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Markers are used by multiple age groups, children are using them just for fun, students need markers for completing their academic tasks, and artists are using markers to show their creativity. For such a diverse product a diverse packaging is required such as CBM’s custom marker boxes.  Like all stationery products, markers also need to look attractive so that customers select only your product. Using the packaging facilities of CBM you can get product packaging that has the ability to entice the customers and increase the worth of your product. From material to finishing, we have all the diversified packaging facilities that make your product distinct in the retail shop. You can give your premium protection by placing your order at CBM. Our first-grade packaging material and our superior quality printing and color mixing methods give an unmatchable look to the packed products. Just place your order at CBM and embark on the journey towards excellence. 

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    Increase Your Product Value With Marker Boxes

    If you are manufacturing stationery products such as markers and want to become a popular brand then customization of packaging is compulsory for you. You can significantly increase the value of your product by getting marker boxes from CBM.

    If you think that getting attractive packaging at economical rates is becoming difficult then do not worry because CBM is here to serve you with its best packaging facilities. We will enhance the value of your product with our advanced and multiple customization facilities.

    With our 24/7 customer service and our highly professional and adequately skilled staff, we ensure that customers get the perfect marker boxes wholesale to pack their products. We make it easy for people to make their products appealing and valuable.

    Why Do You Need Customization Of Boxes? 

    Today the packaging industry has fully revolutionized. Now companies do not get packaging solely to protect their product, but also to promote their brand and increase the value of their product. Two things make a brand popular the quality of the product and the quality of the packaging.

    You can increase and maintain your product quality, but for the quality of the packaging, an experienced packaging industry is required. To get your all embrassing custom marker boxes get help from CBM. We assure you that after getting your order from us you can get the most joyous packaging experience.

    What We Are Providing? 

    We claim what we provide. Our services are up-to-date and high-quality so that customers get excellent retail packaging boxes from us. To ensure our product quality we use premium materials and manufacturing facilities. Such as:


    For custom printed marker boxes we use durable material that protects the product and gives firmness to the packaging. Markers are pigmented products and their pigments are liable to get dry if not protected adequately. That is why it is essential to pack markers in high-quality packaging.

    If you want your product to remain useful for a longer duration of time then you can get kraft and cardstock for your boxes. Both our raw materials are sturdy and protect the product adequately. The flexibility of these materials allows us to mold them in any unique shape.

    Box Shape 

    For marker boxes, we use different box styles. The most important factor to consider about marker packaging is that it must be easy to use. The reason for this is that markers are frequently used, if the packaging is complex then the customers will get frustrated about using your product.

    Not only this, but as markers can be reused several times that is why their packaging must also be reusable. Below are our most popular box styles:

    • Sleeve packaging
    • Tuck end boxes
    • Die-cut boxes

    The above-mentioned are our common packaging styles. If you want a new style for your product you can give us the details and we will serve you accordingly.


    For your colorful and catchy product packaging with similar features is required. The customization of boxes is incomplete if they lack vibrant and pleasing printings. The color of the custom marker boxes must resonate with the theme of the brand and only a skilled packaging industry can give you such a box.

    For marker packaging, our best printing technique is offset lithography. Using this we give sharp design and vibrancy to your packaging. The quality of packaging tells the standard of a brand, therefore we only use first-grade printing facilities to design your boxes.

    Logo Printing 

    By getting custom marker boxes with logo you can get a chance to promote your brand economically. The logos are a unique trademark of a brand and we fully underrated that it should be printed on the boxes so that it can look different from the rest of the typography. By placing your order at CBM you can get the most efficient branding tool for your company.


    Carefully select the color of your packaging so that you can increase the value of your product. To increase your product value, we use two color-mixing procedures such as:

    • CMY
    • PMS

    CMK is used when a combination of four colors is required on the packaging. On the other hand, if you need multiple colors in one design then PMS is an ideal option. As we know marker packaging must look colorful therefore we suggest the use of PMS on these boxes.


    Our customization facilities are quite extensive and unique. We understand that the customers look toward the things that give them a different experience and are unique in nature. By getting our add-ons you can make your product look pearless and distinct on the retail shelf. Our add-ons for marker boxes include:

    • Embossing
    • Debossing
    • Raised ink
    • Box inserts or dividers

    Why Choose Us?

    Amid the availability of numerous packaging industries in the USA, why do we claim to be the best? What makes us and our packaging facilities different from other brands? As you have learned our customization facilities are ideal for companies who are looking for catchy boxes, but this feature is not the only reason for our popularity. We are popular because our:

    Market Competitive Rates

    We provide the lowest rates for customization of the boxes. Our marker boxes wholesale are economical and practical in nature. You can get the most high-quality packaging at the lowest rates from Custom Boxes Market.

    End-To-End Facilities

    Our packaging facilities are holistic. This means that from the selection of design and material to the manufacturing and delivery of the product we give the whole package to our clients.

    Our team remains in constant contact with your company to give you exactly what you desire. Furthermore, we offer free design and delivery services to the customers so that they can effortlessly get cost-effective packaging.

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    Book your order of marker boxes now to increase your product value and get maximum product sales. With our efficient services, your product will become a popular demand in a short period of time.


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    Cristina Lopez
    Apr 10, 2023
     by Cristina Lopez
    Good Quality

    This is my first experience with CBM but after receiving custom marker boxes, I am going to stick with this company to get all types of packaging boxes because their quality is too good.

    Matthew Warner
    Jul 11, 2022
     by Matthew Warner
    Surprised box designs

    Ordered custom marker boxes from CBM and surprised box designs. Ready to order boxes for my other products from CBM.

    Cristina Lopez

    April 10, 2023

    This is my first experience with CBM but after receiving custom marker boxes, I am going to stick with this company to get all types of packaging boxes because their quality is too good.

    Matthew Warner

    July 11, 2022

    Ordered custom marker boxes from CBM and surprised box designs. Ready to order boxes for my other products from CBM.

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