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Are you in trouble and looking for a reliable solution to rescue your company? You might have experienced a wide range of Custom Handle Boxes that are very convenient and easy to carry product packaging.  These boxes are used for packaging different products like foods, electronics, and garment products. The handle feature on the top of the packaging box upscales the brand image in the retail market. Cardboard handle boxes are easily customizable into any shape, design, size, and color printing. That’s why you can have a variety of customized printing options on it. These boxes can be tailored according to your needs.  At CustomBoxesMarket, we provide budget-friendly and top-class custom handle packaging boxes according to our client’s demands. Order now to be exceptional!   

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    Custom Handle Boxes | Wholesale Packaging

    As business people all of you will be familiar that it’s really bad if your customers are feeling irritated while caring about all of the products. Custom Handle Boxes are a perfect way to help customers carry the products and take them to their doorstep with full security and ease. These custom boxes are made with high-quality packaging materials that not only protect the products but also attract customers and help them in carrying the products with ease.

    The wholesale handle boxes are highly used in the gift industry. You can customize these product box with handle as per your desired design ideas.

    Custom boxes with handles can play a vital role in grabbing customers’ eyes to the product with creative box designs. Customizable handle boxes are a suitable packaging option for retail brands.

    Designing Custom Handle Packaging Boxes

    You can create efficient wholesale handle packaging boxes according to your specific design preferences and product nature. Our experts at CBM, design professional packaging boxes with handle features to help customers carry the product to their destinations with ease.

    Here are some key factors that create the perfect packaging for custom handle packaging boxes:

    Suitable Material For Handle Boxes

    These packaging containers are manufactured with highly durable packaging material to ensure product safety. Kraft and cardboard materials are highly used stocks for producing custom product packaging. Cardstock is not only a cost-efficient option for retail brands but also an eco-friendly, easily customizable, and lightweight material.

    Furthermore, you can add protective finishes on the wholesale handle boxes to keep the products safe from harmful environmental factors such as sunshine, moisture, and extensive temperature. You can use different printing with luxury embellishment on the handle box packaging to attract your target customer base to your brand.

    Striking Printed Designs On Handle Box Packaging

    Using catchy designs on custom handle boxes can impact customers buying decisions. You can choose any box design to use on uniquely printed handle packaging boxes. We offer lucrative packaging solutions to our clients according to their wished design and detail printing. Furthermore, you can print different details about your product/brand on the handles to make your custom boxes unique from others.

    Moreover, you can use any color design on wholesale packaging or custom handle packaging matching your overall brand theme. The handle packaging with the logo of the brand can influence your market recognition and sales improvement.

    They set your products apart from other brands in the competition. In addition, to make handle boxes unique from the rest, you can add different finishes to your packaging bags or boxes. These finishes include:

    Add-Ons And Finishes On Your Handle Packaging Boxes

    Packaging box finishes can play an essential role in making your product look striking to others and attract buyers. Finishes and add-ons add value to your product boxes with handle features. For cosmetics, bakery, and gift products these are a perfect fit for your company.

    As you know that there is a wide variety of products that can be customized with different embellishments. The plastic handles, leather handles, macrame handles, leather handles, and ribbon handles can make your products look more captivating.

    Though you can finish your product boxes with handle according to your specific packaging requirements. In addition, you can add different add-ons to your handle box packaging to differentiate your products from others. For instance, with the window feature, you allow onlookers to see the original product inside the box.

    Custom Printed Handle Boxes play an essential role to make your brand look different from your rivals in the retail marketplace. With their help, you can increase your customers and strengthen your brand value and promotion. Custom Boxes Market provides professional packaging for custom handle boxes with the window display feature.

    Why Your Brands Need Custom Handle Boxes?


    handle Boxes This children’s steam set handle box is made with corrugated material and has a handle made of plastic. The briefcase-shaped handle box is designed with neon shades considering the target audience i.e. the children.



    Custom-handle-boxes-wholesaleThis box sample is made with cardboard material with a mailer style and a plastic handle to give unparalleled protection to the packed items. The matt finish and the relevant artwork make the boxes peerless in appearance.



    Custom Handle BoxesThis sample is for Millz Karta which gives a seamless look to all the leather products of our clients. The boxes come with nylon handles for customers’ feasibility and the matt finish gives a subtle and elegant look



    Handle Boxes WholesaleWe have used a matt finish and minimum typography on this box to highlight the logo of Clover. For the protection of bags and accessories, we have used rigid material. The fabric straps of the boxes are designed with the company’s name for the best branding experience.



    Handle Boxes This box is made with cardboard material with a gable-style handle and a die-cut window. The window is inserted to give an elegant presentation to Yope beverages.




    Handle Cardboard BoxesThis box is designed for our client Aldo. The box shape is selected considering the packed items i.e. shoes and for greater convenience the strings are attached at the top end of the box.




    Handle Packaging This box is a perfect blend of luxuriousness and elegance for the Plato Woodwork sample kit. For a professional appearance, black nylon handles are used on the boxes. The artwork is added with the process of Spot UV and gloss finishing is used to give a premium look.


    Medical Packaging Box with HandleThis custom medical handle box has a minimalist design that is further enhanced by gloss lamination. The box has a die-cut opening to make room for plastic handles and for enhanced protection, this box contains a magnetic opening.







    There is a wide variety of products in the competitive retail market. Every product has its own value and packaging needs. The handle feature on the top of the box helps consumers carry the product to their homes. Furthermore, these boxes are easy to customize as per your specific design idea. The professional design and printing on the box help in your product promotion and sales improvement.

    Consequently, that way you can compete with your rival brands with full confidence. In short, using these boxes is a perfect way to your successful branding in the retail marketplace. Our experienced packaging designers create catchy product packaging with handles that make your products stand out in the market. Furthermore, this factor helps customers take your company as a customer’s caring brand that satisfies its customers.

    Why Choose Us For Your Packaging Solutions

    We are one of the top-notch suppliers in the USA packaging market. Our company has a big number of loyal clients who like our product packaging services. Our expert packaging specialist produces top-quality custom cardboard boxes with handles that protect the products and attract customers with catchy theme designs. They are easy to carry and convenient to use for buyers.

    Moreover, we offer brands free-of-cost custom design service, fast shipping in the USA with fast turnaround time (6 to 8 working days), and no die and plate charges. In addition, our wholesale handle boxes’ charges are economical for new to renowned retail brands.

    We are committed to using sustainable materials to create handle boxes that don’t negatively impact the environment. These key service features of our packaging company urge brands to prefer our packaging services over others.

    Place Your Order Now!

    Custom handle boxes are the perfect option for your brand to attract more buyers to your brand. If you need professional and top-class packaging for your products – Custom Boxes Market is the best platform for you in this regard.

    Furthermore, if you have your own packing design ideas, you can share them with us. Our experienced professional designers will transform your dream design into reality. Get unique packaging for your cardboard handle boxes and distinguish your products from other companies products.

    So, what are you waiting for? Place a custom order now to get unique custom handle boxes according to your particular requirements. Grow your business in the highly competitive market with premium quality handle box packaging solutions with CBM.


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    Cole Anderson
    Sep 14, 2023
     by Cole Anderson
    Perfect Box

    Perfect Box with a handle. Easy to assemble. Great suggestion !

    Aug 27, 2023
     by Carol

    We used these gift card boxes.They were very good quality. They were perfect and easy to carry.

    John Britt
    Apr 3, 2023
     by John Britt
    perfect solution

    I found the perfect solution for my gift shop by placing orders for custom gift bags at CBM. The enticing designs of the bags and the perfect style give a peerless look to the packed products.

    Justin T. Smith
    Jun 11, 2022
     by Justin T. Smith
    my packaging partner

    Got my first order of custom gift bags from CBM and I am spellbound by the quality of their bags. They have made my gift bags a perfect branding tool. I got an economical marketing device by selecting CBM as my packaging partner.

    Cole Anderson

    September 14, 2023

    Perfect Box with a handle. Easy to assemble. Great suggestion !


    August 27, 2023

    We used these gift card boxes.They were very good quality. They were perfect and easy to carry.

    John Britt

    April 3, 2023

    I found the perfect solution for my gift shop by placing orders for custom gift bags at CBM. The enticing designs of the bags and the perfect style give a peerless look to the packed products.

    Justin T. Smith

    June 11, 2022

    Got my first order of custom gift bags from CBM and I am spellbound by the quality of their bags. They have made my gift bags a perfect branding tool. I got an economical marketing device by selecting CBM as my packaging partner.

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    Custom handle boxes provides easiness to your customers to carry your products and can take them wherever they want. 

    Yes you can have logos and rest of the required company info to make them look more engaging to your customers. 

    Because it’s very easy to hold custom handle boxes and to carry any of the concerned object. That’s how it looks more convenient for your customers to have these boxes.

    Nothing is specific you can have any of your required deigns suitable to your business. 

    CBM is providing custom handle boxes in bulk at the wholesale rates, so yes you can have handle boxes in bulk. 

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