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Creating a strong brand identity is important to survive in the fiercely competitive market and what can be the best option to promote the brand than using custom hologram stickers. These stickers will not only facilitate you in branding but also prevent any forgery with your product.  You can get hologram stickers at economical rates from CBM. Our company is experienced in manufacturing custom stickers and facilitates customers to get the desired size, shape, and design of the stickers. We offer 2D and 3D hologram stickers that increase the aesthetic appeal of the packaging.  Our metallic-coated vinyl material makes the stickers resistant to humidity, temperature, and sunlight so they remain perfect for outdoor uses. CBM tries to give its customers the best services which is why we use high-quality adhesive on the stickers to make them long-lasting. If you want to incorporate innovation in the look of your packaging then select CBM to serve you.   

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    If you’re looking for custom hologram stickers, then you have come to the right place. These stickers are especially used to make the product stand out and to add a security layer. They are made through an innovative technique that takes some pictures and then infuses them together to create significant custom holographic stickers for companies to use as their trademarks, logos or branding images to cement the ingenuity of their products. This way their product can be verified when it comes to dealing with a bunch of fake ones that are mere copies. This technique is an essential tool for brand building and progressing.

    Innovate Your Branding Using Custom Hologram Stickers

    Stepping into the business world one thing you might have noticed is the marketing strategies of brands. All the brands give significant attention to their marketing. From social media campaigns to the use of hoarding all tactics are used by brands to promote themselves. For your brand’s innovative marketing, you can use custom hologram stickers.

    Stickers have been used in the packaging industries for ages. CBM has brought innovation to the sticker market by providing a wide range of customization facilities to its clients.

    We make sure that our customers get the best custom 3d hologram stickers that last for a longer duration. Not only this to assure quality and to fulfill our client’s demands we provide 24/7 assistance to customers.

    Material For Custom Hologram Stickers

    CBM is among the top box manufacturing industries that give its clients the most high-quality and custom stickers & labels. We ensure the order quality by ensuring the selection of quality material. For holograms, we use vinyl material over which a thin layer of metalized foil is applied.

    With these custom made hologram stickers you can show the world about your brand’s potential. Our durable material makes the stickers suitable for outdoor use. These stickers are resistant to light, and moisture, and they can even tolerate the effect of the dishwasher.

    Printing That Appeals 

    Hologram stickers printing is quite different from other types of printing. Here we use a laser printing technique that gives a holographic effect to the stickers and makes them appealing. If you want your product to look unique and aesthetic then getting hologram stickers from CBM is mandatory for you.

    Hologram stickers are available in 2D and 3D forms. If you want a rainbow effect on your stickers then you can get 3D hologram stickers. And if you are looking for plain custom printed hologram stickers you can avail the option of 2D stickers.

    Types Of Custom Hologram Stickers

    We have multiple options for all types of orders. Whether you want unique stickers for your distinct product or you need an appealing sticker to decorate the boxes or vehicles you can get everything from us.

    We offer hologram stickers in the following types:

    • 3D stickers
    • Custom 2d hologram stickers
    • Dot matrix holograms
    • Security seals


    You do not have to be worried about the dimensions of the sticker because we have a huge range of options. The smallest size that you can get is 0.75 inches, above it you can get any size. Apart from custom sizes, we offer custom shapes as well.

    Features That Make Our Stickers Unique 

    CBM claims what it can provide, our company is determined to provide complete transparency to its customers so that they may not encounter any loss. Considering this we manufacture your order with our skilled and experienced staff and give you the best that we can. Our stickers have the following qualities:

    Prevent Counterfeit Attempts 

    With our custom security hologram stickers you can prevent any counterfeit attempt on your product. Our holographic stickers consist of 5 layers, namely: base film, release layer, microstructure later, adhesive, and paper layer. You can check the authenticity of a product by uncovering the upper layer.

    Scratch Resistant

    We believe in quality which is why we make the stickers with first-grade material. All the layers of the stickers are assembled with perfection and the durable metallic layer prevents scratching on the sticker’s surface.

    Can Be Used Outdoors

    The durability of our stickers makes them ideal for outdoor use. Unlike other types of stickers, holograms are resistant to sunlight so that their appearance remains intact. You can add hologram address labels on your product packaging and make your product easy to identify.


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    Mark Grant

    March 13, 2023

    I have received the most economical custom hologram stickers from CBM. Their services are very efficient, and they charge less than the average sticker providers.

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