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Do you have custom match box businesses and are looking for any of the best possible solutions to make things a bit better? There are so many matchbox brands out there but the majority of you will be familiar with the real brands.  That’s what you need to be familiar with. Sometimes you compromise on many different aspects of your packaging in the end you will be capable of saving money but to be honest your brand’s image will be zero in the market.  As professionals, we know the best possible solutions for you to let you get that recognition that you are looking for. Now relax and let CBM handle all of this if you really want to light up your lives. We know having custom printed matchboxes wholesale is a kind of old-school way to lighten up the objects, but still, you can make them fascinating enough to seek customers' attention. Note: CBM does not provide scratch pads and matches, our services are limited to the provision of match boxes.

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    Brighten Up Your Brand with Custom Match Boxes

    Many of the custom match boxes sellers are selling these boxes having all of the same parameters which were used more than a decade ago.

    The world is changing now and you also need to adopt new methods for different purposes but CBM will let you have the same reputation with its highly reputable packaging services. Let’s explore how we can get this done for you!

    Tailored to Your Vision

    First, our experts will surely be going to ask about your actual mission and goals you want to be concerned with. Only the expert hand knows how to make the best possible custom match box packaging.

    All of our experts having more than a decade of experience will let you have many different unique ideas to make your business more well-recognised.

    Sparking Brand Awareness

    Customized match boxes are a kind of personal billboard that will do your branding by itself. All of the business people are very familiar with the difference between generic match boxes and custom match boxes and their marketing impact.

    Personalized match boxes wholesale is a perfect marketing tool itself if you groom it in the best possible way. All you need to do is have a well-arranged and catchy brand slogan along with a logo. If you aren’t capable enough to understand, CBM’s team is available 24/7 in your services.

    Versatile and Practical

    As we mentioned before, we will make that simple thing much more interesting for your customers that they will be happy to buy. Your customers can use it while lighting up candles, birthday celebrations, cigarette lighting, and many other different purposes, so you need to make their retail packaging accordingly which will give them a luxurious unboxing experience.

    When guaranteeing that your customers will never be going to take your brand for granted, because of its royal class user experience.

    Exceptional Quality

    Quality over quantity, We hope all of you are familiar with this phrase. We always choose quality over quantity because we know quality sustains for a long time in the market as compared to the rest of the quantity products.

    We have multiple material options so you can choose any of them accordingly. But as your well wishers, we will always suggest you go for the best quality material and that’s the secret behind every successful business.

    Eco-Friendly Options

    As we have mentioned before we are the packaging experts which is why we are familiar with the majority of your customers and their demands that what they need.

    Now the trends are changing and many of your customers will demand echo-friendly match boxes because of their environment-caring nature. And that’s the basic rule of business: You need to cover all types of customers to justify yourself as a brand. Now we have our point about how CBM is the perfect packaging solution for you having in-depth knowledge.


    Another interesting thing which we are offering to our customers is budget-friendly packaging solutions. Whenever any of you go for any packaging solution, budget is your top priority that is how you can save as much as you can without compromising quality.

    We can assure you that all of our customized match boxes will be perfect according to your budget without compromising your business standards.

    Quick Turnaround

    As we have mentioned before all of the things will done according to your choice. When something new is in the market then generating revenue will be like a piece of cake for you.

    Which will give a quick turnaround, become a support to your business and ultimately let you achieve your goals.

    Unforgettable Impressions

    A brand always wants to provide such a well-presentable kind of packaging solution to get impressions. We always suggest you go for the best quality packaging solution which will let your customers get an unforgettable unboxing experience and will be useful and preferable while choosing onward.

    Exceptional Customer Support

    All of you want to save your time by talking with professionals who will provide the perfect packaging solution in an understandable way. Our customer support team is always there for you 24/7 to guide you and choose any of your dream designs, styles, and the rest of the add-ons to make it perfect. Along with all of this process if you have any of your dream boxes you can share all of your ideas and plans with our team to get the best possible results.

    They will prepare a sample on the given instructions for you so you can choose accordingly.

    Why only CBM 

    Now many of you will be thinking about why you people need to choose CBM. Yes, you are right there so many other custom packaging boxes solutions are available outside so why do you need to be here?

    As we have already explained you always need to have an overview of the track record of any company and ours is clearly visible to all of you. Another interesting thing is that you can order as many boxes as you want because we are providing all of our packaging solutions wholesale.

    That’s why there are certain things that you need to be familiar with. Minimum 100 boxes You can order not less than this and if we talk about maximum numbers there isn’t any limit.

    Order with Confidence

    We hope after this kind of detailed conversation things will be easy to choose custom match boxes. And still, if you have any confusion, questions, or queries you can simply call us or text us to get professional guidance. Let’s change the game.


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    Todd Kinney
    Jun 13, 2023
     by Todd Kinney
    Best quality material

    Well done CBM! You guys have the best quality material for custom match boxes that have made it possible for us to keep our matches safe.

    Pansy Miller
    Oct 13, 2022
     by Pansy Miller
    Highly satisfied

    Highly satisfied with the custom match boxes by CBM. The quality, shape, and size all are perfect. Thumbs up guys!

    Todd Kinney

    June 13, 2023

    Well done CBM! You guys have the best quality material for custom match boxes that have made it possible for us to keep our matches safe.

    Pansy Miller

    October 13, 2022

    Highly satisfied with the custom match boxes by CBM. The quality, shape, and size all are perfect. Thumbs up guys!

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