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Perfumes are all about freshness and appealing aroma. These are fragile cosmetic items enclosed in alluring glass bottles, we hope all of you will be familiar with them. They need sturdy and protective wrapping to secure them from potential damage during shipping or on the retail cosmetics store's shelves. All of the retailers are much familiar that how these boxes are beneficial to make an impact change in the selling ratio.  CustomBoxesMarket provides you with Custom Perfume Boxes - the perfect packaging solution for your perfumes. Our packaging designers create innovative and unique packaging designs that attract customers to your products. If you have any plans regarding designing, styles, or any of them, just ping us, we will get that happen for you with professional guidance. You can customize your perfume packaging boxes considering your needs and product specs.

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    Custom Perfume Packaging Boxes – The Only Way to Lift Your Perfume Brand

    Perfumes are the top-selling cosmetic items that depict beauty and grace. Custom Perfume Packaging Boxes attract your target customers to your products and secure them from environmental damage and shocks during the shipping process. Moreover, you can customize perfume boxes according to your desires. Consequently, you can choose any packaging material, design, style, and printing method to manufacture your perfume boxes and even can add your brand’s logo on it too.

    Custom Packaging – A Perfect Product Marketing Tool

    The custom packaging of perfume boxes with attractive designs plays a key role in your brand’s popularity and awareness in the cosmetics market. It helps you in boosting your products’ promotion in the retail market. In short, custom packaging boxes are the perfect tool for your cost-effective marketing. So, design your custom-printed perfume boxes wholesale innovatively to grab your customers’ eyes to your perfumes and urge them to buy them.

    Make Your Gifts Perfect To Serve With Us

    Furthermore, You can design your custom luxury perfume packaging boxes as gifts for particular events such as Christmas, Easter, New Year, or individual celebrations with themed designs. People love to get custom perfume gift boxes and luxury printing. Moreover, you can design your custom display perfume boxes to present your perfumes in the cosmetics store and promote them among your customer base.

    CustomBoxesMarket is one of the best custom perfume box manufacturers in the USA. We produce customized cosmetic boxes using many innovative perfume packaging ideas that attract customers to your products.

    Innovative Way of Manufacturing Custom Perfume Boxes

    There are wide options to customize perfume boxes’ wholesale packaging, and you can easily personalize them according to your needs. For instance, you can choose packaging material, design, style, color scheme, printing details, and add-on features to create unique custom boxes for perfume packaging. You can find many exclusive perfume box packaging designs at CBM. So, if you have your design ideas, you can share them with us. Our professional will consult with you about this and suggest suitable perfume packaging designs considering your product specifications.

    In addition, the premium quality of custom-made perfume boxes will lead you to attract more customers to your brand. You can take advantage of our expert custom packaging box designers’ creativity to make your brand’s product unique in the crowd of several perfume brands. The customization of perfume boxes helps you build a loyal clientele by offering them the best experience. Moreover, you can create top-notch Wholesale Perfume Packaging Boxes using these custom product package designing features:

    Suitable Packaging Material 

    Perfumes are sensitive cosmetic items, so Custom Perfume Boxes need protective and durable packaging material. The selection of suitable packaging material is most important for brands to create the best Custom Perfume Wholesale Boxes. People prefer to buy products with eco-friendly packaging boxes that protect nature from pollution, like Kraft paper and cardboard boxes. Consequently, you need to choose eco-friendly perfume packaging boxes to grab eco-conscious customers in the cosmetic market.

    Solid packaging doesn’t let the product boxes become de-shaped during shipping. You can ship your products to the end destination securely. Custom cardboard perfume boxes are sturdy as well as a nature-friendly packaging solution to encase cosmetic fashion items. Moreover, the robust Custom Corrugated Perfume Boxes protect the delicate perfume bottles during delivery.

    If your perfume is expensive and luxurious, rigid material is the perfect option for you. Custom rigid perfume boxes provide extensive protection to luxury perfume boxes and allow many printing options that make them more enticing for buyers.

    However, selecting the right packaging material for your perfume box packaging depends on your decisions. In addition, perfume is the best gift option to share among people. You can get Custom Printed Perfume Packaging Boxes at CustomBoxesMarket with luxury and rich addons features such as ribbons or floral addition to attract perfume consumers seeking perfume gifts.

    Designing Options

    The right approach to designing Custom Perfume Boxes Wholesale Packaging can quickly boost your sales in the retail market. Printed perfume boxes are the perfect way to communicate with your target buyer. Designing coherent packaging matching your overall brand’s overall theme can make your custom-made perfume boxes unique. It is essential to captivate customers with your brand’s products. Everything will be open, you can choose any of your favorite designs accordingly.

    Trendy Packaging Styles

    There are several packaging styles; you can choose any packaging style considering your perfume type. Straight Tuck End (STE) and Reverse Tuck End (RTE) are popular and simple packaging styles for custom perfume boxes. However, these packaging styles are just for lightweight perfumes.

    On the other hand, the Tuck Top Auto Lock Bottom packaging box style is perfect for heavier perfume items. This box style has the tuck in to close at the top, but the bottom is collapsible and glued. This feature provides full protection to heavyweight perfumes. These perfume box packaging styles provide customers with a perfect unboxing experience.


    There are more packaging styles for perfumes, such as Take Out Mailer Boxes, Roll-End Tray Boxes, Two-Lid Boxes, and Gable Perfume Boxes.

    Your Dream Printing 

    We use aesthetic and state-of-the-art printing techniques to make your perfume boxes unique among many perfume brands. You can use innovative perfume packaging ideas to make your custom boxes different from others. At CustomBoxesMarket, we use advanced printing techniques, CMYK, and PMS. You can print various colors with CMYK printing (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black), which is perfect for printing images and multicolor graphics.

    On the contrary, PMS (Pantone Matching System) has a higher level of color accuracy. PMS is the best option for logo printing. You can use offset printing, digital printing, UV printing, and Scodix Digital Enhancement printing techniques to make your enticing custom perfume boxes wholesale packaging.

    Informative Printing 

    You can add essential product/brand detail to your packaging boxes. These details include company logo imprinting, taglines, slogans, captivating color schemes, perfume use directions, and cautions with attractive graphics on these boxes. These details make your product and brand more reliable and compelling for buyers in the retail market. Finally, consumers prefer your brand’s perfumes over others.

    Standard Printing 

    Beautiful packaging designs always attract people to your products. You can customize your perfume boxes using different add-on features that make your product unique and enticing. Custom Window Cut Out Boxes allow customers to look inside the box to analyze the real product. This feature increases the brand’s value in the minds of customers.

    Required Addons

    You can add different finishing to make your custom perfume boxes luxurious. These addons features include Gloss/Matte/Scratch/Silk Lamination, Aqueous/Soft Touch Coating, Spot Gloss UV, Gloss UV, Hot/Cool Foil Stamping, and Blind Embossing/Debossing, Registered/Combination Embossing.

    Moreover, you can add inserts and dividers to your perfume packaging containers, such as natural Kraft paperboard inserts, Kraft corrugated inserts, corrugated box divider inserts, and folding carton box divider inserts. These options make your custom boxes enticing and urge people to buy your products.

    Why Choose CustomBoxesMarket?

    We have many years of experience in the manufacturing of custom packaging boxes, including a big list of happy clients. We provide top-notch packaging solutions in the market. Our customer care services, consultation, and premium quality packaging make us the best perfume box manufacturer.

    CustomBoxesMarket offers high-grade packaging for Perfume Boxes. We design wholesale perfume box packaging according to your specific needs. Moreover, you also can customize them considering your design preferences and get our professionals’ advice regarding your particular packaging solutions.

    In addition, we provide perfume brands with creatively made, innovative, and unique packaging of custom perfume boxes. Our packaging designers make top-level custom perfume packaging wholesale boxes using their creative skills, experience, and capabilities. We help you boost your perfume products’ marketing potential more than you realize.

    Here are our top service features that will urge you to choose us for your custom perfume box packaging:

    • Free shipping all over the USA
    • Free custom packaging designs
    • Quick Turnaround Time (6 to 8 days)
    • Professional customer care services
    • No die, plate, and hidden charges
    • Minimum order limit – 100 boxes

    Place an order at CustomBoxesMarket to get custom perfume boxes at a reasonable cost with captivating designs to get dream packaging for your perfumes.


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    Oct 5, 2021
     by Marc
    Superb Quality!

    I ordered perfume boxes from this company. My main concern was to get the premium quality of the box and I can't say how satisfied I am after getting my boxes. Super Satisfied working with Custom Boxes Market!


    October 5, 2021

    I ordered perfume boxes from this company. My main concern was to get the premium quality of the box and I can’t say how satisfied I am after getting my boxes. Super Satisfied working with Custom Boxes Market!

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