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Protection of business-related documents is an arduous task. It becomes difficult to keep the documents accessible and organized without proper folders. If you are struggling with a similar problem then get die cut folders from CBM which provides appropriately and elegantly designed folders at the most competitive rates.  Businesses are all about presentation and grabbing the attention of customers. And when it comes to documents nothing can be more beneficial than a personally designed folder. If you are looking for a tangible solution for the protection and presentation of your important documents then none can facilitate you as much as CBM can. We have extensive experience of more than a decade owing to which we produce custom die cut presentation folders with the most unique and latest features. Furthermore, we have in-house customization facilities due to which we produce wholesale rates for our clients and make it easy for them to get economical folders.

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    Give A Chic Look To Your Documents With Die Cut Folders

    Are you dealing with a lot of documents daily? Do you have to face difficulty in assorting your documents? If yes then get rid of all this hassle using CBM’s die cut folders. These folders are a combination of beauty and ease which facilitate people in keeping their credentials organized. 

    We manufacture multiple varieties of folders using different kinds of materials so that the customers can get the most suitable folders. We as a renowned packaging industry devise every possible means to facilitate our customers to get the best. 

    By getting custom die cut folders from CBM you can give a chic look to your documents. We use attractive hues with ultra-tech printing which gives a peerless look to the folders. Not only this, our market competitive rates will facilitate you to save revenue. 

    What Die Cut Folders Are? 

    Custom Die-cut folders are like files that can be used to place documents. These folders contain two or three flaps along with a pocket where you can place all your documents. These folders are handy but have long-standing abilities so a convenient choice for the day-to-day placement of documents. 

    CBM provides die cut pocket folders along with your brand logo so that you can promote yourself. Besides this, our company designs the boxes with the most appealing customization options so that your documents’s presentation looks superior to others. 

    Why CBM’s Folders Are Unique? 

    If you have been working in the market for quite a time then you must have an idea about how much uniqueness matters. Whether it is product, packaging, or presentation, if it gives a different experience only then customers invest in your services. 

    And when it comes to die cut window folders CBM gives the most unique and eye-catching folders that can totally change the presentation of your documents. We have different die-cut design options, to get the details you can contact our customer care representative. 

    Logo Printing: Promote Your Brand 

    Our manufacturing facilities are top-notch and give the most appealing product with several benefits. We know that the main concern of all the brands is to protect their important credentials using presentation folders however, by placing an order at CBM you can promote your brand too. 

    For this we offer custom die cut folders wholesale with logo that becomes your brand ambassador in the market. In meetings, at the time of conferences, or at the times of finalizing a deal you can use your logo-printed folders to promote your brand. 

    Thematic Designs 

    We have a marvelous opportunity for brands that want to print their thematic designs on the folders. No matter how complex your brand’s artwork is, with our advanced facilities we can give the exact design to your folders. 

    For die cut printed folders we use offset and digital printing. You can select any of the printing methods for your folders considering your budget and design requirements. If you do not have a specific design for your brand, just contact us to get free of cost consultation. 

    Perfection At Your Disposal 

    Our die cut folders are perfect in all aspects. From the appealing look to the high protective abilities, these folders have everything that is required to preserve the quality of your credentials. Along with the use of high-quality material, we use coatings on the boxes so that the folder’s raw material and printings remain intact. 

    We have both synthetic as well as sustainable coating options. If you want to keep your folders 100% sustainable then our matt and gloss varnishes are an ideal choice. However, for extensive protection, matt and gloss laminations are the best. 

    Facilitate Professionalism 

    The use of custom die cut presentation folders facilitates brands to show customers their level of professionalism. If you also want to cast a positive impression on the customer then place order at CBM, because we are specialized in giving the most perfect folders to the clients. 

    Before starting any order we do extensive research to know about the recent trends and your target audience so that the order that you get from us resonates with your brand’s standards. We make sure that the folders that we manufacture are the perfect blend of quality and attractiveness. 

    Recyclable Nature 

    Today almost every brand is struggling to incorporate sustainability into its products. To alleviate this concern of brands, we are using paper-based material for custom tri-pannel folders. Mostly kraft and cardstock are used in the production of folders and both of them are recyclable. 

    Flexible Customization Facilities 

    CBM has a huge range of customization facilities that allow us to make the product of every customer unique. Whether you want a different kind of material or you want a distinct finishing on your boxes, just contact us and get comprehensive details about what we can provide and what options will be suitable for you.


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    Mario Overholt

    March 23, 2023

    CBM has provided me with the most attractive die-cut folders. These folders have a unique design, and their high quality keeps my credentials organized.

    Pat Beach

    January 10, 2023

    Their productivity about die cut folders is up, and errors are down. I have got more work done quicker and better. Thumbs up for their quality service.”

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