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Games are essential in life because they benefit our mental health, elevate stress, and make our minds sharp and active. Let CBM give you perfectly designed custom playing card boxes. That's why people like to play cards. Moreover, they provide physiological and social advantages to them. In addition, many types of playing cards are available in the market, such as standard, novelty, game, gaffed, marked, vintage, reproduction, faro, transformational and regional decks.  How can you create attractiveness between these different cards? Obviously, you can make them creative and alluring through packaging. Now, we know that you want affordable packaging for play cards. So, CBM offers you this opportunity and provides you with wholesale playing card boxes for your brand.  The custom printed playing card box packaging has various design options and styles. So, we can produce them according to your wishes. Moreover, they are highly durable to maintain the originality of your deck cards. Grab these CBM wholesale playing-cards boxes and give your branded items more visibility in the market. 

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    Make Your Playing Cards More Visible With Custom Boxes 

    If you are in the business of playing cards, you should go for custom-packaging boxes. Let’s look at different reasons that make these printed boxes vital for play-cards manufacturers. 

    • Custom playing card boxes have enchanting designs which grab customers’ attention. They have various color combinations such as white, red, blue, black, and orange. As you have seen, faro card packaging boxes are blue or red in color with a golden design on them, giving a great look to customers. So, they allure customers to have your branded play cards at any price.
    • Moreover, play card packaging boxes are highly durable. So, they provide complete safety to deck cards from damage. They contain different materials such as white cardboard, cardboard, and kraft. You will get various options in packaging materials. Select any one of them and boost your product visibility. 

    According to dotcom distribution, 61% of people like to buy products with luxury packaging.

    • The eco-friendly nature of the play card boxes urges customers to buy your products at first sight. The reason behind it is that packaging materials like kraft are biodegradable, and they cause no environmental pollution. So, choose these kraft play card boxes and give your sales a high pitch. 

    CBM provides deck card producers the opportunity to design their packaging boxes in their own creative style and design. To customize playing-card boxes, they can choose any options such as foiling, lamination, coatings, and window patches. 

    Let’s take a look at the detailed manufacturing process of these custom printed packaging boxes. 

    Playing-Cards Safety With Durable Customizable Box Packaging 

    Deck card safety is the first and foremost thing every manufacturer sees while selecting packaging. Don’t worry; be happy knowing that CBM provides durable custom playing card boxes. 

    The material we use in customized boxes is of excellent quality, providing complete safety to your products from damage. For example, they protect your play-cards from moisture, sunlight, dirt, and twisted corners. The packaging materials we offer for custom playing card packaging boxes are:

    • Kraft 
    • Cardboard

    Kraft packaging material is cost-effective and light in weight. Moreover, kraft paper has various options: natural brown, unbleached, heavy-duty, and bleached white. So, choose any kraft packaging material for your deck of cards packaging. Kraft boxes come up with design options and give your product an incredible look. Thus, boost your brand’s value in customers’ eyes. 

    Cardboard packaging material is the ideal option. Moreover, it is three times thicker than ordinary paper. So, they maintain the originality of your play cards. Consequently, they give a good expression of your brand to customers. In addition, cardboard play card boxes come up with various design options. Pack your vintage and transformational deck cards in cardboard boxes.

    The most famous cards in the USA are bicycle playing cards. The packaging of these cards is done with cardboard boxes. They usually come in white, red, and blue colors with a simple design. So, these bicycle cards allure customers to them because of their excellent packaging. 

    For shipping purposes, you can elect rigid and corrugated material. They provide protection to play cards from bumps or exotic forces. So, select any packaging material for your custom playing card packaging and make your deck cards long-lasting. 

    Make Your Products Look Charming 

    Try to give your playing cards a distinctive look. So, people get impressed and buy your cards at first glance. Put effort into the design and style of the custom playing card boxes. Do not give your branded play cards a dull and effortless look. 

    The excellent design and style of customized boxes take your brand to another level. Do not over-exaggerate your packaging with a lot of design. Keep it simple by adding pictures, using the right color combinations, and adding signatures to your printed packaging play card boxes. 

    Using signatures will make your brand more famous, and people will recognize your brand immediately. After that, the style of deck card boxes plays an important role in making your brand famous. The custom tuck boxes for playing cards are the most common style. 

    Moreover, tuck end styles have different types, such as:

    • Reverse tuck end 
    • Straight tuck end 
    • 4 corner tray with lid 
    • 4 corner tray tuck top 

    Furthermore, the sleeve-style packaging play card boxes are standard and give your products an eye-catching look. 

    Customizable Playing Card Boxes With Finest Printing 

    While designing the custom playing card boxes, printing is the creation’s primary and most fascinating aspect. It makes it more pleasant to the eye and encourages customers to purchase. Moreover, It is simple to design on cardboard material. The printed hues are vivid and traditional. On cards, the printed images are clearly highlighted. No color spilling.

    Custom playing card box packaging is therefore required to maintain the ritual game popular and in existence. The different printing methods CBM offers are:

    • Digital printing
    • Offset printing 
    • Screen printing

    Furthermore, we offer many other printing options for custom printed playing card boxes, such as:

    • Foiling 
    • Lamination
    • Coating 
    • Window patches with PVC sheet

    So, choose the printing options according to your budget and liking. 

    Why Should You Go For CBM?

    CustomBoxesMarket strives to satisfy customers’ expectations while staying within their means. We offer free shipping and are available everywhere in the world. We are therefore providing custom playing card boxes at affordable market pricing. 

    Your company’s profit ratio will increase as a result of this. However, we are employing cutting-edge techniques for superior printing. As a result, we make sure never to sacrifice quality. The wholesale custom play card boxes’ best feature is their ability to hold any type of design while protecting the product. 

    These customizable boxes come in handy when delivering a lot of cards. However, characteristics prevent the objects from coming apart. We also provide printing orders and timely dispatch. We provide free shipping with a quick turnaround and playing card box mockups on customers’ demand. 


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