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French fry boxes are a bit different from other types of packaging as these boxes do not have any lids. The shape of these boxes allows restaurants to keep their product fresh and convent for consumption. CBM manufactures these boxes with multiple types of material so that companies can get the most appropriate option for themselves. Whether you need entirely eco-friendly packaging or you are looking for something vibrant just give us a call and we will serve you accordingly.We have high-tech printing options with which we give the most pleasing design to your boxes for french fries. Apart from this, we have numerous options for add-ons so that you can get the most exquisite and unmatchable designs for your product. CBM has more than a decade of experience in manufacturing custom boxes therefore we confidently claim that you will get the ideal solution for all your packaging needs from us.

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    French Fry Boxes: Keep Your Food Hygenic And Presentable 

    Are you looking for some kind of attractive packaging to pack your french fries? Is your company unable to get multifacet packaging that can protect your product and promote your brand? If your answer is yes then your solution lies in the use of CBM’s french fry boxes.

    We are providing food-grade boxes to pack French fries that will keep the crispness and freshness of the fries intact. We have a huge variety of customization facilities with which you can get the most peerless and unique design for your french fries.

    Get custom french fry boxes with the most eye-catching printing that can increase the value of your product manifold. We provide 24-hour service to our clients so that they can get rapid and accurate information from us and start diversely packing their products.

    CBM And Quality Assurance 

    We are a team of determined people who have more than a decade of experience in the manufacturing of custom boxes. We assure product quality by using the expertise of our team and with the use of premium quality materials.

    You can get french fry boxes wholesale from us in the most enticing designs that can help you increase the market value of your product. Furthermore, our team remains in contact with your company so that the resultant product will be error-free.

    Material That We Use For French Fries Boxes 

    The selection of packaging material is the most important step for any kind of packaging. Nonetheless when it comes to food packaging the material must be high-quality, non-toxic, and economical. After placing your order at CBM you can get all these qualities in your packaging. For personalized french fry boxes we are using the following two types of material:

    • Kraft 

    Kraft is the most popular material that is used in the manufacturing of food boxes and bags. We have a huge variety of kraft paper thickens, you can select any of them according to your need and budget. The qualities of kraft that make it an ideal choice for French fries boxes are that it is eco-friendly and non-toxic. Apart from this kraft material has a natural brown color which can be used without printing.

    • Cardstock 

    The second most commonly used material is cardstock. This material is also sustainable and food-grade. However, it is available in different types such as solid bleach sulfate, textured cardboard, cardboard of variable thicknesses, etc. You can contact us or fill out a quote to ask what material will be suitable for your french fry packaging.

    Get The Most High-Quality Printings 

    If you are looking for a custom packaging option then definitely you want to make your product different from other brands. And the best thing to make a packaging different is the high-quality printing. With the printings, you can create lovely designs on the boxes. Not only this you can also promote your brand by opting for custom french fry boxes wholesale with logo.

    With the advanced printing facilities, we make sure that your boxes become entirely different from other brands. Our designers will perfectly align the designs, logo, and typography on the boxes so that your product packaging becomes one of a kind. We use the following printing processes:

    • Digital Printing:

    Digital printing is the fastest, easiest, and economical method of printing. In this method, digitized images are directly printed to a variety of media (and in this case to paper).

    • Offset Lithography 

    Offset printing is also the fastest way to print the boxes. This method gives a constant design with the most vibrant colors and defined artwork. As machines are used in this method it requires minimum time to print french fries box.

    • Screen Printing 

    This printing is a manual process however gives accurate designs. In screen printing sheets of different colors are used to print the design. This method is not suitable for intricate designs. But for simple designs, you can select this method.

    Multiple Options For Box Customization 

    CBM has a huge option of box customization. We give the most attractive design to the customers using our customization options. Apart from a huge variety of materials and printing, we are giving several types of add-ons and box coatings for french fry boxes such as:

    • Embossing: Get a raised impression on the boxes for your logo, typography, and artwork.
    • Debossing: It is the opposite of embossing where a depressed impression is generated of artwork or typography.
    • Gloss Coating: If you want a shiny surface for your boxes then gloss coating is the best. It has two types, namely: gloss lamination and gloss varnishes.
    • Matt Coating: These coatings give a velvety appearance to the boxes. Like gloss coatings, matt coating also has two types e.g. varnishes and lamination.
    • Spot UV: If you want a raised glossy effect on your custom french fry boxes then spot UV is for you. In this, we use UV radiation to cure the transparent varnish on the boxes which gives a premium look.
    • Hot Stamping: In this method, we use metallic film and apply it to the boxes. With the combination of heat and pressure, these pigmented foils are added to decorate the boxes in a premium way.
    • Silk Screen: In this method, we use a mesh to transfer ink on the paper. This method gives the perfect design irrespective of the intricacy of the artwork.

    Additional Services

    CBM is the name of reliability where we give all-inclusive services to the customer so that they can make their food product presentable and keep them hygienic. In addition to the above-mentioned facilities we are offering:

    • We provide wholesale options to the customers
    • Our design facility is entirely free
    • We give free delivery to North America
    • Our customer care service is available 24/7
    • Our minimum order requirement is very low which is just 100 pieces
    • Our turnout rate is just 6-8 business days

    So place your order today at CBM and get the most appropriate packaging for your French fries.


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