Top 10 Interesting Facts About Custom Printed Boxes

Custom Printed Boxes help brands reach out to their target customers, attract them and influence their purchase behavior. Grow with printed box packaging.

Custom printed boxes can be more expensive to produce for brands due to their complex production procedures. But they are essential to make with striking colors and additional add-on features to protect the products from environmental factors and entice the customers. People love the uniqueness, and you can customize your cardboard boxes with catchy printed designs to attract your target clientele. Moreover, you can make innovative and catchy packaging of custom printed boxes for your products according to your design taste.

Interesting Facts About Custom Printed Boxes

Do you know the reasons why custom packaging is important for a brand? The answer is that it can differentiate a product from the competition and convey a premium image in the retail market.

What Is Custom Printed Packaging?

Custom boxes are product boxes made according to brands' specific needs instead of pre-made boxes. Custom packaging differentiates a product from the competition and makes your branded products unique in the retail market. In contrast, custom printed packaging boxes are those customized boxes that are printed according to the company's design ideas. These boxes' printing comes with company logos and other essential details that make them striking for onlookers.

Here are the top 10 interesting facts about the packaging of custom printed boxes that can impact your company's growth and product promotion:

Why Do Brands Need Custom Printed Boxes?

Custom box printing is incomplete without logo printing. A logo is the facet of a company that helps in boosting brand awareness in the market. The custom boxes with logo printing; make it easy for customers to find a specific company's products in the shopping centers. The custom printed packaging boxes with logos and essential product details educate customers about the nature of the product and its perfect usage.

Furthermore, with product boxes, you can also print presentation folders, stickers, and labels that are vital for your product/business promotion and brand growth.

These printed details help consumers benefit from them and avoid their side effects.

Custom Printing Of Packaging Boxes - Key Factors:

Custom printing of product boxes can make a brand different from the competition, attract customers, and play an essential role in product protection. These are some advantages of custom boxes with printed detail:

  • You can make your products unique in the crowd of many products of the same kind by other companies in the competition.
  • It is easy for brands to present their product well in retail stores with custom printing boxes that help promote products.
  • The printed product information on customized boxes helps customers decide to purchase. This factor also helps retailers place the items on the shelves correctly.

In addition, here are some key factors that make custom box printing beneficial for both; brands and consumers:

1. Different Printing Techniques

If you choose custom printing on high-quality packaging boxes with suitable materials, you have some options to choose from the different printing techniques depending on your needs. Here are some printing techniques you can choose for your product box printing:

Flexographic Printing:

This type of printing is also called flexo printing. It is a basic and simple printing method for customized printing on boxes. Consequently, flexo printing uses two types of inks: energy curable inks and volatile inks. Flexographic printing is the best for shipping boxes. Furthermore, this is a perfect option for simple box printing without rich graphics and illustrations. It is cheaper than other printing techniques.

Digital / Inkjet Printing:

This printing method is growing rapidly worldwide due to its efficient results. Digital printing is an ideal option for custom packaging for small businesses that need printed boxes in limited quantities. You can print your product boxes even at your offices and homes with a printer with a cartridge. Moreover, it is cost-effective and provides perfect results. In this type of printing, you can print boxes with full colors with a faster printing process. 

Offset Printing:

Offset printing is also known as Offset litho or litho-offset printing. The lithographic printing method was one of the first planographic methods used for surface printing. In contrast, the offset method provides high-resolution printed graphics. It uses the CMYK color scheme, making it perfect for custom printed boxes. In this printing technique, the inked image on the printing plate is printed on a rubber cylinder and then transferred to the material surface.

In addition, there are more printing methods in the packaging industry that you can use considering your products' nature. These printing techniques include rotogravure and silkscreen printing. 

2. Total Cost Of Custom Boxes Printing

If you need to add only one color to your packaging box, it may only increase the cost by 10% of the total packaging expenses. On the other hand, with the addition of more colors, you have to invest more in your custom box printing. Invest your money in your packaging consciously, don't pay for what you do not need.

To learn more about economic packaging boxes, read this blog!

3. Varying Printing Process Time Frame

If you talk about the printing process time frame, you will be astonished to know that custom printing boxes' orders take up to five working days. Complex printing orders can take more time. More time for printing goes to striking images and logo printing with additional embellishments and artworks after the basic printing of product boxes.

4. Luxury Printing On Gift Product Boxes

Custom printed boxes are the perfect option for making gift boxes for different products considering the theme of various events and occasions such as Christmas, Halloween, and New Year. Customization of printed boxes for gift items can make recipients happy with the products. This factor is key in making the gift-sharing experience memorable for people and effectively represents emotions. You can customize your printing on gift boxes according to your preferences.

You can use printing add-on features and artworks to wrap your gift products. Bows and ribbons are trendy options to make custom printed gift boxes striking and engaging. In addition, these box printing elements protect the products and make customized packaging boxes unique. Consequently, they also provide an excellent unboxing experience to your target clientele.

5. Perfect Display Promotes Retail Products

You can make these custom printed boxes with logo printing and enticing designs to use for your product presentation in the retail market. Eye-grabbing designs, high-tech printing, and unique styles can make your product striking and attract customers to your branded products.

According to a market survey by Ipsos, 72% of American customers reveal that the design of a product packaging greatly influences their purchase decisions. And nearly 67% of people consider cardboard packaging qualitative and attractive.

In addition, custom printed display boxes can play a vital role in your product promotion and marketing. As a result, you will observe a boost in your sales and business growth in the competitive industry.

6. Shipping Of Printed Boxes - Suitable Material

Are you looking for printed boxes for shipping purposes? Custom rigid boxes can be a perfect choice if you are shipping a single product. Whereas, if you want to ship your small products with printed packaging boxes in bulk to any destination, then corrugated material is an ideal option for your brand products delivery. They provide a high level of protection to fragile products. Furthermore, if you are running an ecommerce business, then mailer boxes are used for this purpose that are sturdy enough to protect the product and shipped flat. This way, you can reduce your shipping cost more than you think.

7. Eco-Friendly Nature Of Custom Boxes

Custom cardboard boxes are the right option for you if you want to print your product boxes for marketing purposes. These cardboard and Kraft boxes are eco-friendly and non-toxic that don't harm the environment. Though, on Kraft material, printing quality is lower than custom printed cardboard boxes. You can recycle and reuse them for any purpose enjoying sustainable and green packaging.

8. Attractive Customization Of Printed Boxes

You can customize your printed boxes according to your custom design ideas, packaging taste, product nature, and brand needs. Custom printed boxes are easily personalizable from inside as well as outside. Moreover, you can choose any packaging design, style, and color scheme, whichever you like. It is essential to mention that while printing your custom boxes, you consider your target audience's age group, region, and priorities so that you can create printed packaging that can influence customers' buying behavior.

For instance, if your primary customers are children, you can choose striking, shining, and bold colors to attract them. These childish colors include red, yellow, and blue. In short, the more customized printing of packaging boxes is unique and lucrative for buyers, the more sales profit you get from your product.

9. Elegant Embellishments, Add-Ons, And Artworks

Packaging box embellishments on the custom printed wholesale boxes enhance the products' attractiveness and protect them from harming environmental factors. These factors can be dust, moisture, and any scratch that can damage the product if they are not protected well. Here are some major add-ons that can protect the products and make them catchy for onlookers:

  • Hot foil stamping
  • Cold foil stamping
  • Glossy lamination
  • Matte lamination
  • Aqueous Coating
  • Ultraviolet Coating
  • Varnish Coating
  • Spot Gloss UV
  • Soft Touch Coating
  • Anti-scratch lamination
  • Silk/Soft touch Lamination

Addition Add-On Options:

  • Blind Embossing
  • Blind Debossing
  • Registered Embossing
  • Window Patching
  • Inserts and Dividers
  • Bows, Ribbons, Paper Wrap

These are some add-on options for custom printed boxes that can make your product box unique and differentiate them from the rest.

10. Printed Details On Custom Packaging Boxes

The printed information and detail on custom printed box packaging can empower your brand authority. Product and brand details printed on the boxes educate customers about the product specification, the usage method, and the warning to use the product. In addition, this information also includes the brand story, quote, tagline, or message that enhances the brand image in the market. For example, in the case of custom frozen foods boxes, you can print frozen food guidelines to store the products in a refrigerator or freezer at a specific temperature and other critical related details.

These factors show that you are a responsible and customer-caring brand, and finally, you win your target customers' hearts, who like to buy your products confidently.

How To Choose The Right Printed Boxes Supplier?

Choosing the right packaging company is vital for brands' printed packaging solutions. Always select a company that is reliable, trustworthy, authoritative, and has good client feedback. Best packaging companies provide the hi-tech printing of custom boxes that can attract your target customers to your products and enhance your brand's values in the market. CustomBoxesMarket is one of the top-quality custom printed boxes wholesale packaging suppliers based in the USA.

You can learn more about choosing the right custom packaging supplier company for your enterprise.

Wrapping Up The Blog:

In this article, I mentioned key factors about custom printed boxes that can make your brand successful in the market and increase your sales margin in a short time. If you want to create custom boxes with lucrative and eye-grabbing printing, then don't look anywhere. CustomBoxesMarket is here to help your brand produce perfect custom boxes with logo printing and remarkable embellishments at a competitive cost. To get instant packaging quotes from our company representatives, Click here!

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