Smart Guide To Create Custom Retail Boxes (2022-23)

Do you know how brands grow their product sales in the competitive retail market? The customized packaging of retail products makes them lucrative for buyers. Many companies have earned popularity in the market with their professional packaging solutions. In short, custom retail boxes play a crucial role in the promotion of retail items and business growth.

There are over a million retail brands in the USA. It is enough to understand how important custom retail packaging is for US brands. Moreover, the Custom packaging of retail products is essential for brands to compete with their rivals.

NRF (National Retail Federation) forecasts that retail products’ sales will reach nearly $5 trillion in 2022. Customers make buying decisions considering the products' retail display and presentation on the shelves. Beautiful and unique retail packaging attracts buyers to the branded products and helps brands achieve sales goals in a short time.

Custom retail packaging is not rocket science if it is carried out well with the help of experienced retail product packaging suppliers. CustomBoxesMarket is your best packaging partner that creates custom retail boxes wholesale according to your desires and makes your products shine in the competitive retail market.

What Is Custom Retail Packaging?

Retail packaging is what consumers notice before they purchase. Custom retail boxes are for packaging everyday-use items with a printed brand logo, brand story, and images, outside and inside. These custom printed boxes distinguish the products from others in the same store and attract customers in the right way. To know more facts about printed retail box packaging, go through this blog.

Furthermore, for e-commerce businesses, smart box customization is vital that enhancing customers' loyalty to the brand.

Why Are Custom Retail Boxes Vital For Brands

Custom printed retail boxes are a promotional key to your products that not only protect the products in the packaging box but also help in brand promotion in the competitive market. You can customize your retail product boxes with attractive packaging designs, striking colors, and suitable embellishments. These factors can make your products lucrative for buyers that will get influenced by your unique product retail packaging boxes.

What Are Different Types Of Retail Packaging Boxes

In the open market, we see a lot of products in retail stores. Every product has its specific use and is packed in a particular style box which we can call custom made retail boxes. These customized boxes can package cosmetics, food items, CBD products, ornaments, pharmaceuticals, apparel, households, electronics, and gift products. Some of the custom retail product boxes types are with industry classification:

Pharmaceuticals Boxes

  • Bandage Box Packaging
  • Custom Medicine Boxes
  • Custom Masks Boxes
  • Custom Research Diagnostic Boxes

Seasonal Gift Boxes

  • Custom Candle Boxes
  • Custom Jar Candle Boxes
  • Custom Christmas Boxes
  • Custom Halloween Boxes
  • Custom Souvenir Boxes

Food Packaging Boxes

Customized CBD Boxes

  • Custom Vape Cartridge Boxes
  • Cannabis Chocolate Boxes
  • Custom Cigar Boxes
  • Custom Cigarette Boxes
  • Custom E-Liquid Boxes
  • CBD Chocolate Boxes

Promotional & Display Boxes

  • Custom Advertising Packaging
  • Business Card Boxes
  • Custom Mug Boxes

Apparels Packaging

  • Custom Apparel Boxes
  • Custom Shirt Boxes
  • Custom Socks Boxes
  • Custom Shoe Boxes
  • Custom Hat Boxes
  • Custom Wristwatch Boxes

Sport Product Boxes

  • Custom Sports Boxes
  • Custom Playing Card Boxes
  • Custom Golf Boxes
  • Custom Glove Boxes

Toys and Household Boxes

  • Custom Toy Boxes
  • Ping Pong Ball Packaging
  • Custom Electronics Boxes
  • Custom Tissue Packaging Boxes

Different Styled Boxes

  • Custom Cube Boxes
  • Custom Pyramid Boxes
  • Custom Goodie Bag
  • Custom Suitcase Boxes
  • Custom Archive Boxes
  • Custom Book Boxes
  • Custom Carrier Bag Full

Most of these customized retail boxes are made with cardboard material, which is a highly popular paper stock in the packaging industry.

Let us discuss how to create professional custom retail packaging boxes for your company's products!

Provide Good User Experience To The Consumers

Custom packaging boxes for retail products can provide users with a good user experience if they are personalized creatively and uniquely. The custom made retail boxes can:

  • Protect products during delivery and on the shelves
  • Tell and brand story to the target customers
  • Provide essential details about the products
  • Help customers understand the product standard
  • Make your products unique in the retail market
  • Protect the planet from waste and pollution
  • Win gift recipients' hearts when shared with others

The perfect packaging of your products in an efficient and handy way provides your target clientele with a happy user experience that makes your products trendy among your competitors.

Suitable And Sustainable Packaging Material

The right choice of material for large and small retail packaging is essential for manufacturers. Different materials are used for products of different natures. For instance, if the product is a delicate, luxurious, or expensive gift, then you need sturdy packaging boxes made with top-quality and protective materials like rigid boxes.

Rigid Material

This material is robust enough to secure the products from outside damage and can be personalized with different styles, designs, color printing, and embellishments that make them attractive to onlookers. In short, rigid material is the perfect choice for custom printed retail boxes for brands seeking suitable solutions for their products' packaging. However, it costs a bit more than cardboard, Kraft, and corrugated materials.

Cardboard Boxes

For standard retail items, cardboard material is a perfect choice which also allows extensive options to customize the retail packaging boxes. That is paper-based stock and has a white color. You can assemble, disassemble, and fold it easily. Due to being a paper stock, it is an eco-friendly, sustainable, and lightweight material that doesn't add pollutant waste to the environment. Furthermore, it does not require heavy investment, and you can get them at an economical and affordable cost with the necessary customization of retail boxes.

Kraft Paper Boxes

Kraft is another paper-based material that is also a green solution to product packaging. It is lightweight, eco-friendly packaging, biodegradable, and recyclable like cardboard, but it has less color printing than cardboard material. It is a cheap and cost-effective packaging option for custom retail boxes wholesale product packaging for all brands.

Corrugated Shipping Boxes

Product shipping needs sturdy and durable packaging to protect the products during transit. The more your packaging is sturdy, the more chances are of your safe product delivery. For shipping products, corrugated material is used, also known as corrugated fiberboard. This packaging material is made with cellulose fibers, virgin or recycled from used corrugated cardboard or other materials.

Moreover, corrugated cardboard has three fiberboard layers; two liners (liner-boards) and a flute. These flutes are attracted to these two liners with an adhesive applied on the top of the flutes. You can increase these packaging boxes' strength levels by considering the product types and shipping your products to your target destinations with full security. Whereas, for flat product shipping, custom mailer boxes are used in the e-commerce industry.

Mailers For E-Commerce Shipping

Do you know what the difference is between shipping boxes and mailer boxes? Mailers use less glue and paper in retail shipping boxes. The mailer box is a more sustainable and protective option for flat shipping for e-commerce businesses. Moreover, these product boxes don't have multiple layers like corrugated boxes. They have just one layer of paperboard. These boxes are a suitable choice for small retail products and gift items delivered to any distance.

For cosmetics, electronics, and jewelry products, mailer box packaging is the perfect solution for manufacturers. CustomBoxesMarket provides top-quality custom mailer boxes with essential details making your brand shine in the e-commerce market.

Branded Retail Gift Boxes

Custom-designed gift boxes provide a happy experience to your gift buyers and recipients. Eye-catching and custom gift boxes provide the recipients with a memorable experience with the product. During designing the gift packaging boxes, consider the specific theme of the particular event to make your products outstanding on the retail products shelves. Furthermore, you can print them with some interesting and catchy quotes considering the event's specific theme.

Make Customizable Packaging Of Retail Boxes

Custom retail packaging fits all of your products, whether they are small or large size. Considering the product's nature, you can easily customize them in your desired designs, sizes, printing, styles, and embellishments. Use sturdy packaging boxes for fragile products with extensive protection levels. In short, your brand has limitless opportunities to choose the right option for your retail product box customization.

However, it is important to take in mind that always use minimalistic packaging designs and not over-design them. Customers ignore those retail boxes that are over-designed in the open market.

Free Tip : if you don't know much about package designing, do not worry, you can hire an experienced custom retail boxes wholesale producer company.

Are you confused about designing custom packaging for retail product boxes? Don't worry, after reading this blog; you will feel it easier. Here are key steps that will help you to create top-notch quality boxes for your retail product packaging:

Step 1: Measure Your Product Size Consciously

First of all, you need to take the right dimensions of your packaging boxes' height, length, and width. After this, choose the perfectly suitable product box inserts if you need to store multiple small products in the same box.

Step 2: Choose The Right Custom Box Style And Shape

Choosing the right product box shape and size is important considering the product specifications. Custom retail box packaging shapes include rectangular, square, triangular, oval, round, pentagon, and hexagon. Consequently, every product needs different box shapes due to their various natures. The perfect choice of these elements will ensure your products' safety as well as make your products unique and professional-looking in the competition. Some of the prominent retail boxes styles are:

  • Custom Sleeve Boxes
  • Custom Retail Display Boxes
  • Custom Retail Boxes With Handles
  • Custom Gable Boxes

These box styles are highly popular for retail packaging supplies in the competitive retail market. Custom retail box packaging with lucrative display designs can attract potential customers to the product and help get a big sales profit. Whereas handles help consumers carry the products from one place to another without any hurdle or inconvenience. This factor provides customers with a good user experience, and they prefer buying products from the same brand.

Step 3: Use Trendy Box Designs For Retail Packaging

Many brands are growing at a fast pace in the highly competitive retail industry. Have you ever considered how some branded products get huge popularity among customers? The answer is that they run with the market trends and choose trendy designs for their retail packaging boxes.

Moreover, people always look for something new, unique, innovative, and different. They get bored with the simple product boxes and don't like bogus and traditional packaging with older color schemes, packing styles, and printed details. So, if you want to beat your competitors, then trendy retail box packaging can help you; in this regard.

Step 4: Professional Appearance Of Retail Boxes

In brick-and-mortar stores, customers typically do not open product boxes. In this condition, you can make the packaging boxes lucrative with essential details to attract your customers to your products. You can customize them with the right color combinations, font style, font size, images, and others printed details. These details can include:

  • Brand/products introductory content
  • Company social media profile links
  • Instructions about using the product
  • Printed logo on custom boxes and taglines
  • Promotional/discount content
  • Product image with illustrations
  • Edible items' ingredients detail on food boxes
  • Storage guidelines for consumers
  • An attractive story or joke

When it comes to e-commerce retail product packaging, you can print just a few things on your product boxes, like a brand logo, themed color combinations on fonts and illustrations, and a short quote or message.

Step 5: Add Smart Color Choice Considering Your Audience

Color choice is essential for brands to attract their target customers to their brands. You can do a brief research about the psychological impact of colors on different types of customers. For instance, males, females, children, and older ones are attracted to different colors when buying products. This factor can influence a brand's product sales profit.

Step 6: 3D Proof Box Design Making In A Real-Time

In the last step, it is time to finalize your custom retail boxes wholesale packaging and make a mockup design to analyze the box production results. For this purpose, you can choose your desired custom box styles and dimensions and create a 3D proof of your customized retail product box in real time. In addition, you can choose all the custom design options according to your preferences.

Step 7: Finalize And Order Custom Retail Boxes

Before finalizing the box design, double-check it and analyze it yourself like a pro. When you think everything is good according to your needs, you can send it to us, and our expert packaging designers will start working on your custom boxes for retail products. They will make your custom printed retail boxes unique and attractive for your customers, which will influence their product buying behavior. Finally, your brand will grow in the competitive market in a shorter time than other brands in the retail industry.

Attractive Printed Display Boxes For Retail Items

Custom retail display boxes are created to promote the products in the competitive market. By printing your brand logo with other essential details and taglines, you can make your product boxes lucrative and eye-grabbing for your target customer base. The logo is a facet of the brand that is printed on the front of the box and represents the brand as a whole.

Consequently, in other words, the printing of brand logos can make your product boxes unique and recognizable to your customers, that will find your products in the crowd of many other brands. So, customize your retail display packaging boxes with promotional content to advertise your products in the market and get ready to observe a remarkable and positive response from your audience.

Striking Retail Packaging With Add-On Features

You can use different embellishments, and additional add-on features on your custom made retail boxes to differentiate your products from the rest. These options can make your products lucrative and unique from the competition. Some of the highly used add-ons features are:

  • Spot UV coating
  • Aqueous coating
  • Soft-touch lamination
  • Glossy lamination
  • Matte lamination
  • Blind Embossing
  • Blind Debossing
  • Foil stamping
  • Food-grade coating (for eatables)

These options not only increase the shelf life of the products but also make them lucrative and protect them from environmental factors (like moisture, dust, extensive heat, and sharp light) and potential damages during transit. In addition, custom retail boxes wholesale with high-grade add-ons entice customers and urge them to buy the products. Furthermore, these features are typically used for gift packaging with rigid boxes like custom retail jewelry boxes and souvenir boxes.

In addition, window die-cut, window patching, handles, and inserts are other additional features that transform custom retail boxes into easy-to-use, unique, and professional packaging for consumers.

Some Statistics About Custom Retail Boxes

These are some important statistics details and reports by different resources that will reveal the different factors that impact the customers' buying behavior and the brand itself:

Unboxing Videos Brings Buyers

More than 90,000 people search for unboxing videos on different social media sites like Facebook and YouTube per month. That shows us the importance of user experience and product unboxing.

Packaging Design Attract Customers

Approximately 3/4 of consumers get influenced by retail packaging design. Customers share the images of products on social media that they like.

Attractive Packaging Satisfy Customers

64% of in-store customers say the products are off the shelf due to their packaging. And they also reveal that they don't feel any need to do any research before buying these products. This way, the exquisite packaging of custom retail product boxes satisfies customers, makes them loyal to the brand, and brings more customers to the branded items.

Gift-Like Packaging Boost Product Sales

40% of customers state that gift-like packaging of products urges them to re-buy the product. Whereas, when a product comes in good packaging, 50% of customers are more likely to recommend it to their friends. This way, custom retail packaging makes customers a source of free product promotion for your brand.

Unique Packaging Improves Brand Value

And 40% of consumers will post your brand's pictures on the internet due to the unique packaging of products. Customer shopping experience improvement can lead you to win your customers' hearts and grow your business fast.

First Brand Impression Is The Last

It is important to remember the first impression of your products and; the impact on the buying behavior of your target customers. Retail packaging is the first interaction with your customers in the market. And, you have only 7 seconds to impress your customers with a powerful punch of product packaging with catchy and unique customization.

Moreover, custom packaging of retail products is a key for your customers to decide whether to purchase a product or ignore it. The more your products are unique, creatively made, innovative, and attractive, the more loyal customers you can win for your brand.

Summary of Custom Retail Packaging Boxes

  • It's easily customizable to fit your packaging needs and builds your brand authority in the market.
  • It's an impactful tool that attracts customers to the products and urges them to make an instant purchase.
  • Custom retail box packaging represents your brand value in public and works as a facet of your brand.
  • Retail boxes with personalized packaging make your product unique and differentiate them from the rest of the products.
  • It provides customers with a happy user experience that makes customers loyal to the brands.
  • Sustainable retail boxes protect nature from hazardous elements. This specialty makes your branded products the first choice for eco-conscious clientele.
  • Retail product packaging is a smart strategy to boost your product presentation in the competitive market and beat your competitors.
  • Custom printed retail boxes with essential details educate your customers about the products. This factor increases your brand's trust in their minds.
  • With these custom boxes for retail packaging, it's easy to ship your products with perfect security to your target destination.

Last Words!

Custom retail packaging is not just product packaging; it plays an essential role in promoting brands/products in the competitive market.

If you want to get custom retail boxes with lucrative printing and sustainable packaging, CustomBoxesMarket is at your service for this purpose. Our highly experienced professional designers create top-quality packaging boxes for your retail products and make your brand shine in the open market. In addition, if you have your own special retail packaging design, you can share it with our experts, who will transform your desired packaging boxes into some special ones.

Contact us to order custom printed retail boxes at wholesale rates and grow your business faster than your rival brands in the competitive retail industry.

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