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Essential oils are aromatic products with numerous benefits. To protect their aroma and benefits get custom essential oil boxes. These boxes are made from premium material and give efficient protection to your product. The thick packaging material prevents the essential glass containers from breaking and your oils from the harm of UV rays. By getting essential oil packaging from CustomBoxesMarket, you can avail versatile packaging boxes with big discounts. From packaging material to the box coating, everything that we use is of the finest quality. Besides we use attractive and high-quality graphics to enhance the attractiveness of your product. If you want to give your product an excellent display and grab customers’ attention then we are here to facilitate you. No matter what design, box shape, size, or color you want we have all the options. By using our advanced facilities, we provide our customers with the most versatile packaging that helps the product overshadow other brands. 

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    Custom Essential Oil Boxes: Proficiently Showcase Your Product 

    Companies struggle to get custom essential oil boxes that can completely protect the oils. In this context, CustomBoxesMarket can help you. We use the most durable material to manufacture oil packaging and by using high-quality prints, we try to make the boxes appealing.

    We have multiple box designs that help our customers to get the most aesthetic packaging for their products. With our mesmerizing box designs, you can cast a long-lasting impression on your customers and become their preferred choice.

    With an essential oil box, you can skillfully showcase your product and make them outclass on the retail shelves. We have plenty of add-ons and labeling options that will make your boxes luxurious and increase the value of your product.

    Why Essential Oils Need Customized Packaging? 

    Essentials are extracted from various types of plants. These oils have numerous benefits for skin, hair, nails, pain, anxiety, etc. but essential oils are sensitive to sunlight, UV rays, and heat. To protect the beneficial effect of oil, you need to give them quality storage.

    Apart from placing the oils at recommended conditions, essential oil packaging made from high-quality material is also necessary. Custom Boxes Market will provide you with the finest quality custom boxes that will excellently cater to the requirement of your product.

    We Help You To Proficiently Showcase Your Product

    All products need to be displayed in the best way to appeal customers. You can not increase the sales of your products by using substandard and stereotypical packaging. But don’t worry we have a perfect solution for all these problems. With our different designs and materials for essential oil boxes, we ensure your product’s efficacy and uniqueness.

    Manufacturing Process At CustomBoxesMarket

    We use an advanced box manufacturing process to give our customers the best possible packaging. We follow the following steps to produce boxes:


    For all types of boxes, we use high-quality materials to prevent product damage. As essential oils are mostly packed in glass bottles that are fragile, therefore compromising on the quality of the material is a big mistake. Custom essential oil packaging is produced using the below-mentioned materials:

    • Black and white kraft paper
    • SBS (solid bleach sulfate) paper
    • Cardstock
    • Corrugated material

    These materials are cost-effective so you do not require to spend much on the packaging. Besides this, all these materials have a significant strength that will protect delicate essential oil glass bottles from breakage and oils from losing their quality.

    Box Dimensions 

    By our company, you can get the boxes in any shape and size. From small glass bottles to large containers we have the best option for you. With our skilled professionals, we give customers the best shapes of boxes. Usually, rectangular boxes are preferred, however, you can order any shape from us.


    To grab customers’ attention, it is very important to make custom essential oil boxes attractive. In packaging industries, printings are used to increase the appealing look of the boxes. We use high-quality colors to print the graphics on the boxes. We have the following printing methods:

    • Digital printing
    • Offset flexography
    • Lithography

    You can tell us about your preferred color combination on the boxes. And if you are confused about the color selection, get free assistance from us. We will make sure that the color and design of your product portray the standards of your brand. We use the following color mixing modes:

    • CMYK
    • PMS

    Not only this, we have the best printing inks to elevate the look of the boxes. You can get fluorescent, oil colors, Pantone metallic colors, soy, and water-based colors.

    Box Style

    Aside from a huge variety of materials and printing, we also offer different box designs. Essential oil box must have the right box style to prevent product damage. You can either use tuck-top packaging or sleeve-style packaging to pack essential oils. Our popular essential oil box styles are:

    • Top closure packaging
    • Bottom closure boxes
    • Rectangular boxes
    • Showcase exhibit packages


    To proficiently showcase your product and make them outstanding, we will provide your custom essential oil packaging with additional features, such as handles, embossing, debossing, and hot stamping.

    These add-ons will enhance the look of your products to manifolds. When customers enter a shop, they will notice your product on the shelves and select your brand. The use of add-ons is crucial to give products a catchy display.


    As essential oils are packed in glass bottles, the possibility of breakage is very high. To provide extra protection and glam to essential oil boxes we use coatings on them. Our finishes have variable strengths and purposes. You can learn about the type of coatings best suited for your boxes from our website.

    However, if you are still unable to make up your mind regarding coatings then trust us to select the best for you. From eco-friendly to synthetic, we have all the choices. Besides protecting, these coatings give an asthtic look to the packages.

    Why Choose Us? 

    CustomBoxesMarket with its plenty of designs, material options, and cost-effective prices is among the top box manufacturing industries in the United States. We are skilled in providing versatility to our customers and give elegant packaging to their products.

    If you want to give your essential oils an efficient and catchy display in the market then get custom essential oil boxes from our company. With our end-to-end services, we make sure to manufacture holistic packaging as per your brand’s requirements. So, place your order and excel in showcasing your product.


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    Lucy White
    May 19, 2023
     by Lucy White
    ALways on Time!

    I have been ordering custom essential oil boxes from CBM for the last five years. I always get my order without any delay.

    Leonor Garcia
    May 23, 2022
     by Leonor Garcia
    Best In Packaging

    CBM's custom essential oil boxes are a testament to their commitment to quality.

    Lucy White

    May 19, 2023

    I have been ordering custom essential oil boxes from CBM for the last five years. I always get my order without any delay.

    Leonor Garcia

    May 23, 2022

    CBM’s custom essential oil boxes are a testament to their commitment to quality.

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