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Fragile food products such as cupcakes, cookies, and chocolates need a bit more protection. These products can easily lose their shape if not protected with the befitting pacakging. For this purpose custom food punch partition are suitable.  These food partitions will prevent damage to the product during transit and keep the baked product in an upright position. As the presentation of bakery products has a huge impact on overall sales, therefore CustomBoxesMarket provides customized partitions for food products. We use durable materials to manufacture punch partitions. As food-grade material is necessary to prevent contamination, therefore we use kraft and corrugated material. Besides this, these materials are sustainable so you can keep your surroundings safe.  We have top-notch manufacturing facilities with which we provide punch partition trays of all shapes and sizes along with catchy coatings. So if you have any specific demands for your order you can contact our customer care representative.

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    Get Custom Food Punch Partition For A Better Product Protection 

    Custom food punch partition is used to provide additional protection to the packed items. These partitions are the best to pack multiple items in the box without the fear of product damage. Some food items like chocolates, candies, cookies, pastries, etc have frosting that can mess up if not protected appropriately. 

    To prevent product damage and presentation, CustomBoxesMarket provides a food punch partition. These partitions will keep the product in an upright position and protect each of the packed items individually. 

    If you are facing damage to the texture and the presentation of the product you must invest in these punch partitions. You can easily deliver your fragile items using puch partitions in the boxes. 

    Who Should Invest In Custom Food Punch Partitions? 

    Food manufacturers particularly bakeries need punch partitions to deliver their baked goods in the best shape. Bakery products like cupcakes and cookies contain frosting that needs protection, which can be sufficiently provided with punch partitions.

    Custom food punch partition design can be varied according to the product. We are providing custom shapes for these partitions such as star, circular, rectangular, etc. These partitions are the best option to deliver your products safely and soundly. 

    How Can These Partitions Benefit You? 

    For bakers, the presentation of bakery items is of primary importance. As people cherish these products to enjoy and make their moments memorable, therefore perfection in presentation is necessary. And with the help of custom packaging food punch partition, we facilitate brands to maintain this perfection. 

    CustomBoxesMarket can help you to give impressive pacakging to your clients. You can become a popular choice of people by giving them exclusive-looking packaging and ultimately become a successful bakery owner. 

    We help clients to expand their business, as by getting food partitions from us, clients can easily deliver their products to longer distances. You can even start taking online orders because now the hindrance of product damage during transit can be eliminated with our punch partitions. 

    We Have Plenty Of Customization Options

    We have high-tech and top-notch manufacturing facilities with which we provide plenty of customization options to our clients. Using our ultra-tech facilities we add innovation to food protection. Our team devises every possible means to create eye-catching products for clients. CBM’s manufacturing process includes: 

    High-Quality Affordable Material 

    CustomBoxesMarket aims to give its clients the finest quality products. To achieve our goal we only use high-quality material. No matter if you are getting retail packaging, a display box, or box inserts, you will get the best of the available options in the market. 

    The reason to use a sturdy material in the packaging is that the wholesale custom food punch partition has to keep the product steady. If the material is easy to collapse then the intended purpose of the packaging will not be achieved. That is why we give special attention to the punch partitions. In this regard, we use: 

    Food-Grade Nature And Sustainability 

    Along with durability, our manufacturing materials are food-grade. Our food-grade material is a suitable option to prevent contamination. This way you can keep the baked goods free from any contamination. 

    Besides, all the raw materials used in the packaging are eco-friendly. By getting your punch partitions from us, you can keep the climate safe from further pollution. The multifaceted nature of our puch partitions is vital for you to succeed. 

    Custom Color Options 

    Although many companies prefer to get plain punch partitions, we have the option for printed custom food punch partition too. We offer custom colors for partitions that align perfectly with your brand theme. 

    Whether you want pastel hues or you are looking for more luxurious colors you can tell us and our designers will provide you with the best option. We have advanced color mixing procedures so you can get the exact colors of your choice. 

    Different Decorative Coatings 

    To add a touch of luxury, we offer different coatings on the custom food punch partition. These coatings are also food-grade. Our most luxurious coatings for punch partitions are gold, silver, and pearl coatings. 

    So to make the experience of your customer best with your company and to facilitate them in getting the luxurious coatings, you must invest in the high-quality punch partition for baked products. 

    Different Shapes And Styles 

    We provide exclusive custom facilities to our clients. So you can easily get all sizes and shapes for your product. Whether you want to protect cupcakes or want to secure your chocolates, with our die-cut machines we will provide you all the options. 

    Why Us? 

    CustomBoxesMarket is a user-friendly company that provides custom food punch partitions at lower rates and according to the exact demands of the customers. We have numerous customization facilities to give unique products.  To get your orders in the minimum duration place your order today. 


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    Emily Joseph
    Apr 5, 2023
     by Emily Joseph

    Our experience with CBM was great. They have supplied us with custom-food-punch-partition in just two 6 days and make food protection easy for us.

    Karson Kate
    Nov 22, 2022
     by Karson Kate

    The best and most economical custom-food-punch-partition of CBM has helped me to present my cupcakes in the best way.

    Emily Joseph

    April 5, 2023

    Our experience with CBM was great. They have supplied us with custom-food-punch-partition in just two 6 days and make food protection easy for us.

    Karson Kate

    November 22, 2022

    The best and most economical custom-food-punch-partition of CBM has helped me to present my cupcakes in the best way.

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