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Looking for custom slotted boxes or containers? CustomBoxesMarket delivers high-quality packaging solutions that are reliable and affordable. Since day one, our team is exceptionally innovative in the market and we are improvising our manufacturing standards to ensure the right delivery of the best custom boxes to our customers. We have a wide range of options that you can choose from, depending on how long your products are to be shipped. Since fragile items are mostly at risk, our containers are strong enough to withstand any outside pressure, saving the original integrity of your items, no matter how delicate they are! Considering this, our customers depend on us whenever it is about packaging needs and they are never displeased because our quality assurance team is consciously separating the boxes that can break with some pressure.  So, look no further when it is about ordering professional slotted containers.

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    Pack Right, Ship Right

    When shipping your product to a far away place, it is essential to consider a solid box that is strong enough to withstand heavy weather, external pressure, and other possible outside threats. Our proper boxes are carefully manufactured to bear such things and we don’t leave any stone unturned to fill quality to our boxes. That’s why thousands of people trust us and always choose us.

    One of the best reasons to choose Custom Slotted Boxes is the distinctive and premium quality we offer at CBM. Custom printed slotted boxes, curated by our experienced professionals, have an eye-catching appeal to delight customers. 

    Durable Packaging Material

    We use high-quality and durable packaging material to create slotted boxes. The different materials options are kraft, corrugated, and cardboard. You can select any packaging material according to your product and brand preferences. 

    These packaging materials are highly durable, and they provide complete safety to your products from external damage. For example, dirt, breakage, and even during shipping. Your customers will receive your products in their original state. They will appreciate your brand’s services and undoubtedly rebuy your products. Moreover, they will recommend your branded items to others. 

    Regular Slotted Boxes For Your Products 

    We provide exceptional slotted boxes to make sure of prevailing integrity of your products. Our team handles it differently from the rest of the packaging companies.

    Our regular slotted boxes have identically-length flaps that meet in the center when closed. These Custom Slotted Boxes are highly efficient, and they minimize the amount of waste during production. You can use the CBM box style for any product.


    One-Piece Folder

    A one-piece slotted box is perfect for single-unit items, such as books, magazines, and other products shipped in single units. The slotted bottom, glued end flaps, and more extended flaps help secure the contents of a slotted box. These boxes are convenient for quick loading and packaging during fulfillment. They are available in single-wall, double-wall, or triple-wall styles.

    Five-Piece Slotted Boxes 

    A five-piece custom-slotted box packaging consists of five panels, with the fifth panel representing a closing flap. It is an excellent container for long items with a small diameter. The extra support from the five-panel design prevents the merchandise from being poked by the flaps. Another variation of the five-piece slotted boxes is the centerfold. The flaps on the top of the box come together at the center. It’s best for flat items. There’s also a divider element.

    Telescoping Tray

    There are two main styles of telescoping tray Custom Slotted Boxes. One style features a four-sided tube with two trays on either side. These boxes are useful for storing large items like books. Another style features two half-slotted containers that act like one complete telescope. These custom packaging slotted boxes can ship large, bulky items. If you need to ship something significant, choose the double-cover style.

    You can use a full-telescoping box style when the height of the box exceeds the capability of the machine, and extra strength is needed to keep the contents safe. Full-telescoping boxes can come in the HSC/DST styles. Another option is a roll-up tray. In addition, a roll-up tray is a scored pad wrapped around the product, providing additional protection. The roll-up divider is another excellent option for custom-slotted boxes.

    The top and bottom of a telescoping tray can extend up to a total depth. The other name of this style is a two-piece tray. Both pieces slide together, with the top sliding over the bottom for extra thickness. The top and bottom can be glued or stapled together. Telescoping trays help handle trays. If you want to protect your product during transportation, choose a full-depth telescoping tray with a cover style.

    Five Panel Wrap

    If you’re looking for a simple way to package your products, you may want to consider a five-panel wrap. This unique form of packaging uses one sheet of cardboard that folds into five panels to protect your product. Its unique folds can also be sealed with tape. A five-panel wrap is ideal for securing fragile and long items such as hockey sticks. The design of this product makes it a perfect choice for experimenting with various design ideas.

    Custom boxes with five-panel wrap consist of one piece of corrugated board cut and scored into five panels. These boxes are easy to tape together and are perfect for packaging many types of products. Five-panel wraps are much less expensive than their full overlap counterparts. Moreover, you can use them to package a variety of products.

    A slotted box’s outer and inner flaps overlap at the center, making them stable when closed. Full overlap slotted boxes feature a complete overlapping design of flaps and are incredibly durable. This box style is perfect for rough handling because its flaps meet in the center and overlap, which provides extra cushioning for the product and adds stacking strength. If you want a custom-slotted box with five panels of flaps, look no further.

    Full Overlap Slotted Style Boxes 

    The FOL design offers more strength and flexibility to packaging needs than other slotted boxes. These boxes have flaps on the top, bottom, or both. These boxes are ideal for shipping long and narrow items, such as shelving or heavy equipment. The FOL design also offers an ease of closing, which decreases the risk of product breakage and damage. Its superior stacking strength and low cost make it a good choice for various products.

    FOL custom packaging slotted boxes feature reinforced construction to protect fragile or extra-heavy items from crushing during shipment. Corrugated FOL boxes are perfect for shipping long and heavy items. They can be securely sealed using industrial tape. In addition to offering strength, corrugated FOL boxes are also resistant to moisture, vibration, and temperature changes. You can use these boxes for storing packaging materials. However, they are not as durable as the other two box styles.

    FOL Custom Slotted Boxes feature overlapping flaps, making them ideal for end-loaded cartons. This design makes them highly resistant to tearing and puncture. You can use a fifth panel as a closing flap. They can be secured with tape, glue, or staples. In addition, these boxes offer excellent stacking strength when laid flat. For extra protection, FOL custom-slotted boxes can also accommodate labels available in various materials.

    So, select any style for your printed boxes and make them outstanding by beating others in the market. 

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