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With the rise in the fashion industry and being bonded with tech features, cosmetic businesses are evolving day in and day out. CustomBoxesMarket is an exceptional packaging company that deals with all kinds of box manufacturing. We have a team of trained professionals who have years of hands-on experience that enables us to have all customers satisfied. We provide our customers with an extensive range of custom eyeshadow boxes that you will love. We can make your store look like a personalized space for those who are fond of fashion and cosmetics. As a general consensus, most people believe that eye shadows are one of the most used products in ladies' cosmetics as without them their makeup line is incomplete. But none likes to purchase a product that comes in low-quality packaging, and not even a single person may show some interest in it. Therefore, we being the experts in packaging trends, will ensure that you have proper boxes to utilize to maximize the possibility of increased sales. Being the most reputable packaging box company, CustomBoxesMarket is determined to add value to the lives of our customers.

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    Feel The Real Glitter With Our Custom Eyeshadow Boxes

    Express the inner and outer beauty of your eyeshadows by choosing quality eyeshadow boxes for display. With us on your side, we can help our customers make perfect your packaging by creating your own luxurious packaging eyeshadow boxes! 

    The eyeshadow box design is ideal for ecommerce as well as normal retail companies. The personal shapes and sizes for the Eyeshadow packaging boxes provide possibilities that render customers speechless. All the while catching attention on the shelf.

    The Need For Custom Eyeshadow Boxes

    Modern eyeshadow boxes are an efficient way of packaging and selling your brand’s products. The eye-catching design and box structure provides an excellent cost-effective method for printing graphics on the box by style. 

    Moreover, in the competitive market, Eyeshadow packaging boxes will be promoters for themselves. As well as the customers who use and love them.

    Making your cosmetic brand reliable through eyeshadow packaging is one of the vest marketing strategies to be used. You just have to put your unshakeable belief in us and we will make sure of managing the rest. 

    Our Manufacturing Process

    The manufacturing process at CBM is quite comprehensive but all of our team is dedicated to dividing the process into sprints, and we pay specialized attention to each part of the process. Therefore, we never happen to wane the standards of our manufacturing process. Ultimately, all this makes us stand out in the sheer market competition. 

    Material selection

    The packaging material we use is the building block for any of your desired shapes for custom Eyeshadow boxes. Since we never use low-quality material, our team stays in touch with market trends of different materials, and we select the best material, which fits the requirement and size of your project. 

    Our clients who believe in eco-friendliness adore our bio-degradable and robust feature and prefer their products to transition from plastic packaging to kraft packaging. 

    The most popular packaging material is kraft. However, you can choose from the following too: 

    How Do We Design 

    When it comes to creating the best eyeshadow packaging, most companies are torn between making theirs sturdy or impactful. We take care of both of these by addressing your concerns and working to eliminate the fears of damage to your Eyeshadow pans in the packaging. Making it now only stylish, but working to create an impression with unboxing experiences. 

    We make sure the interior and exterior coordinate in their vibes to ensure excitement from customers. And print them with the finest quality of printing and laminated surfaces for your eyeshadow packaging boxes. 

    Is Our Printing Reliable? 

    When it comes to printing the designs or any images requested by our customers, we use advanced machinery and technology, both combined, to yield the result of your choice. We never take any risk that can negatively impact our relationship with customers. 

    Packaging can turn into a disaster if not printed the right way with expertise. 

    The best thing about CBM’s packaging services is the use of fine and tested printing technologies. We maintain top-notch quality designs with high-end printing solutions to target your specific audience and leave an attractive impression. 

    UV Spot, gloss AQ, matte lamination, silver or gold foiling, etc. Fine quality ink for printing like CMYK, Spot Colors, PMS, etc. are only some of our custom Eyeshadow packaging printing options. Thus, we can say that our printing techniques are quite reliable. 

    Innovation On Eyeshadow Boxes

    The artistic mindset of our graphic designers combined with your preferences and requirements results in innovation and creativity in your packaging. The creative approach for manufacturing our eyeshadow packaging boxed makes us stand out and compel companies towards us. 

    You can also catch your customer’s attention quickly through simple, or colorful and unique custom Eyeshadow boxes. 

    Shipment Policy

    All of our custom Eyeshadow box deliveries are set for quality and safe shipping with the finest material. 

    The time it takes the Eyeshadow boxes to reach your door depends on the length of the project. Which you can easily determine after you submit your quote. 

    Normal shipping time takes 10-12 business days, however, the shipping time can be rushed on your choice!

    You can refer to our turnaround times to estimate when you’ll get the Eyeshadow box order. Start by ordering through our form today and get notified.

    Place Your Custom Eyeshadow Box Order Today!

    Start your Eyeshadow packaging journey in under 5 minutes! Navigate to our quote section just beneath and start by telling us what you need for the boxes!

    Place your order and submit the request. Or contact us directly and get a reply within the first 24 hours. And start designing your Eyeshadow packaging artwork right away!

    Why CBM?

    We are not any novice but each professional has an experience of more than a decade. CBM packaging designers work to provide cosmetic businesses with their idealized packaging. 

    We offer time-saving packaging solutions with Eyeshadow boxes with cost-effective design options. If you have extra money to burn, we got that covered too!

    We take special care of details that would go unnoticed otherwise. Our specialization team works in coordination with your imagination and preferences to create packaging for your eyeshadows that sell on first sight.

    Access extensive styles for custom Eyeshadow packaging by placing your order today!


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    Steven C. Mitchem
    Sep 13, 2022
     by Steven C. Mitchem
    enhanced presentation

    I had branded quality eyeshadows and got custom-eyeshadow-boxes that enhanced the overall presentation of the product. And I am lucky that I got this from CBM.

    Patricia G. Burton
    Jul 19, 2022
     by Patricia G. Burton

    Still confused from where to order custom-eyeshadow-boxes? The answer to this is CBM they are providing this service and have professionals to craft your designs well.

    Steven C. Mitchem

    September 13, 2022

    I had branded quality eyeshadows and got custom-eyeshadow-boxes that enhanced the overall presentation of the product. And I am lucky that I got this from CBM.

    Patricia G. Burton

    July 19, 2022

    Still confused from where to order custom-eyeshadow-boxes? The answer to this is CBM they are providing this service and have professionals to craft your designs well.

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