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Foil sheet paper has a thickness of less than 0.2mm, and its use is increasing daily. Many industries like food, cosmetics, and chemical products have started using them for packaging purposes. But the food industry uses more aluminum foil in packaging than any other industry. Research by the global food aluminum foil market shows that its market size in 2021 is 4275.5 million, which will increase to 634.8 million by 2028. So, wrapping food only in aluminum foil is not a good option. For this reason, custom packaging manufacturers have started using it in custom boxes. They create custom foil takeaway boxes for the food manufacturers so that their food remains safe from environmental damage for longer, in their studies, says that 318.97 million Americans will use foil paper in 2020, increasing to 327.03 million in 2024. Consequently, these custom boxes consist of highly durable materials like kraft and cardboard. These materials are sturdy enough to protect your food, but their durability increases more with foil. Moreover, you can design these packaging boxes according to your food restaurant's specifications and brand theme. So, select these wholesale foil takeaway boxes and boost your brand’s value. Let’s have a look in detail at how these packaging foil takeaway printed boxes improve your business growth.

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    Custom Printed Foil Takeaway Boxes Improve Your Business Growth 

    Nowadays, packaging boxes are not just protecting your food from damage, but they also work as an ideal tool for your business growth. Custom packaging companies have included many features in the customizable boxes to give your branded products a fascinating look. For food packaging, custom takeaway boxes are best. But with the addition of foil, they will become more durable. As mentioned above, the use of aluminum foil in food packaging is increasing day by day because it provides complete safety to products. 

    “Moreover, according to Tastylicious, aluminum foil can bear temperatures up to 1,220 degrees Fahrenheit”.

    For this reason, CBM has combined the two different things like custom boxes or aluminum foil, and they have created custom foil takeaway boxes for food packaging. These printed boxes, in many ways, grow your business. Firstly, they have creative design and style which allure customers to your food. As a result, your sales improve, and your business automatically grows. 

    Moreover, they consist of durable material, so they maintain the freshness of your food. As a consequence of this, customers will like your branded food and also recommend others because of your great services. Hence, your business will grow tremendously in the market. 

    Last but not least, these packaging foil takeaway boxes are eco-friendly in nature. So, they do not cause any pollution. This feature also urges customers to prefer your food by ignoring others. So, this feature helps your brand to grow. Furthermore, how do you customize your custom packaging boxes matters? In detail, let’s look at the manufacturing process of these custom foil takeaway packaging boxes. 

    Durable Packaging Material 

    Durability is the most important feature of anything. First of all, check the quality and then buy something for yourself. Many products like cosmetics, food, and medicine need durable packaging because of their sensitivity. 

    So, to provide complete safety to your products, CBM is here to provide you with robust packaging boxes. If you need food packaging, choose our custom foil takeaway boxes. They are highly durable because they consist of two things. 

    The first one is that they have durable packaging like cardboard or kraft and the other one is aluminum foil paper. Due to the combination of these two materials, the sturdiness increases, and they protect your food from germs, spoilage-causing bacteria, and losing moisture. Thus, it maintains the freshness of food. 

    Kraft and cardboard are biodegradable packaging materials and cause no environmental pollution. In addition, they are thicker than ordinary paper. You can transform them into any shape and size. For example, circular, square, plate, and glass shapes can be used. 

    Moreover, you can design them according to your taste and make your branded restaurant everyone’s priority. 

    Alluring Styles and Designs

    Do not just sell your food on brown color kraft or cardboard paper. Give them a commendable look using various color combinations, eye-captivating designs, and colorful aluminum foil paper. 

    Moreover, you can use different opening styles for these custom food packaging boxes, such as gable boxes with lids. You can use circular kraft foil takeaway boxes for noodles and pasta packaging. In addition, you can use square cardboard foil takeaway boxes for burgers and pizza packaging. 

    The pro tip while designing and styling foil takeaway boxes is not to forget the brand theme. Add the touch of your brand theme to them. It will attract more buyers to your food. As a result, improve your sales in the market. 

    CBM Quality Printing 

    Quality printing takes your custom foil takeaway boxes to another level in marketing. CBM never compromises on quality because it’s a matter of any brand and our reputation. The printing methods we use are offset and digital printing. 

    Offset printing method we commonly use for the custom printed takeaway boxes. Plates are involved in this technique for printing purposes. 

    You can add your brand’s logo, slogans, and taglines to these packaging boxes. You can add taglines like “I Am Compostable” and “Make Environment Pollution Free With Biodegradable Packaging.” Furthermore, you add embossing or debossing features and protective lamination to your custom boxes. 

    Why Should You Go For CBM?

    CustomBoxesMarket is a USA-based packaging company. We provide durable, quality printed custom foil takeaway boxes for your food items. These packaging boxes ensure the complete safety of your products from dirt, temperature, moisture, and chemicals. So, that food remains fresh for longer times. Moreover, if you choose us for your food packaging boxes, you will get many benefits, such as:

    • Free shipping 
    • Free custom design 
    • The fastest turnaround is 4 to 7 business days
    • No die or plate charges 
    • 3D mockup design on customers’ demand 

    Hurry up! Don’t get late and order wholesale custom foil takeaway boxes for your food items packaging.


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    Adolph McLean

    August 16, 2023

    The impressive quality of custom foil takeaway boxes has made us the regular customer of CBM. They deliver a super quality!

    Leon Davis

    May 25, 2023

    Custom foil takeaway boxes are best in quality. CBM has never disappointed us with the quality and the rates.

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