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CustomBoxesMarket holds a prominent place in the industry for offering the finest quality custom postage boxes at affordable pricing. We cherish an impeccable track record of successful delivery and distribution of proper boxes among our customers. The Postage Boxes are the best for creating a trademark for your postage shipments on a daily basis. The boxes can be used for carrying fragile items that need extra care and protection. Custom Postal Boxes are available in various shapes and sizes and can be customized with prints and designs. As your desired postage packaging box company, CBM is determined to manufacture the required boxes as per following your given specifications.  SInce its inception, our mission is to add ease to shipping by providing reliable boxes that can withstand external harshness throughout a long journey. That’s why, we are trusted by not hundreds but thousands.

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    Custom Postage Boxes Wholesale Packaging Suppliers 

    If you are looking for Custom Postage Boxes, you are at the right place. The way we have manufactured custom printed postage boxes is the best option for retailers to package various products. They have been manufactured using highly durable material that protects your luxurious products from external damage. For example, they protect your products from moisture, dirt, severe temperature, UV rays, and breakage incidents. So, they maintain the originality of your products. As a result, you will attain customers’ loyalty and make your brand worthy in the market. 

    Moreover, wholesale postage boxes are a wise choice for sending gifts to friends and family. They’re similar to mailing boxes. They’re large, custom-made postage boxes that can hold a lot of stuff. Furthermore, they protect products during shipping, maintaining the product quality. Our postage packaging boxes can be molded to any size and shape. Depending upon the requirement of our customers. The CustomBoxesMarket specializes in bulk postage boxes for your product packaging. 

    CBM provides you high quality and durable postage boxes for product packaging. We offer various customization options which make your product different from other brands. For example, we provide packaging boxes in any shapes, sizes, packaging materials, design options, and other add-on features. So, choose us for your product packaging and make your brand well-known in the market. 

    Personalized Postage Boxes Represent Your Brand 

    Custom postage packaging boxes’ material should be sturdy. So that it provides complete protection for your products from any damage. During shipping, your products may get damaged due to forces. These custom printed postage boxes do not allow your products to move from their position. Thus, they maintain the originality of your products. 

    We at CBM pay great attention to custom boxes’ packaging material. Because we know that if the material is of low quality, it will show a bad image of your brand to customers. So, our Proper Boxes make your brand’s image positive in the market because of their high durability. 

    The various packaging material options for these custom packaging postage boxes are kraft, corrugated, and cardboard. 

    Kraft is an eco-friendly packaging material, and it makes the environment pollution-free. As you know, many people in the world prioritize those packaging boxes which do not provide harm to the environment. So, to maintain the forever green environment select the kraft postage boxes for your product packaging. Moreover, these kraft boxes have 2 color options. Furthermore, you can make the design interesting by selecting vibrant or vivid color combinations. Improve your sales in the market with these printed postage kraft boxes. 

    Cardboard postage boxes with durable packaging material and various customization options make your product different from others. Moreover, cardboard material is thicker than ordinary paper. So, select cardboard packaging boxes and boost your product or brand’s value. 

    Corrugated packaging materials have flutes which makes them highly durable. They maintain the originality of your products. Moreover, they give an appealing look to buyers because of their incredible designs and best color combinations. 

    So select any packaging material according to your product preferences that represent your brand in front of customers. 

    It’s No Longer Difficult To Design Postage Boxes

    It can be tough to design a unique postage box. You might be perplexed, especially if you lack the requisite design expertise. Our design staff will be happy to assist you. You have to tell them what you want your brand to be, and they’ll turn it into a unique design.

    Even if you have no experience with design, we will extract your vision from the specifications and create a design that perfectly represents it. You would be helped in any manner possible if you don’t have a packaging solution and don’t have enough time to launch your brand. We will deliver your item to you within 8 to 10 business days. Your ordered quantity of boxes will be sent to your address without charge within 8 to 10 working days.

    You will not be charged for design assistance as well. You only have to pay for the manufacturing costs, nothing else.

    Excellent Printing Quality For Custom Postage Box Packaging 

    Printing quality is quite essential when it comes to perfect Custom Postage Boxes. We provide the highest quality printing, but we also offer various printing options so that you may select the ideal one for your needs.

    The different printing options are:

    1. Offset printing 
    2. Digital printing 

    High-quality printed boxes would assist your brand in rising above the competition and becoming more noticeable in the marketplace. You have complete control over the foiling, embossing, debossing, matte/glossy coating, etc. It’s all about providing your customers with something that motivates them to purchase more of your products.

    It would be best if you thought like a hungry businessperson, and our products will assist you in this endeavor.

    Why Should You Choose Us?

    CustomBoxesMarket is a reputable and well-known packaging and printing company. We design and produce high-quality Custom Postage Boxes. Furthermore, you can customize your custom printed postage boxes in many ways. 

    We provide free custom design and do not charge for dies or plates. In addition, we believe in developing long-term relationships with our consumers. Therefore we work hard to earn their trust. We have low pricing rates and quick turnaround times than our competitors in the market.

    Even though we offer postage boxes at the lowest prices, we do not sacrifice box quality. To ensure that you receive an error-free package, we run quality checks at all production and design stages. 

    We even put our custom boxes through rigorous testing to ensure that they can survive the risks that they may encounter during delivery and use. We emphasize a pollution-free environment by providing recyclable materials for personalized postage boxes. 

    Moreover, before beginning box production, we create designs and obtain 3D samples for our customer’s approval. We listen to our client’s feedback at every stage and make any adjustments they need before the manufacturing process begins. 

    Furthermore, we also make an effort to make packaging simple and stress-free for our customers. Thus we provide free box shipping. Give us a call if you seek safe yet fashionable boxes for your products. 

    We will be happy to assist you and answer any questions about packaging. We are available anytime to help you, so please visit our website and contact us so that we can provide your products with the packaging they deserve and require to increase sales.


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    Lynne Maher
    Jul 16, 2023
     by Lynne Maher

    CBM delivered my custom postage boxes with the best design and complete care. Highly satisfied with their service.

    Kenneth Wilsey
    Apr 26, 2023
     by Kenneth Wilsey
    Secure condition

    CBM is an all-rounder packaging company that is making easy for brands to ship their products in secure condition with their custom postage boxes.

    Lynne Maher

    July 16, 2023

    CBM delivered my custom postage boxes with the best design and complete care. Highly satisfied with their service.

    Kenneth Wilsey

    April 26, 2023

    CBM is an all-rounder packaging company that is making easy for brands to ship their products in secure condition with their custom postage boxes.

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