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Custom static clings for many different purposes are getting popular these days. Now you don’t have to be worried about removing the adhesive strains from the glass just after removing any sticker from your glass.  These 4clings are also a form of stickers but their adhesive-free nature makes them different. If you need instant and short-term signs for your glass window or car glass then nothing could be better than static clings.  CBM is providing the most trendy and engaging designs and seasonal clings used for short-term promotions and the rest of the purposes. Many people buy different kinds of clings to use on their car glasses. We always prefer our clients to go for something advanced so things will be favorable for you to achieve.  The exceptional custom static cling are static charged omitting the need for any kind of glue or paste. Don’t stand there scratching your store windows to like new again. The custom static stickers can be replaced and reused as many times as you desire. The long lasting and multi-utilization makes the custom static clings a hit between customers. We offer 100% useful and temperate printing only. Order today!

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    Custom Static Clings That Grab Attention

    Most of the time we get tired of using adhesive stickers for business promotions and then they take a lot to get removed because of their adhesiveness. Its stains are really hard to remove which makes the process boring and hateful. We can totally understand your pain. That’s why CBM is offering static clings in an unlimited variety.

    We always let our customers enjoy modern ways to boost their businesses which will ultimately lead all of them toward success. Isn’t it simple to promote the seasonal offers instantly by using things like these clings? Now the question is why do you need to prefer CBM for buying custom static clings wholesale? Yes, you may find many other options but we are damn sure no one else will be providing all of these following qualities.

    Stunning Visuals

    People still judge anything because of its appearance, and nothing could be better than grabbing more customers by using static clings. You can use clings as long as you want to make every single second countable if they are designed

    • Vibrant Graphics

    Choosing this technique for your brand’s promotion is quite easy but the main concern is to design and manufacture these custom static cling stickers.

    Because that’s the point where you can make them the only best piece of work or simple like the rest of the market. We always use vibrant graphics according to the customer’s demands to make these clings look more attractive to your customers.

    • Personalization

    All of the businesses have different products and different demands to make them look perfect according to their business standards.

    You can have different slogans along with their brand’s logo to make them look more perfect to the audience. Always try something new to be unique in the market. These decals are 100% waterproof which will be the best thing to keep them reusable as long as you want.

    • High-Quality Printing

    Brands are all about quality, these decals are made up of vinyl which makes them look more unique. High-quality printing always lets you make your purpose clear to the audience. That will make it a bit easier for your target audience to hear the actual message.

    Effortless Application and Removal

    If we compare stickers with decals there isn’t that much difference apparently but static clings are very easy to use and remove. All of the stickers contain adhesive material which keeps them stitched with the surface but that’s not the case with custom static window clings. They are super easy to apply. All of these decals are charged, in simple words, you just need to attach them to the required glass they will automatically stick with it.

    If we talk about their removal, all you need to do is just pick any of their corners and peel them off. They can be removed within seconds without being damaged.

    • No Mess

    Do you know as the trends are changing why people are choosing custom static cling window stickers? Because they aren’t as messy as stickers. Stickers have adhesive material that gets stuck with your hands and the glass which you need to remove later on.

    You just need to pick up these decals and attach them at the required place. But still, these static cling’s adhesiveness will not be the same as always, dust will start getting attached to its surface which will keep minimizing its adhesive capabilities Otherwise you can use it as long as you want.

    • Reusable

    Yes, all of the static clings for car windows have reusable capabilities which will save your budget and time. As we have mentioned before, all of these are environmentally friendly.

    • User-Friendly

    You don’t need to hire someone to use these custom static clings. CBM will have your back and will provide all types of support for manufacturing. We can do everything to make them look more real and attractive

    Versatile Use

    All of these decals could be used for many purposes, depending on your business and we will manufacture and design accordingly. All of these three are the central concern of these decals but if it isn’t fixed you can use them according to your choice.

    • Window Displays

    Many of you have already experienced these clings at the windows of many restaurants, hotels, and other places on instant offers that they offer to their customers. You just need to attach them to the best visible place so all of the customers and the rest of the audience can look at them.

    • Seasonal Décor

    Many businesses love to use them as seasonal decorations like Christmas static clings and for many other purposes too. Have you seen different colorful decals with different slogans in any place? That looks damn beautiful and pleasant to have them over there. We have a vast variety of colors, designs, sizes, and shapes so feel free to contact us and get your dream static clings.

    • Marketing Made Easy

    Have you noticed how these simple ways are making product marketing like a piece of cake to you? Now you don’t need to hire people to stand outside of your business place and let the audience know about the offers.

    Now just let CBM manufacture the fascinating custom static clings for your business promotion. You just need to guide our team regarding your requirements and the rest of the elements that you want to add up. Still thinking? Ok, let’s make it more simple for you. Ping us right now our customer support team is always ready to serve, and let us know all of your requirements regarding your business mission and the rest of the things that you want to get printed on these decals.

    If you need our designers to make your business logo, we can also get that done for you. We will assemble a perfect sample for you according to your demands for free and then you can decide whether you need our services or not. Yes, this sample will be in soft form as well as in hard form which will be delivered to you if you need it.

    Durability Guaranteed

    CBM is considered the best packaging and custom stickers & labels providers with a proven record of a 4.6 rating. So can confidently give the guarantee on the durability that these decals will perfectly match your business standards.

    • Weatherproof

    As we have already mentioned all of the static clings will be waterproof so you don’t need to be worried about the environmental factors. They are made up of PVC sheets also called vinyl which are waterproof in nature.

    • UV Resistant

    All of these decals will be UV resistant which is again a positive point for all of you for making them useful for a bit longer span of time.

    Order Now! 

    Stop being an overthinker and order now to have the best trendy custom static clings for your business if you really want to double up your sales ratio. We aren’t just doing wordplay, hundreds of businesses get on track to achieve their goals because of us, which means we can get this thing done for you too. Feel free to ping us now and change the game.


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    May 19, 2023

    “The custom static clings I received from CBM company have truly exceeded my expectations. They not only stunning look but also an effective anti-counterfeit solution for my high-value items”.

    Eugenie Bath

    January 15, 2022

    Because of their quick delivery and outstanding designing of custom static clings, I have marketing my brand better than before. Thank you, CBM, for making us confident.

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