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At CustomBoxesMarket cups are available in various sizes, shapes, and designs. Mugs are commonly used at offices and homes for drinking, such as coffee and tea. Moreover, they contain different materials like ceramic, glass, stainless steel, melamine, and stoneware. So you can have any of your desired printing to make them look more fascinating and protective.As a mug manufacturer, you must know these materials are very fragile, and your mugs can get damaged easily by any accident. So, to ensure the complete safety of your branded products, we are providing the best quality options to you. The packaging of your products with custom mug boxes is beneficial to your product and brand also.These customizable mug packaging boxes contain durable paper-based materials like kraft and cardboard. So, they provide complete safety to your products from damage. In addition, these customizable boxes have incredible designs that allure customers to your products. As a result, improve the value of your brand in the market effectively.

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    Make People Crazy For Your Branded Mugs 

    Mugs manufacturers design and style mugs in a way that people become crazy about having them in their daily routines. They want to use them for tea, coffee, and hot chocolate, as mentioned above. Because these mugs provide them with comfort. 

    But, producers fear mug breakage because they consist of china bone. For this reason, they need durable and sturdy packaging. So, the most heavy-duty packaging is custom mug boxes. They come up with various features which make people crazy for having your branded mug item. 

    Let’s have a discussion on these features one by one. 

    • High durability is one of the essential features of packaging. Customized mug packaging boxes with materials like kraft and cardboard provide complete safety to your products from damage. So, they maintain the originality of your products and make customers happy with your brand’s services. 
    • Moreover, the eco-friendly nature of these mug packaging boxes urges customers to buy your products. These boxes become environmentally friendly because of the kraft paper, which consists of 100% recyclable material. So, these kraft boxes make a pollution-free environment. For this reason, customers prefer these custom boxes and give your branded mugs great hype in the market. 
    • People commonly use mugs at offices, parties, homes for guests, or coffee shops. That’s why they should be attractive in design and give people good vibes when they have coffee or tea. So, to make these mugs eye-captivating use custom printed boxes for packaging. The customized boxes have creative designs and exclusive styles that allure customers to your branded mug products. 

    Let’s have a look in detail at how you can customize mug packaging boxes for the packaging of your products. So, people become crazy about your products in the retail industry.

    Make Your Mugs Able To Withstand Shocks And Accidents

    Custom mug boxes make your product able to withstand shocks and accidents. The reason behind it is that these packaging boxes consist of durable material. So, they provide complete safety to your china bone and ceramic mugs. 

    CBM offers you various material options for mug packaging boxes which are:

    • Kraft 
    • Cardboard 

    Kraft is an eco-friendly material that makes the environment healthy or evergreen. Moreover, this material is naturally brown in color. In addition, with various color combinations, we customize kraft boxes according to your choice. Pack your ceramic, classic, stoneware and stainless steel mugs in kraft box packaging

    Cardboard is another highly durable packaging material. So, it makes your products safe from damage like breakage and exotic forces. Cardboard boxes with creative designs and engaging opening styles make your mug highly enticing. You can pack your glass, melamine, china, and demitasse mugs in cardboard box packaging. 

    For shipping purposes, you can go for other options such as corrugated and rigid. The custom boxes of these packaging materials provide complete safety to your mugs even during shipping. 

    Moreover, how you design packaging mug boxes also boosts your sales like a pro.

    Entrancing Mug Packaging Ideas 

    Design your custom mug in the best ways to create a striking effect of packaging on customers. You must choose the appropriate opening style, the right color combinations, and an innovative mug box design. Moreover, you can add stories, slogans, taglines, and the brand’s logo to these custom mug box packaging. 

    Following the latest mug packaging ideas, you can develop novel customized mug boxes. Furthermore, you can choose any box shape, such as squares or rectangles. So, CBM leaves it up to you to select any design options for custom mug boxes. 

    Suppose you need custom boxes for a coffee mug. How should you design them? We will help you by giving ideas. You can select any opening style. So, the different options are a tuck end box with an auto-lock bottom, a box with a lid, and a window mug box without a PVC sheet.

    As you know, coffee is dark brown and consists of two bean shapes. Thus, you can add dark brown touch and seed shape to your custom packaging mug boxes. Consequently, customers will come to know that it’s a coffee mug through your packaging details.

    Another example is that you want to give mug gifts to people and make them the best for them. The custom gift box for the mug is the best option. You can add ribbon embellishments and select a sleeve box style to make your mug gift memorable. 

    You should also add product ingredients, warning, manufacturing, and expiry date to your printed wholesale mug boxes

    Efficient Printing Methods For Custom Mug Box Packaging At CBM

    High-quality printing gives your product packaging mug boxes a unique look. They give your mug items an alluring look. We at CBM use high-tech printing machines for custom printed mug boxes. Moreover, we never compromise on quality because we know your products reflect your brand. 

    The printing methods we use at CBM are:

    • Offset printing 
    • Digital printing 

    Other add-ons options for custom mug boxes are:

    • Debossing 
    • Embossing 
    • Silver or green foiling 
    • Coatings (spot UV, matte, and gloss)
    • Window packaging with or without PVC sheet 

    So, you can manufacture these mug boxes for your products in these ways. 

    Experience Best CBM Packaging Services In The Town 

    One of the most seasoned packaging suppliers in the United States is CustomBoxesMarket. We provide mug boxes to cafe owners, mug manufacturers, and retail stores. Your china mugs will be protected and displayed effectively in carefully custom-made mug boxes. These customizable boxes may show off the durability of your cups and showcase their exquisite designs. 

    Our skilled marketing experts will collaborate with the design and production teams to develop provocative packaging ideas for your mugs. These techniques would provide coffee, classic, and melamine mugs with the best possible protection and display. Moreover, we offer various services to our clients, such as free shipping, free custom design, and no die or plate charges. 

    Hurry up! Grab this opportunity and book wholesale custom mug boxes right now for the packaging of your products.


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    Alishia Estill
    May 19, 2023
     by Alishia Estill
    Our ultimate packaging company

    Our ultimate packaging company is CBM. We always order custom mug boxes from CBM and they always make us surprise the appealing look and the perfect strength of the boxes.

    Wendy Miller
    May 10, 2023
     by Wendy Miller
    Quick deliver

    Custom mug boxes from CBM have made it easy for us to deliver our customized mugs to far areas. After dispatching our products in their boxes we no longer worry about the breaking of our mugs because we have trust in CBM’s quality.

    Alishia Estill

    May 19, 2023

    Our ultimate packaging company is CBM. We always order custom mug boxes from CBM and they always make us surprise the appealing look and the perfect strength of the boxes.

    Wendy Miller

    May 10, 2023

    Custom mug boxes from CBM have made it easy for us to deliver our customized mugs to far areas. After dispatching our products in their boxes we no longer worry about the breaking of our mugs because we have trust in CBM’s quality.

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