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Product selling is all about their presentation to clients, so you just need to make it as perfect as you can. Wholesale catalogs are perfect tools to enhance your product visibility because you can capture them professionally to make them look fascinating and compelling to your customers. These are the brochures used by the brands to showcase your branded products to your customers to let them choose the best. That’s why you need to make sure that your catalog printing is perfect and worth representing to your customers. If you are confused about choosing the best catalog for your product let CBM lead the situation. We can assure you that as professionals we know the best possible ways to get this done for you.  Make sure that you are going to present your entire business in a single custom printed wholesale catalog, that’s why you need to make sure it’s perfect enough to grab more customers.   

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    Get your very own mesmerizing and premium quality custom wholesale catalogs in the shockingly low rates. Marvel your clients and attract more with our high quality custom printed catalogue. An exquisite way to advertise and present your firm to the new clients and to get the word of mouth around. This catalog is bound to get you a spot in the cutthroat market of today.

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    Wholesale Catalogs

    In the current era, all businesses prefer multi-page product catalogs which will not only grab more customers’ attention but will also make your brands worth presenting.

    That’s a strong marketing tool for any business, and you need to make sure that it’s perfect to showcase. Always remember these brochures are the only tool for you to get your clients convinced. CBM has a strong impact on the packaging and printing industry all over the US and is well known because of its services. Let’s explore the secret of how your sales ratio could be record-breaking with our business catalogs printing.

    Our Top Quality Coating And Laminations 

    You need to make sure that a catalog’s outer look is very classy and attractive enough to seek people’s attention. Premium quality coating and laminations are good enough to let you have that goal that you are looking for. Let’s have a deeper view!

    • UV Coating
    • Soft Touch
    • Spot Gloss UV
    • Aqueous Coating
    • Lamination
    • Varnishes

    UV Coating 

    This coating will provide security against UV light with a fascinating finish. The quick-drying benefit is well recognized. You can choose this one for your wholesale catalog printing.

    Soft Touch

    How many of you are familiar with silk touch catalog printing? It’s interesting to have your brand’s catalog in this kind of premium look and touch. Because of this kind of advanced service we told you, people, how we are different from the rest of our competitors.

    Spot Gloss UV

    Gloss UV is used for making extraordinary and unique designs. It just simply sprayed on different spots to make it look different and a bit more compelling.


    It is a kind of protective layer that keeps the material safe from water damage. All businesses prefer lamination to give strength and sustainability to your printing solution.

    Our Printing Options

    Printing is one of the most important factors in the entire manufacturing process of wholesale catalogues. Because the image quality should be premium. Let’s give you a detailed view of all the printing techniques that we are providing!

    • Water-Based Ink
    • Offset Printing
    • UV Printing
    • Digital Printing

    Water-Based Ink

    That’s a simple printing technique where we add pigments into the water and then apply them. All of the catalogs along with the rest of the presentation folders used to be printed with this technique, and it’s considered the most effective way of printing. Many businesses prefer this type of printing because of its sustainability and eco-friendly nature.

    Offset Printing

    That’s the most unique and well-recognized printing technique that can lead to the best quality work. Whenever you need premium quality work this type of printing used to be preferred. Whenever you need luxury and premium-quality custom catalog printing.

    UV Printing

    That’s another unique printing technique that CBM is offering to all of its clients. We used UV light to use the required colors printing on the given wholesale catalogs. You can have a luxurious product catalog printing with this type of printing and can give a dream look to your products.

    Digital Printing

    We usually use this type of printing for small orders, because of its cost-effectiveness. In this process, the electronic files will be transferred to the material according to the given instructions. So you can go for this type of packaging & printing if you really need qualitative work on a low budget.

    Why Only CBM? 

    Now the question is why do you need to prefer CBM? You may find many other options but still, CBM will be preferable, because of its top ranking on behalf of its customer reviews.

    We always keep trying our best to maintain all of your business standards while manufacturing your dream wholesale catalogs. Let CBM have your back.

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    Luis Shuster

    February 25, 2023

    I relied on them for custom wholesale catalogs, and they served me with the best. They have transformed my perception into reality. Must try!

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