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CustomBoxesMarket is proud to offer the most affordable and stylish custom paper boxes. Established to serve customers with quality manufacturing, our team has earned the highest reputation due to attention to detail, high-end responsiveness, and timely deliveries. Our proven record of complete client satisfaction enables us to add more value to their brands by providing them with effective packaging solutions. The paper box is the best for securely packaging products in a hygienic and durable way. The boxes are standard with a touch of elegance. Our proper boxes are available at top-quality and cost-effective prices for this unique purpose. The materials used in manufacturing are recyclable and eco-friendly.Being the most reliable packaging company, we aim to surpass your demanding expectations and build a healthy corporate relationship. Let us enhance the value of your product, not by doing any magic, but by packing it into a suitable box!

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    Custom Paper Boxes Wholesale Packaging Suppliers

    CustomBoxesMarket provides the most suitable packaging boxes and aim to be recognized as the best packaging company in the USA. We use the most widely used packaging material, paper, to manufacture hygienic, long-lasting, and effective boxes. 

    All our customers have been amazed by the advanced characteristics of our paper packaging. Despite its thinness and lightness, it is utilized to create a wide range of packaging solutions, including customizable boxes, kraft boxes, shipping boxes, paper bags, beverage boxes, etc. Because of its low cost, even small businesses can take advantage of it. Another significant benefit is its long-term viability. Unlike other packaging choices, it does not cause trash and is easily recyclable. Custom paper packaging boxes from CBM can be customized in various ways.

    Have your wholesale paper boxes printed in your choice’s shapes, styles, and colors? Custom paper packaging boxes can be printed with the company’s logo, name, photos, and other information. For the printing of packaging products, the importance of durable materials and high-quality inks cannot be overstated. Hence we only use the best stocks and inks. Custom boxes are the most versatile packaging box kind. They are perfect for holding various products due to their ease of handling and endless personalization options. Creating special paper box packaging necessitates a high level of competence. CBM is a reputable company that has been satisfying the packaging needs of a diverse group of consumers worldwide. Thousands of pleased customers have praised us for our commitment to providing outstanding packaging boxes.

    Why Should You Prefer Paper Boxes For Product Packaging?

    Materials like plastic cause many pollution and health hazards in the environment. Due to this reason, CBM has started using paper-based materials to make the environment pollution-free. Moreover, you can design your packaging solutions according to your choices. 

    Here are some reasons which make our Custom Paper Boxes vital for your product packaging, such: 

    • The paper boxes are highly durable, and they provide complete protection for your products from damage. Even during shipping, they supply safety to your products from forces and bumps. So, these lightweight boxes with durable materials maintain the originality of your products.
    • Moreover, these printed paper boxes with customization options give your products a luxurious look. These customizable packaging boxes urge customers to buy your products at first glance. As a result, improve the sales of your branded items in the market and make your brand famous. 
    • Paper packaging can be reused as wrapping paper, fiberboard, and paper sacks, among other things. Plastic bags, unlike paper, can only be recycled into more plastic bags. Furthermore, enhanced paper bags enable the storage of dry items on shelves, preserving both the food and the shelving. Bio-based barrier materials could someday replace plastic in many applications, with large paper bottles designed for fizzy beverages and milk.
    • When you use eco-friendly packaging, it will make the environment pollution-free. Moreover, people will prefer paper board packaging over plastic. So, make the right decision and choose these custom printed paper boxes for your product packaging. As a result, give your branded items prominence. 

    So, you should prefer Custom Paper Boxes for your product packaging for the reasons as mentioned earlier. 

    How We Create Custom Printed Paper Boxes For Your Product Packaging?

    To identify any brand’s capability and worth, you look for the material they use in their production cycle, so material matters the most. We suggest you use a material that does not harm the environment, and for that, we use only eco-friendly materials.

    Material Selection

    Kraft is the most favored biodegradable stock, these wholesale paper boxes are certainly brown in color, but you’ll be able to have any shades you simply want. So, you can give your kraft paper boxes a unique look with the help of various customization options. We can deliver you kraft paper window boxes. 

    Design Selection 

    Sophisticated touches and styles on these custom-printed paper boxes will get you a brand new fantastic image that will help raise your sales without spending unnecessary amounts of cash. We design and manufacture paper box packaging for your products according to your product and brand preferences. 

    Printing Techniques

    You can have the highest quality printing and style outcomes for your Custom Paper Boxes and paper gift boxes wholesale. We at CBM use digital and offset technology, equipment, and methods with specialty ink to print & design on your customized kraft paper box.

    Moreover, you can select foilings, coatings, and laminations for printed paper boxes. The different coating options are spot UV, gloss, and matte lamination. So, make your products able to shine through these coating feature packaging boxes. 

    Our expert graphic designers are highly professional in the industry. You simply must provide:

    • Your company logo.
    • Brand information.
    • Your slug line.
    • Any instructions you would like to print?
    • Any of your preferred designs.

    Our creative graphic designers will create different models for you to own a choice.

    Let’s see which products you can pack in these custom packaging paper boxes. 

    Which Products Can You Pack In These Paper Packaging Boxes?

    You can pack different products in these custom paper packaging boxes. They are highly durable, and they provide complete safety to your products. Let’s dig into the information about what kind of products you can pack with these paper boxes for different product packaging. 

    Snack Packaging 

    Because the snack food industry is continually expanding, new snacks are developed daily. Snack packaging is an excellent way to differentiate yourself from the competition. Custom Paper Boxes are perfect for snacks such as crackers, biscuits, cookies, muffins, brownies, and other dry foods packaging. 

    Food Packaging 

    If you carry your own food, you must adhere to specific guidelines. For preserving food, our custom paper bags are both safe and hygienic. You can pack tea, coffee, spices, sugar, and other edibles in CBM paper packaging.

    Sweet Food Packaging 

    Without sweets, life would be inconceivable. People buy candy not only for themselves but also to give as gifts to their loved ones. CBM provides the option of customizing paper bags. Your chocolate, candy, cupcakes, and other sweets will be even more popular if they come in attractive packaging.

    Pet Food Packaging 

    In recent years, the pet food market has become very popular. Only moist food in tins was available in the past. There are a variety of snacks, cookies, and other dry pet foods on the market these days, all of which require special packaging to stay crisp and fresh. CBM paper packaging boxes can pack various dry pet foods, including dog treats, cat cookies, and even bird feeds.

    Food Box Packaging 

    Food packaging is critical for extending the shelf life and preserving the flavor of meals. The inside of paper packaging is coated with foil, which keeps the contents fresh like glass, plastic, or other packaging. Paper packaging boxes from CBM are great for storing flour, yeast, pasta, seeds, cereals, oats, sugar, and other items.

    Branded Items Packaging 

    According to studies, using promotional packaging to promote and disseminate a brand is just as effective as using other forms of advertising. To upgrade your product or brand, use customizable paper packaging bags. 

    Gift Packaging

    For gift wrapping, paper boxes are ubiquitous. Why not wrap your item in gift paper at the same time? Custom Paper Boxes are a unique and inexpensive way to wrap gifts such as soaps, candles, hot plates, bath pearls, and other little items.

    So, choose CustomBoxesMarket for any product packaging with wholesale paper packaging boxes.

    Why Should You Choose CBM For Product Packaging?

    You might wonder why to decide on CBM out of several other companies. Well, the primary reason is its environment-friendly packaging. We care about making the environment during which we breathe a healthy place to breed for all. For this reason, our Custom Paper Boxes and paper box packaging mainly contain paper which affects the environment more minutely than plastic packaging. 

    Another advantage to relinquishing an opportunity to our company is that we define your products through our brilliant packaging team. Kraft paper box packaging is seemingly the primary thing that attracts or distracts the eye of the customer. Designing your product in custom paper packaging boxes can help increase its marketing rate, making it a widely known brand in a brief period. Why stress about all this when CBM is here to arrange all this? We gather all the good designs, ideas, and colors that represent your products fully and magnificently. So, choose us for wholesale paper boxes and effectively promote your brand in the market.



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