various printings offering diverse finishing options and personalized additions to the packaging. Cardboard is also an environmentally safe material preferred by most well-known brands. However, different thicknesses are available for cardboard that can be used depending on the nature of the product.

Bold Design and Innovative Structures of Luxury Boxes to Stand Out 

We manufacture avante-garde packaging designs that can be recognized even from a distance. Our customization facilities perfectly suit your budget and products. Our packaging designs give an impeccable look to the luxury boxes. Here are the box designs that can be used to make the luxury packaging design boxes distinct from competitors.

  1. Sleeve Box Packaging
  2. Flip-top Box Packaging
  3. Tuck End Box Packaging
  4. Gable Box Packaging
  5. Two-piece Box Packaging
  6. Hinged Box Packaging
  7. Window Box Packaging

Captivating Printing Techniques for a Luxurious Look

Our advanced printing techniques change the overall look of the packaging box. These enhanced printings give a clear and visible image of the product showcasing the texts and fonts of the product that are easily understandable by the customers. For printings, we use the given color scheme of CMYK & PMS to match your requirements flawlessly. So, in the vast luxury packaging market size, our cost-efficient printing methods can completely revamp your luxury box packaging.

  1. Offset Printing
  2. Digital Printing
  3. Flexography
  4. Screen Printing
  5. UV Printing

Furthermore, we provide all printings from simple color printing to metallic ones. You can just let us know your design and we will help you select the most appropriate printing and ink options. Luxury packaging companies usually use the following inks for printing.

  1. Vegetable inks
  2. Water-based inks
  3. Oil-based inks
  4. Pantone metallic ink

Compelling Coatings & Add-ons To Attract Customers 

Coatings and add ons play a pivotal role in making the packaging luxurious and alluring. We offer these premium finishes to the box that not only protect the packaging box but also attract customers and encourage them to buy your products that give them a memorable experience. Our top picks for your luxury brand include the given that can help them outshine the luxury packaging market.

  • Gloss Lamination
  • Matt Lamination
  • Hot Foil
  • Hot Foil Embossing
  • Spot UV
  • Ribbon Closure
  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Magnetic Closing
  • Inserts
  • Shoulder Section
  • Dividers

These coatings give a shiny or subtle look to the packaging boxes. Moreover, a hot foil gives a metallic design to the packaging box. Embossing and debossing give a raised and recessed appearance to the logo or any other written text. However, Spot UV enforces high gloss varnish to specific areas of packaging and adds a striking contrast to the packaging box. Ribbon and magnetic closure give a very personalized touch to the packaging boxes. Inserts, dividers, and shoulders are added to keep the products separate and organized.

Luxury Packaging Ideas – Crafting a Multi-Sensory Experience 

We provide various luxury packaging ideas that you can opt for in your luxury boxes. We offer the following unique ideas that can be implemented in your packaging boxes and can surely help you stand above and beyond the competitors in the market.

  1. Adding scented labels to the boxes can leave a mesmerizing effect on the customers.
  2. Providing any surprise elements or small gifts can give them an exciting experience.
  3. Giving geometric shapes to the boxes of small products like jewelry, candies or cookies can greatly encourage the customers to repeat buying.
  4. Adding a limited-edition note to the packaging box can leave a pleasing effect.
  5. Choosing eco-friendly products and materials can satisfy the environment-loving people.

Cost-Effective Luxury Box Packaging 

We provide affordable services to customers that perfectly suit their budget. Moreover, we also provide special discounts at celebratory events. Our company also delivers bulk orders for large businesses. However, luxury packaging boxes wholesale can be customized at the most reasonable rates.

Why is CBM the preferred choice? 

We have been manufacturing the best packaging boxes for over a decade. Our team has a deep knowledge of the latest trends and upgrades in the luxury packaging boxes market. We always prefer customer satisfaction to deliver excellent results without compromising the quality of the packaging. Moreover, Our broad services include.

  1. Best Customization Facilities
  2. Non-Stop Customer Care Service
  3. Free Of-Cost Design Assistance
  4. Free Delivery

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