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Hair extensions are one of the most commonly used products in preparing for a wedding, birthday party, or any other event or occasion that enhances the wearer's overall appearance. These are the most recent trends, and they are accessible in the market to meet a variety of customer needs, such as silky straight hair extensions. Women want to look beautiful in every way, so they prefer hair extensions to increase the volume of their original hair. As you know, hair extensions are a luxury product.  For this reason, the packaging should be commendable. The perfect packaging is custom hair extension boxes. The custom printed hair extension packing boxes with ideal and creative design give your product an eye-catching look. Moreover, they protect your hair extension product from any damage. Consequently, boost your hair product sales with wholesale custom hair extension packaging boxes.  If you are a hair extension manufacturer and trying to find a good packaging company, you are at the right place. We at CustomBoxesMarket provide you with superior quality custom boxes with logo for your product packaging. The main motto of our product packaging is to improve the growth of your branded cosmetic item in the market.

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    Why Is Custom Printed Hair Extension Packaging Compulsory?

    Hair extensions are significant in the retail sector since various audiences widely use them for hair beautification purposes. If you want to add length or shine, this is the time to do it.

    The hair extensions come up in various forms, hues, and tones and have swiftly become top sellers at every beauty store. So many local and large-scale cosmetic firms are developing their hair extension line. So, hair extension boxes are the best representation and the only method to stand out from the crowd and be the customer’s first pick.

    These luxury hair extension packaging boxes are ideal for getting you recognized on the shelves at first glance. Furthermore, displaying the benefits of hair extensions your brand provides makes clients’ purchasing decisions easier.

    In addition, allow customers to see your fake extensions packed inside through a die-cut window for a better customer experience and to perceive the genuine quality and color of the goods without opening the box packaging to check if it meets their needs.

    Stock up on fresh hair extension packaging from CustomBoxesMarket skilled designers, or give it to your clients as a gift so they can give it to their loved ones who wish to add a little extra volume to their hair to seem more lovely and appealing! You can create these custom hair extension packaging boxes wholesale in whatever style, shape, or size you need for your items with their aid and assistance.

    Let’s have a look at how we manufacture custom printed hair extension packaging at CBM for your products’ packaging.

    Create A Distinct Impression With Durable Hair Extension Boxes 

    Personalised hair extension boxes with durable packaging protect your products from external damage. For example, it provides safety from dirt, severe climatic conditions, and breakage incidents.

    When your customers receive hair extensions in their original state, undoubtedly, they will appreciate your brand’s services. As a result, your brand will attain customers’ loyalty, and your branded items’ sales will improve.

    We at CBM offer different packaging material options for your custom hair extension boxes wholesale, such as:

    • Cardboard
    • Corrugated
    • Rigid

    The most commonly used packaging material is cardboard. The cardboard material is highly sturdy and comes with various design options. Moreover, you can print the design on the inner side of custom cardboard hair extension packaging boxes. These custom printed hair extension boxes urge customers to buy your products at first glance. As a result, increase the sales of your branded items.

    The corrugated packaging material is an ideal option to select for shipping purposes. The custom printed corrugated boxes come up with customization options, and alluring coatings give an attractive look to your products. Thus, improve your hair extension products sales with these corrugated boxes.

    To give a luxurious look to your branded item with the help of packaging, rigid packaging material is the best option. The rigid custom hair extension packaging boxes provide an aesthetic appeal to buyers through your product. Consequently, it allures customers to buy your products and improve your sales.

    So, choose any packaging material from the above-mentioned options and improve the worth of your cosmetic brand in the marketplace by beating others.

    Hair Extension Box Packaging With Exclusive Styles Attract Buyers 

    Try to improve customers’ unboxing experience better by choosing the best style for custom boxes with logo wholesale. When customers like your product due to the best unboxing experience. Undoubtedly, they will promote your product and recommend it to others.

    The different styles we offer at CBM for custom hair extension boxes are:

    • Sleeve
    • Boxes with lids
    • Tuck end
    • Reverse tuck end
    • Straight tuck end
    • Window feature style

    So, select any elegant style from the options mentioned above and achieve your target sales.

    Printing Options At CBM For Hair Extension Wholesale Boxes 

    Premium quality printing gives an attractive look to your product. We at CBM offer the highest quality printing for hair extension boxes. The different printing methods we offer:

    • Digital printing
    • Screen printing
    • Offset printing

    The most common printing method for custom printed hair extension packing boxes is offset printing. Moreover, we at CustomBoxesMarket, offer various customization options for your hair extension box packaging. For example, embossing, debossing, lamination, coatings, and waterproof layers give your product packaging an outclass look.

    So, we create custom hair extension wholesale boxes at CBM for your products’ packaging in the ways mentioned earlier.

    Why Should You Choose CBM For Your Hair Extension Packaging?

    We at Custom Boxes Market, work with the best of our in-house designers, printers, and craftspeople. You can seek their help, but ultimately, we give you complete authority over creating your packing box. You can pick the materials, colors, display content, and layouts to make custom hair extension boxes that both symbolize your brand and attract customers at first glance.

    In addition, we can help you with the practical side of things like which materials are better suited to preserve your items for lengthy periods and boost predicted shelf-life through our capable and courteous personnel. Our elegantly personalized hair extension box packaging will enhance your company’s image.

    Moreover, we offer free shipping, free custom design, and no die or plate charges if you order custom hair extension packaging boxes wholesale.

    Order Custom Hair Extension Packaging Boxes Now!

    Please feel free to contact us; we are very easy to work with. Keep in touch with us to get your selected wholesale custom hair extension boxes with free delivery to your door. Our team is available to answer your inquiries at any time.


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    Jose M. Renner
    Sep 13, 2023
     by Jose M. Renner
    durable !

    With CBM’s custom-hair-extension-boxes it has become easy for us to keep our hair extensions untangled. Their boxes are durable so retain the shine and quality of the hair extensions.

    Bettina Cruz
    Aug 26, 2022
     by Bettina Cruz
    perfect shapes

    CBM has solved our problem of preventing our hair extensions from becoming lusterless and entangled due to their custom hair extension boxes. These boxes have marvelously perfect shapes that give a befitting packaging to our products.

    Jose M. Renner

    September 13, 2023

    With CBM’s custom-hair-extension-boxes it has become easy for us to keep our hair extensions untangled. Their boxes are durable so retain the shine and quality of the hair extensions.

    Bettina Cruz

    August 26, 2022

    CBM has solved our problem of preventing our hair extensions from becoming lusterless and entangled due to their custom hair extension boxes. These boxes have marvelously perfect shapes that give a befitting packaging to our products.

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