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Uniquely exhibit your product by using a custom front cut out display tray. Products are placed in the die-cut area of the trays. Customers easily access the products placed in the display trays. These trays are a new way to increase the visibility of the product in the retail market. Custom Boxes Market provides an easy solution to the business by providing them with high-quality display trays. Our durable material gives a sense of luxury to the trays. So it becomes easy for the product manufacturer to leave an impressive image of their company to the buyers. To avoid any error in manufacturing, our professional team will provide you with end-to-end assistance to the clients. Not only this, by placing your order at our company you can get the benefits of lower rates. As we provide full customization facilities at wholesale rates. You just need to place a minimum order of 100 pieces to avail the finest quality display trays. 

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    Custom Front Cut Out Display Tray: Give Your Products A Customer-Friendly Display 

    Are you tired of using the stereotypical type of display boxes? Have you considered giving your product a brand-new display? Certainly, every business owner desired to exhibit his product in the most unique and user-friendly way. To give this uniqueness to your product, you can use custom front cut out display tray.

    Using ths tray you can give the most unmatchable type of display to your product. CustomBoxesMarket has the wholesale option for packaging and display boxes. So if you have any budgetary constraints, do not worry we have an economical option for you.

    Unlike other types of display boxes, these trays are quite user-friendly. The material, quality of prints, and the add-on on this custom front cut out display tray used by our company will help you get an appealing display tray. If you want an innovative display for your new products, then it is high time to invest in display trays.

    What Is a Custom Front Cut Out Display Tray? 

    As the name indicates, the main purpose of these trays is to showcase the products on the countertops. These trays have a die-cut-out top from where products are placed in them. The use of traditional display boxes like pop counter displays or double wall display boxes is also useful, however, to give a new experience to your customers, you can use front cut-out trays.

    Customers have a huge tendency toward different and unique things. We understand the nature of the masses, therefore we try to come up with the most innovative ways to serve our clients. You can significantly increase your sales by using this consumer-friendly personalized front cut out display tray.

    Customization Of Display Trays At CustomBoxesMarket 

    You can not get unconventional packaging’s to display your product by using ready-made boxes. To add uniqueness to the display of your products, you must get your packaging from a renowned packaging industry that provides customization facilities like CBM.

    We have extensive services and raw material options for our clients that give them multiple opportunities to grow their sales via packaging. With the longevity of our packaging material and the attractiveness of our box design, you can influence customers.


    For front cut out tray wholesale it is necessary to use a durable material. As with all other packaging, the material used in these trays will reflect the commitment of your company to quality. Therefore we use sturdy materials to manufacture these trays.

    The price of these trays depends upon the type of raw material used in the packaging. We have three types of material options, their prices vary as per the material thickness. Below we have mentioned our popular material:

    • Kraft Paper 

    This paper is used when a minimalist design or printing is desired by our customers. Its brownish color makes it perfect to display products of organic nature such as CBD, herbs, etc.

    • Cardstock 

    This is the most popular material used in retail packaging. It is available in different thicknesses. If our customers have a big budget and they want to give extra protection to their products, they can tell us about desired cardboard thickness for front cut out display tray

    • Corrugated Material 

    Companies that have to display delicate products such as CBD serums or nutritional bars prefer our E-fluted corrugated material. This material has a fluted layer that gives it shock-absorptive properties.

    Although the price of all these materials varies as per the thickness, but with our wholesale rates you can enjoy the benefits of lower rates. So to get kraft, corrugated, or cardboard counter display trays at economical rates contact us.


    We provide high-quality images to the packaging by using ultra-modern printing techniques. We have different options for printing and we do not add any hidden charges at the time of order placement. Digital printing and offset flexography are the most common type used to print trays for display purposes. Nonetheless, if you have specific demands for printings, we will entertain you according to your preferences.

    Printing plays crucial in increasing the attractiveness of packaging. All the information, designs, or branding elements are added to the boxes with the help of printing. That is why we use high-quality colors to avoid making dull images on the boxes.

    If you want to promote your brand then nothing can be more economical than the use of packaging as a branding tool. To give our customers premium quality and exquisite personalized front cut out display trays we keep in mind all the aspects of branding.

    Box Finishing’s

    To generate more sales and to attract a maximum number of customers do not miss ordering box finishings. Like printing finishing on the packaging are crucial for the representation of the products. We elevate the attractiveness of display trays by using different types of box finishing’s.

    For instance, to create a raised impression on the boxes we use embossing methods. In the same easy, if clients want an imprinted impression, our debossing methods are the best for them. Aside from these options, we have numerous other choices for add-ons.

    We add box coatings that will keep the trays free from scratches. Anything placed on the countertops is likely to be damaged because multiple customers touch the packaging. To avoid declining the quality of the front cut out tray wholesale we use protective coatings like lamination or varnishes.

    Why We Claim To Be The Best Packaging Industry? 

    The reason why we claim to be the best packaging industry is that we offer one of the finest quality materials to produce packaging and display boxes. For custom front cut out display tray you will find suitable options we have no hidden charges and all our packages are provided at wholesale rates.

    Besides this, we have a large variety of box customization so it has become easy for our clients to get unique display trays. These trays are shipped flat so shipping becomes easy. You can get free shipping for display trays in North America and place a minimum order of 100 pieces.


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    Dec 12, 2022
     by Lucy
    Thank you CBM!

    Tried the custom-front-cut-out-display-tray for the first time. It was an amazing experience the finishing and quality material gave them an extra edge. Thank you CBM!

    Nov 19, 2022
     by George
    Responsive and helpful!

    The quality of the custom-front-cut-out-display-tray and customer service was great. Super responsive and helpful.


    December 12, 2022

    Tried the custom-front-cut-out-display-tray for the first time. It was an amazing experience the finishing and quality material gave them an extra edge. Thank you CBM!


    November 19, 2022

    The quality of the custom-front-cut-out-display-tray and customer service was great. Super responsive and helpful.

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