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The concern for beauty is a concern for packaging. CustomBoxesMarket offers the most advanced packaging solutions for packing eyelash products. We manufacture the best-quality custom eyelash boxes that withstand hard times and can bear the brunt of harshness, no matter if it’s because of weather or something else. Our experience and expertise, combined with each other, enable us to accumulate as many happy customers as we want.  We know that Ladies have a special interest in eyelashes as this can increase their beauty and make them look pretty. Old and young women equally prefer to use eyelash products. Specially developed Custom Eyelash boxes by CBM can protect your product in its natural condition and maintain the quality for a longer time. When we are on your side, you do not need to search for other packaging companies but talk to us for any custom requirements. Our team will definitely cater to your requests as per our responsibility.

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    Modern Glitter In Packaging Industry

    Our modern techniques of packaging help us make customers feel the glitter of the new era.

    Eyelashes are one of the most popular cosmetic products in the market these days. When such products are wrapped in our beautiful boxes, the overall experience of buyer turns out to be amazing. The protection of the eyelashes from dust and pollution should be done through the best packaging solution.

    A packaging solution like custom eyelash boxes should not only be sturdy and attractive but cost-effective to help you rise to the competition. With CustomBoxesMarket Eyelash product packaging, quality is ensured in shipping and attractiveness to customers on the shelf!

    We are a team of qualified, trusted, and background-checked professionals. You can expect nothing but quality workmanship because fulfilling your expectations is what we can do well. From its inception, our mission has remained the same, which is to make packaging easy, convenient, and affordable. So, whatever amount of eyelash boxes are required, we will cater to it. No matter how big or small your business is, we handle every order starting from 100 boxes.

    Exceptional & Custom Eyelash Boxes

    Are your customers one of those that are not attracted to common packaging designs? Well, custom eyelash packaging boxes are a great way to differentiate and attract customers through visual impact. With CBM’s custom options, you have everything you need to make the process easier and faster.

    No product is similar in size compared to others, which creates fuss for business owners when it is about packaging. That’s not a problem anymore. We manufacture the boxes as per the given dimensions and ensure that all your products have proper boxes when displayed or sold.

    Effective Manufacturing Process Of Eyelash Packaging

    Being professional creators of custom eyelash packaging wholesale for years, we know the trend shifts and how to create each box with utmost care.  We craft packaging that boosts the look of your brand through the latest technologies.

    The building block of your custom eyelash packaging is the selection of the material.

    It should be widely chosen according to width, shape, and size.

    • E-flute corrugated
    • Cardboard sheets
    • Kraft
    • Cardstock paper
    • Bux Board

    Apart from our distinctive identity, the number one thing about the materials used in custom eyelash packaging is the biodegradable elements. We take into consideration the impacts of packaging on the environment.

    Our green movement has created these craft boxes that do not provide the environment harm. Play your part in making the environment clean by choosing no other than CBM’s eco-friendly eyelash boxes.

    Designing For Branding Purposes 

    A customer should remember where a specific product was purchased. Hence, CMB’s design team ensures that every single image or text being used is relevant to your business, making customers remember the name of the seller for a long time.

    We understand packaging layers and work to provide them to you according to your needs. At CBM the design of the custom eyelash packaging is very different from the normal packaging designs hence, giving a touch of uniqueness to the rather common eyelash packaging boxes.

    Moreover, with a 3D mockup and design support, you can track the progress of your custom eyelash packaging boxes. And keep up with the latest trend shifts and work according to them.

    Special Add-Ons

    We also use Add Ons for elevated and innovative eyelash packaging boxes. Some of the add-ons include.  AQ coating, Matte Coating, Gloss Coating, Gold or Silver Foiling, Embossing, Debossing, and Spot UV. These additional features can be chosen at the end of the production cycle.

    Our Shipment Policy

    We deliver all your custom eyelash product boxes in 7-10 business days. Whether you already have an established business, or you’re looking to stand out in the competition fast, you’ll get the customers’ eyelash boxes in less than the average time.

    For more information, contact us on our Email and tell us your specifications. This will help us determine the approximate time for completing your eyelash box project.

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    The easy-to-navigate layout of our quote function makes it easier to place your order of custom eyelash boxes in under 5 minutes!

    The pop-up guidelines will help you through the process, and you will be able to enter your specifications in record time for the Eyelash Boxes and get a free quote.

    Why CBM?

    CustomBoxesMarket has gained experience by creating a large array of cosmetic boxes for thousands of businesses. With our custom eyelash wholesale packaging boxes, you’ll be able to save your time and money with our offers and designing support of free die-cut and plating charges. We strive to bring more and more innovations with time because our vision is to make packaging the most convenient part of any business.

    Our customer support team includes expert professionals who have all the necessary information. You can let us know the required number of boxes and their specs, we will let you know the estimated cost of the project. Are you ready now?

    Give us a call today to receive a free quote!


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    Donnell Colon
    Dec 10, 2022
     by Donnell Colon
    Fast turaround!

    Received my order of custom eyelash boxes from CBM. They guided me with accurate information and delivered the order in just 6 days.

    Aug 1, 2022
     by Grazyna
    from CBM my problem was completely resolved!

    I have been running a beauty brand for several years but failed to find a packaging that can keep my delicate lashes intact. However, by getting my order of custom eyelash boxes from CBM my problem was completely resolved.

    Donnell Colon @ 12/10/2022 11:25

    December 10, 2022

    Received my order of custom eyelash boxes from CBM. They guided me with accurate information and delivered the order in just 6 days.


    August 1, 2022

    I have been running a beauty brand for several years but failed to find a packaging that can keep my delicate lashes intact. However, by getting my order of custom eyelash boxes from CBM my problem was completely resolved.

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