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Just as vaping is the modern form of smoking, custom vape packaging is a new way of selling, delivering, and optimizing your business. Manufacturers around the world are looking to make their Vape products durable and competitive in the market. CustomBoxesMarket has helped hundreds of companies to sell their vape like hell with their well-designed vape boxes. Competing with the completion becomes easier by using Custom vape boxes wholesale. Vape wrapping can be modified to represent your brand's logo with various packaging elements to help attract customers. To handle rivals in the market, use these boxes to differentiate your brand. And come back to the shelves with much more confidence! In the long run, these boxes help secure and promote your brand subsequently!

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    Marketing Uses Of Custom Vape Boxes Wholesale 

    Whether you want a dark mysterious look or want to go all out for the looks of your vape products, you can do all this with the help of custom vape wrapping.  Through the combination of different techniques and technologies, the puzzle of the Vape packaging fits together perfectly and showcases your product.  Here are the branding effects of these boxes that can benefit you as a small or big enterprise. 

    • The Right Colours: More Customers

    With the right colored packaging boxes, whether you want embossed or debossed vape packaging boxes or specialized use of Spot UV, you can make them unique and distinct as a brand on the shelf or online shop. 

    • Your Brand’s Personality and Experience 

    For some companies, Vape packaging boxes are the sole identity through which customers come back and purchase the item. Your personality is depicted through the various packaging elements. And the unboxing experience of your products becomes iconic and sticks in the mind of consumers. 

    • Setting You Apart Securely

    With custom printed vape boxes wholesale, you can ensure that you package your Vape products securely in irresistible packaging looks. The distinction between your brand drives more sales to your organization. 

    Manufacturing Vape Boxes – An Insider Look

    We manage your vape product package management for efficient production and sourcing to help you save on additional costs during the manufacturing process. 

    1. Choosing the materials
    2. Lining up the printer
    3. Designing with impeccable teams 
    4. Adding additional features
    5. Finally, get the vape packaging boxes!

    Material Selection For Custom Vape Boxes

    Without quality packaging, it’s impossible to get good Vape Box reviews. For instance, ensure that the material you’ll be choosing for your final product will be high-end. Also specialized for the type of vape products you’ll be shipping because shipping is the first concern for vape manufacturers.

    The paper stock we use is E-flute Corrugated, Bux Board, 10pt to 28pt (60lb to 400lb) Eco-Friendly Kraft, Cardstock, etc. You can choose from the highest or the most cost-effective packaging materials, with a difference in only prices and not quality. As we do not like to put your brand’s reputation in harm’s way.

    CustomBoxesMarket is working towards a greener environment by specializing in eco-friendly custom vape packaging. Add a flare of uniqueness with our resilient, sturdy, and non-toxic Vape packaging boxes. Above all, play your part in making the environment clean.

    Creativity In Designing With Custom Vape Boxes

    Our designers have experience with companies all around the world. Creating vape packaging to stand out in the crowd. Accordingly, our designing team will help re-conceptualize designs of your artwork to maximize the success of your brand. 

    At CBM, you will get packaging consultation, along with 3D mockups and prototyping for better Vape box results. This is great if you’re looking to maximize your boxes for luxury packaging looks. As an illustration, you’ll see what you’re making of your vape box packaging. By all means, you can have any type of design as the look of your boxes. 

    Latest Printing Techniques

    Our services are to provide you with full details on what works for your specific vape boxes & packaging for the best technology implementation. Our goal is to help you keep your Vape customers happy by keeping the core of your business strong using these boxes. 

    • UV Printing: This type is really common for retail as well as luxury-type packaging. It leaves the vape wrapping looking glossy and glorious!
    • Offset Printing: It is the highest quality package printing technique available on the market. However, it is also cost-effective for large-quantity orders. Despite being a cost-effective feature, it makes your boxes more prominent.
    • Flexography: This print is time and cost-efficient because it is better for simple Vape box graphics. Besides, it’s a good option to start with lower costs.

    Innovation To Get Something New

    Strategically formulated packaging solutions for your brand help you find a logical solution for better services. Additionally, you can save costs with innovative custom vape boxes wholesale and improve brand recognition with expert consultation. 

    Our Trustable Shipment Policy 

    CBM takes it to the extreme limits of helping its clients reach a level of professional help. That’s why, by agreeing to some conditions, you’ll be able to get free shipping of these boxes all around the USA!

    While good quality packaging is our specialty, our shipping facilities are made to help businesses get fast shipping for their custom vape packaging boxes. Under normal conditions, when you apply for a quote, therefore, order the personalized vape boxes, the shipping time will be shown. In 5-10 business days, you can avail your brand-new packaging!

    Are you in a rush? With our rush turnaround feature, you’ll be able to get the order in minimum shipping time. Our supply chain management will help keep track of your vape box packaging order and get end-to-end shipping! 

    Why Choose CBM As Packaging Professionals?

    Above all, choose CBM to craft your dream vape packaging boxes with our expert packaging designers. Our services are perfected to help your business make an impact, all the while keeping true to the environment with safe options. 

    Therefore if you want to start building your custom boxes experience, the team manages your entire production cycle with 24-hour care support. The dedicated production network of our packaging company allows us to make wholesale vape packaging boxes in less than the required time. Have a question? Send us a quick Email to get help straight away.

    Place Vape Box Order Now!

    CBM has helped thousands of brands reach their customers in no time. In conclusion, fast delivery and even faster navigation for ordering Vape Box Packaging! You can now place your order in under 5 minutes. Select the desired options, layers, and additional features to steal hearts!


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    Eula H. Meraz
    Aug 19, 2022
     by Eula H. Meraz
    highly efficient

    CBM is highly efficient in designing vape-boxes they have an expert team of professionals that figures out what you really desire. You can fully trust them they are amazing!

    Eula H. Meraz

    August 19, 2022

    CBM is highly efficient in designing vape-boxes they have an expert team of professionals that figures out what you really desire. You can fully trust them they are amazing!

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