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Special moments demand wine to create unforgettable memories! At CustomBoxesMarket, we manufacture top-rated custom wine boxes that preserve the quality, freshness, and taste of your wine product. No matter if the display boxes are required or somewhat designed for shipping, we handle it all. Being the best custom packaging company in the USA, we have been serving different kinds of businesses with our packaging solutions.If you are a businessman and produce wine, the best bet is to seek our packaging solutions. From material selection to printing options to rendering favorable finishes, you can look no further than us. We manufacture proper boxes that can save your wine products from all possible threats. So, why go for anyone else when our arms are open to facilitate your needs?Whatever size, shape, or style is required for your specific needs, we will cater to your choice! So, when our cover is yours, no need to look further!

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    Cherish Belief In Our Craftsmanship

    Whatever kind of wine business you are, no matter how big or small, seeking proper boxes is indispensable. Due to our experience and expertise in the packaging industry, CustomBoxesMarket provides customers with sturdy custom wine boxes that can withstand heavy pressures and external threats. As our craftsmanship can do more than your expectations, you need to cherish a strong belief in our talent and the quality of being honest and transparent. No matter how big or small the quantity of boxes is required, we will go as minimum as you may require! It is our effort to provide maximum facility to our customers!

    The Essentiality Of Wine Boxes

    The importance of properly manufactured wine boxes cannot be ignored as they keep wine bottles tight during storage or transportation. By doing this, the 99% chance of bottle breaking up is eradicated. So, what it does is save you from loss. Also, when safe from heat, the taste of wine remains the same. In addition, a wine bottle if not packed may become bacterial or viral if any intrusion occurs, so a proper box would save a lot more than our normal expectations.

    Due to all these factors, CBM offers more than custom wine boxes design and printing. We are familiar with the different models, trends, and prototypes in the industry, so stay sure of receiving the highest bang.

    Durable & Eco-friendly Material

    As the wine is produced with its own chemical features and behaviors, so the materials of packaging have to conform to the nature of wine. As a result, we provide our customers with a list of recommendations depending on the type of product they own. Mostly, we offer Kraft, SBS, Corrugated, and Rigid. Our team goes above and beyond for customer satisfaction, and we make sure that our materials are eco-friendly and durable. We ensure that our processes do not cause any problems for the purity of our surroundings, and the boxes, ultimately, should have a longer life!

    Exceptional Designing & Printing

    We come up with new ideas for designing, printing, and manufacturing. We have offset lithography, flexography, and a lot of printing techniques using the highly reliable models of CMYK and PMS. From lamination, including matte and gloss, to UV coating to aqueous coating, we handle all of these options. We have ready-made styles such as rectangular, top closure, bottom closure, and top tuck end, which you can choose from, or order any shape of your choice. As we deal in custom solutions, you can get whatever you can imagine to exist.

    Why Are We Different

    Every successful company has some unique things that separate it from the rest. Our exceptionalism in manufacturing wine boxes with logo and other branding guidelines is a plus point. We have a dedicated manufacturing process and several other things that make us special, reliable and trusted. Here are some worth-mentioning factors that helped us achieve higher heights of success in the industry.

    Our Straight-up Rates

    Since the price is an important factor to consider, we have carefully priced our custom wine boxes. We have no die or plate charges and make sure of transparency in pricing with customers. In addition, we do not have any kind of hidden costs, so you can stay sure that you will not be emphasized to pay any unexpected bills. Everything at CBM is honestly dealt with, the reason being we find passion in the packaging industry.

    Our Reliability

    By the dint of our specialized attention to market trends, we make sure of gleaning the required information, which may help us improve our business operations. We cherish a proven track record of client satisfaction and delivery in the timeliest fashion, so you can conclude that there’s no more reliable option than us.

    If you can see it on social media or on our website, you will find several positive reviews about us, which show that we are quite honest with our work, and you can count on us.

    Our Reputation

    When customers find value in a service or product, they tend to build repute and become indirect marketers. With our efforts, we have made a mark in the industry that gives us an added advantage of reputation and appreciation. Considering these pros of working with us, you can leave your wine packaging requirements to us.

    None in the market has the required tools or talent to emulate our craft as we are different in essence and distinguishable in our mission.

    Our Experience

    Established to serve with the highest-quality packaging solutions, CBM has been proud in serving customers till their needs and expectations. So, whatever kind of wine packaging is required, no matter at what scale is the project, we will be happy to be of your utmost help. So, look no further than us.

    We will help you in packing your wine bottles in style and lavishness without causing any burden on your pocket!

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    Andrew King

    September 7, 2023

    The quality is unimaginable and the delivery is fast. CBM’s custom wine boxes are one of the best decisions I have ever made.

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