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Add a little flare to your product packaging by using CBM’s packaging inserts. If you are selling products online or you are facing difficulty in protecting your fragile products then start using inserts for the boxes and ensure your product safety. We at CBM make every effort to give you inserts tailored to the needs of your product so that you do not have to face any kind of product damage.  With the different variety of materials, we give our customers the option to select the insert types that come into their budget and that give full protection to the packed items. Not only this, we have a variety of options for printing so if you want to get printed inserts you can avail of that option too.  With the 24/7 service of our company brands can ensure meticulous product safety with enticing inserts and get a competitive edge over their rivals.

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    Get Ultimate Protection With CBM’s  Packaging Inserts

    Custom packaging is an incredible way to promote the company while giving desirable protection to the product. No matter how much your packaging is good in quality there are certain products that need a little extra protection due to their fragile nature. For such products CBM is presenting its packaging inserts. 

    We understand that there is an increase in the e-commerce platforms and product shipping to longer distances has made the suppliers worry about the protection of their products that is why we have introduced premium quality, printed, and customized inserts to our clients.

    Apart from the focus on quality, we pay equal attention to the unique design of the custom box inserts. With the tailored services, experience, and advanced manufacturing facilities you can get the best and finest quality inserts to promote an impactful unboxing of your product. 

    What Are Packaging Inserts? 

    Inserts are considered additional elements in the e-commerce packaging that are placed inside the boxes to give a professional look and high-end protection to the products. With the rise in e-commerce business custom packaging inserts are high in demand because brands have to send their product to far-flung areas via shipping or logistics companies. 

    Some of the fragile items can be shipped just by relying on the quality of the packaging. You have to go a little extra mile to give the desirable protection to the products. By contacting us for your inserts you can make sure that your product packaging will successfully impress the customers while giving the perfect protection. We have numerous packaging insert ideas so you will not have to worry about your product protection. 

    What Types Of Inserts Do We Have? 

    As a packaging company committed to giving the most innovative design ideas with the most quality material we at CBM have a lot of choices for inserts whether it comes to the material or it is related to style. The two most common packaging inserts examples are:  

    1. Protective Inserts 

    These are the basic inserts that are widely used in the product packaging boxes. Products that are fragile such as mugs, jewelry, glassware, and bakery items all need these inserts. We give you custom options for sizes, shapes, and designs of the inserts so you can give tailored protection specific to the needs of your products. 

    2. Promotional Inserts 

    As the name of the insets indicates, they are used for promotional purposes. New brands and brands that want to revive their name can use these inserts and become successful in their cause. You can add packaging insert cards, promotional labels, sample products, and discount codes and send them to the customers to encourage feedback about your brand. 

    How You Can Use Inserts? 

    Inserts are certainly an additional expense to your brand’s packaging department nonetheless they can be used to get marvelous benefits and positive results for your brands. To get the full advantage you have CBM’s back as we make your inserts with all the essential elements that can foster your strong relationship with the customers. You can use packaging inserts for boxes for the following purposes: 

    1. Send thank you notes to your clients and partners
    2. Give protection to the products 
    3. Encourage your customers to a feedback 
    4. Send free product samples in insert boxes and increase your branding 
    5. Send your customers discount codes 
    6. Use insert boxes to send PR boxes to social media influencers 

    What Material CBM Uses? 

    CBM uses the best material to give you inserts that can protect the products and represent a positive image of your brand. We have the following two material options for inserts: 

    1. Foam packaging inserts
    2. Cardboard inserts 
    3. Corrugated inserts 

    Good quality packaging needs good quality material in the same manner to get inserts that can fully protect the product you have to use materials that are high in quality. With the trusted services of CBM, it has become easy for companies to get the perfect inserts. 

    Our Printings Can Create A Charm  

    Most of the time product packaging inserts are used in simple and plain form. Brands do not select any type of printing options for their inserts, however, if you really want an impactful branding of your product and to impress the customers then go with the option of printed inserts. We use the following printing methods for inserts: 

    • Offset Printing

    Offset printing is an ideal option when you need your order in bulk and within a short duration. Your non photographic designs will pop out on the cardboard packaging inserts and give your customers a premium experience. 

    • Digital Printing 

    Digital printing is also a good option and we use the CMYK color mixing method with professional ink spectrum. The quality of the printed designs will be good but it is a useful option for smaller batches. 

    • Lithography 

    The third printing method that CBM provides is lithography. In it, the printed design is pasted on a sheet-like aluminum and then the design is transferred to the substrate. For custom foam packaging inserts no printing method is preferred as the quality of the prints declines on foams. 

    Why Should You Choose CBM?

    Custom Boxes Market is among the most experienced and trusted packaging industries in the USA that gives a holistic and one-stop solution to all brands. Whether you need custom display boxes or food packaging, or you want inserts we have all the options in the highest quality and lowest rates. You can choose to use styrofoam packaging inserts because: 

    Expert Support

    We have a team of professionals that have years of experience in the packaging industry. To make the experience of the customers smooth with our brand we give 24/7 customer support to our clients. 

    Customized Solution 

    We have customized services for individual clients so that they can get a perfect solution for all their packaging desires. With the custom cardboard box inserts you can have ideal product protection along with a professional impression to the customers. 

    Meticulous Precision

    CBM is popular due to its precise and foolproof packaging services. We cross-check the client’s requirements multiple times before finalizing the designs. With our meticulous packaging inlays, you can increase the Return On Investment of your brand significantly. 

    Book Your Order Now! 

    Go sky high with the packaging inserts of CustomBoxesMarket and reduce the liability of your product damage. With all the perfect manufacturing and personalized services, you can get a comprehensive solution for your product protection from us. So book your order now and start protecting products and impressing clients.


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