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Displaying products in the retail market needs proper packaging. The packaging must be convenient so that customers can easily access the product. For this purpose, a custom pop counter display tray is a suitable option. Products are displayed in these trays and placed in prominent places to grab customers' attention.  The quality of these trays tells customers bout the standard of the company from where they are purchasing the product. Therefore CBM provides the best quality tray manufactured with durable material that provides product protection, gives the product a superior look, and attracts customers. Our pop counter display tray will help you promote your brand and increase the popularity of your company. We offer one of the low rates for these trays which is why not only big businesses but small businesses too can get the benefits of our services. These trays have made it convenient for companies to give easy access to their product and earn the maximum benefits.

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    Custom Pop Counter Display Tray: Get Your Product A Unique Display 

    Custom pop counter display tray helps companies to exhibit their product and increase their visibility. The way a good tray is necessary for your product in the same way a good manufacturing industry is important for the production of a tray. When it comes to packaging CustomBoxesMarket is the most reliable company. 

    We offer the best packaging services whether you are looking for retail packaging, display boxes, or product trays. You can find all the options at CBM. our diligence and consistency to provide excellent services make us one of the top packaging manufacturers in the United States. 

    At our company, you will only find good qualities in a counter display tray such as the durability of the material and the firm look of the tray, which will help you to inspire customers and force them to prefer your product over all other brands. 

    What Benefits CustomBoxesMarket Can Give You? 

    We understand that product display plays a pivotal role in attracting customers and increasing the visibility of the products. That is why we provide custom display trays that adequately represent the brands. We are beneficial for your company due to our: 

    Durable Material 

    Our company is determined to provide quality products to its customers. To assure this, we use high-quality and durable material for all our packaging services. Many top-notch companies prefer us to get custom counter display tray due to their premium quality. 

    The first thing that customers notice about your brand is the quality of packaging and by judging the product quality, they deduct about the standard of the brand. Therefore it is necessary to use a good quality raw material for pop counter trays. 

    The three of our manufacturing materials are kraft, cardstock, and corrugated material. The durability of pop counter display trays depends upon the type of raw material used to manufacture them. For a minimalist look kraft is beneficial and for high-protection cardstock and corrugated are the foremost choices. 

    Best Printings 

    As the pop display trays are placed at prominent places in the market, they must look attractive. For this purpose, printing plays a crucial role. Using our high-grade printing methods and best staff we give the best printed pop display trays. 

    With the perfect alignment and using all the sides, we give unique designs to the trays and make them appealing. The back wall of the boxes gives the opportunity to present the product in the most attractive way. 

    Our two most popular types of printing methods are offset printing and screen printing. The prices and turnout rate depends upon what printing method is chosen by our clients. You can select any of them to get an eye-catching tray. 

    Proper Color Selection 

    Our printing methods are perfect because our color selection is excellent. We use the perfect colors to manufacture all types of packaging. No matter what color you select for packaging, our company will facilitate you to get the exact color for your display trays. 

    We claim this perfection because we have one of the best color-mixing processes that give sharp colors to the trays. We use two methods of color mixing, namely: PMS and CMYK. you can select any of them according to your choice and the design requirement. 

    Free Design Facility 

    We are determined to give the best packaging facilities to our clients and for this, we use high-quality materials. But one thing that has made us the popular choice is our free design facility. Whether you want a pre-decided design on your packaging or you are looking for something new, CustomBoxsMarket has all the options of the box design free of cost. 

    Market-Competitive Rates  

    Besides the free design facility, our overall packaging rates are much less than the average packaging industry in the United States. All types of custom packaging are available at thrifty prices at our company. 

    So if you are running a startup or you are running an established business but want to reduce your packaging cost then get a custom counter display tray from us. We offer wholesale rates to our clients so they do not have to worry about packaging expenditure. 


    CBM is famous for its versatility. We have all the versatile packaging options. From retail boxes, to display packaging, and display trays we have all the unique packaging requirements available for the companies. 

    If you are looking for something minimalist and with low prints you can get a kraft pop counter display. Similarly, if you need something vibrant then you can select cardstock. This availability of different packaging styles, materials, and printing will give you a unique display tray and help you to outshine others. 

    Shipping Policy 

    So you have decided to get a custom pop counter display tray from CBM but you are worried about the delivery of your products. But don’t worry we offer free of cost shipping services in the United States. So our clients just have to pay for the order. We ship display tray flat that can be assembled when required.


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    Harland Lawson
    Sep 20, 2022
     by Harland Lawson
    designed Well 👌

    I like the custom-pop-counter-display-tray crafted by CBM. They are all-rounders as they designed the exact thing I want. By Rose

    Adrian Atkins
    Aug 23, 2022
     by Adrian Atkins
    Outstanding !

    I got the outstanding custom-pop-counter-display-tray from CBM. They well met with my ideas and delivered it with greatcare.

    Harland Lawson

    September 20, 2022

    I like the custom-pop-counter-display-tray crafted by CBM. They are all-rounders as they designed the exact thing I want. By Rose

    Adrian Atkins

    August 23, 2022

    I got the outstanding custom-pop-counter-display-tray from CBM. They well met with my ideas and delivered it with greatcare.

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