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Nothing could be worse than eating cold pizza slices, and this can spoil your entire business. Custom pizza slice boxes are the only way to get this issue resolved. Your customers want their favorite fast food to be fresh and warm to eat, and that’s what our pizza slice packaging has been built for. Custom Boxes Market offers premium quality pizza slice packaging boxes that meet the current market trends. They are delicate edible products that need enhanced protection from environmental factors and CBM’s pizza slice could be the game-changing for you.

What we are offering:

  • Keeps your pizza slice fresh and warm to eat.
  • 100% heat retention.
  • Can have any desired shape, size, printing.
  • Materials: Corrugated and Paperboard materials.
  • 6 to 8 days fast and free delivery at your doorstep.

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    Custom Pizza Slice Boxes

    Pizza is the most popular fast food product in the world. Custom pizza slice boxes are the perfect marketing tool for you if you want to promote your pizza business faster than your competitors. These fast food boxes can be customized in different stocks, sizes, shapes, and details printing. In addition, professional pizza slice packaging impacts sales and benefits brand growth.

    The custom printed pizza slice boxes with the logo can help brands in their product promotion and marketing. Custom Boxes Market provides food brands with food-grade packaging boxes for pizza slices at an economical cost with lucrative designs. The enticing pizza slice box packaging attracts foodies to the brand and assists in brand growth.

    Furthermore, we use paper material for pizza slice packaging boxes. The cardboard, Kraft, and corrugated cardboard are the highly used stocks to make customizable pizza slice boxes. They are eco-friendly, biodegradable, cost-efficient, lightweight, and easy to personalize material compared to others.


    The pizza slice packaging with sturdy paper-made stocks provides an extensive level of production to fragile instant foods. They protect them from germs, bacteria, and harmful environmental factors that can negatively impact products’ taste and freshness. These factors include moisture, extensive heat, or various weather conditions.

    When you use these durable pizza boxes, you can ensure the safety of your pizza slices. This will also help you make a strong impression on the customers and make them believe in the best quality of your pizza. This way you can win loyal customers and make high sales.

    Sustainable Material

    Nature safety from hazardous elements is essential which can badly impact the ecosystem. Green packaging is the need for today’s retail product packaging Cardboard, Kraft, and corrugated fiberboard are eco-friendly materials. They are easy to craft boxes in any specific design and are more cost-effective than other materials.

    In addition to the above-mentioned material, we also give the option of solid bleach sulfate (SBS) material which is the most appropriate option for printing and add-ons like embossing and debossing. You can select the box thickness from the range of 18pt to 24pt. To add a little more protection, you can pt for additional coatings on the wholesale pizza slice boxes.

    Budget Friendly

    The packaging cost impacts the profit margin of the pizza brands. If you need cost-effective packaging; cardboard is a highly used and economical material for a wide variety of retail products, including food items. It is a less expensive option than other paper stocks and can be customized according to your required box designs and budget.

    That’s why renowned and new fast-food chains use this material for packaging pizza slice boxes wholesale. Furthermore, you can save a lot of money for your brand if you buy them in bulk.

    Let’s have a look at the customization of custom Triangle pizza boxes:

    Exclusive Features For Custom Pizza Slice Boxes

    Custom boxes for single slice pizza boxes packaging help promote your business faster than your expectations. Here are some of the mentionable custom design options that help attract customers to your brand and make you a popular brand among people:

    Trending Pizza Slice Box Designs

    You know what’s best about us? We always keep our clients aware of the market trends and help them in their own trendy ideas to make them happen in reality. You can choose any design for custom pizza packing boxes according to the market trends and your brand theme.

    Moreover, to make your product boxes more catchy, you can print pizza images with other information using a minimalistic design. Furthermore, you can use any box style and shape for pizza box packaging, such as rectangular, square, or triangle.

    If you need help in designing professional Wholesale custom pizza slice boxes, Custom Boxes Market is available for your food packaging solutions. Our professional designers create unique custom boxes and set you apart from the rest in the competition.

    Premium Quality Custom Printing Options

    Customers like products that come in striking and unique packaging compared to generic and traditional packaging. We provide our clients with top-quality printing using modern and innovative printing techniques and tools. You can get custom pizza slice packaging boxes designed with these printing techniques:

    • Offset printing

    • Digital printing

    • Screen printing

    • Flexographic printing

    • Gravure printing

    The offset printing technology is widely used in the market for bulk orders. The more your product box is eye-catching, the more chances are of your product sales. That way, you can compete with your rival brands bravely and beat them to become a trustworthy pizza company for your food lovers.

    Catchy Finishes

    Eye-catching finishing on fast food packaging boxes can impact buyers’ purchase behavior. The attractive and unique packaging always draws customers’ attention to the product. To make your custom pizza slice boxes more attractive to buyers, you can use various embellishments like matte/glossy lamination and spot UV lamination.

    Furthermore, coating, metalized foiling, embossing, debossing, and window die cuts are key options that not only beautify the boxes but also protect them from harmful external factors.

    Perfect Brand Awareness

    Custom pizza slice boxes play a key role in enhancing branded food product marketing in the retail food market. The custom-designed logo of the brand is essential to make customers recognize your fast-food pizza products.

    That way, you can decrease your marketing cost and invest it in another resource of your company. Custom Boxes Market prints your custom pizza packaging boxes in an appealing way using the latest trends in the competitive market.

    Extensive Customization Options

    At Custom Boxes Market we give our clients the full authority to select the custom pizza box design as per their desire. In addition to the design, you can also choose the dimensions of the boxes according to your pizza slices. The general range of the box dimension is 2.5 inches to 12 inches in length, 1.5 inches to 6 inches in width, and in height, we offer 3 inches to 12 inches. However, if you have any other specific box size requirements, just contact our representative to know more.

    Why Choose Us?

    We are a renowned custom Individual Pizza slice boxes wholesale packaging provider in the USA. Custom Boxes Market provides its client brands with top-notch quality product boxes with lucrative design features that attract customers.

    We have more than a decade of experienced packaging designers who create unique pizza box packaging according to your preferences and consider the latest trends in the packaging industry. We offer free shipping in the USA with no additional charges. You can get discounts on different occasions. So, choose our company to get the best packaging results for your pizza products.


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    These are custom packaging boxes specifically designed to keep individual pizza slices inside them. Call us today and inquire more about us!

    Custom pizza slice boxes keep pizza slices intact inside, and safe from any possible external threat such as bacteria intrusion. 

    Kraft paper and cardboard are commonly used packaging materials for custom pizza slice boxes. We use a variety of materials that are for different purposes. 

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