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There may not be a single person who dislikes noodles. That is why a good number of people love to purchase noodles, which makes it necessary to package them into the proper boxes. At CustomBoxesMarket, we manufacture premium custom noodle boxes that can add an additional layer of value to noodle products. Our track record of previous order completions makes us the right choice for noodle production companies. By incorporating the right strategies in the manufacturing process, we make sure our customers get in essence what they are looking for! All these things enabled us to reach the highest position in the packaging industry, making us a trustable name you can count on.  From initiating to completing your order, what we do is care about your choice and preference. So, ignore how complicated this can be, just leave our job to us because we know it for a long time!

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    Make The Noodle Taste Unforgettable

    CBM, commonly referred to as the best packaging company, specialized in printing, designing, and finishing the proper boxes for noodles. Our custom noodle boxes come in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes, which makes it possible for a business like yours to choose the fittest option for your product packaging. Our boxes are pretty presentable so that your customers will never forget to order their favorite noodles!

    Are We The Option To Count On?

    Our vision says, “We strive to become an industry-leading packaging company that all businesses, no matter what type of industry they are from, can trust our craftsmanship”. After spending a long period in the market, we have earned the finest and unshakeable reputation because of the ultimate client trust we have developed. In addition, our qualities such as attention to detail, background-checked crew, and environment-friendly material enable us to yield the best-looking noodle boxes.


    Materials, Prints & Designs

    The use of specialized materials for noodle boxes, making available highly appealing prints, and coming up with different design ideas is what most customers love about us. There are a variety of packaging materials available at the time we can use such as Kraft, corrugated, paperboard, cardboard, and several others. When you have the preference to box your noodle product in any kind of material, we will always be ready to cater to your request.

    Apart from that, we possess a wide range of ready-made prints that may resemble your branding kit or the type of noodles you are selling. When your specific ideas are suggested, our printing team creates matchless prints using offset and digital printing technology. Furthermore, we also use CMYS, Pantone Matching System, and other printing options.

    Any kind of inserts, dividers, or compartments that you may like, we will ensure to provide you in a similar shape and design that you would expect.

    Top Qualities That Set Us Apart

    We have the ability to turn your dream packaging into a reality. CBM is not just a business, but a place for building relationships with customers. No matter how slow or fast your business operations are, we have the indispensable approach to fulfilling your packaging demands. In general, there is no specific age limit for people to love eating noodles, which obviously results in more sales. As a result, you need to partner with a packaging company like ours that can offer high-quality noodle boxes.

    Responsibility & Accountability

    At CBM, our team is committed to manufacturing state-of-the-art boxes that withstand the harshness of external threats to the freshness and taste of your noodles. Our process is designed in a way to ensure that we responsibly take care of the overall manufacturing from initiation to completion. Packaging to us is our passion and we never compromise on the quality. Keeping the standards high is what differentiates us.

    Impeccable Track Record

    Our track record speaks for the values we provide. We have successfully been manufacturing the right type of custom noodle boxes to help businesses with their packaging needs. For a long time, our team has consistently been adding value to the packaging for food businesses such as yours. Our premium standards set us apart from other packaging companies. We have a significant number of social reviews and positive remarks, showing the credibility of our company.

    Variety Of Designs & Materials

    With several ready-made designs and arts, our company is established to provide as many facilities as possible. We have the required talent to differentiate between good designs and bad designs, or about what is trendy in the market. Usually, when we have any design idea, we practically give it a shape and make it ready for future use.

    Exclusively, we have a variety of materials, including Kraft, corrugated, paperboard, cardboard, and several others. Whatever type of material you think can be best is the right bet. It is our hobby to give importance to the preference of customers. Moreover, whatever design your company wants to select for noodles, just let us know and leave the rest to us.

    Customer Support

    Most businesses lack the efficiency to maintain proper communication with customers. But it is not a problem when your cover is our able team. We have a dedicated team for customer support who just attentively listen to customers and provide them assistance. So, whatever and whenever you have any queries, just let us know, and we will be of utmost help.


    Look Nowhere But CBM. Get a Quote Today!

    CustomBoxesMarket is the name of trust and dedication when your requirements are to order customized noodle boxes. With us on your side, there’s no question of quality manufacturing because it is what makes us distinguished. Whatever quantity is required for your business; we will be happy to serve with open arms!

    No matter if you are confused about whom to choose for packaging. The best bet is to test out and get some experience partnering with a packaging company. Then, why not us? Our minimum order quantity is just 100 boxes, which does not cost much more than a few bucks. We make sure that you will get the maximum bang.

    Give us a call today and discuss your order with us! Of course, it is free!



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    Georgia Mullins
    Aug 17, 2023
     by Georgia Mullins
    Customers loved it!

    I got custom noodle boxes from CBM for my restaurants and they worked great. Customers loved them more than before!

    Georgia Mullins

    August 17, 2023

    I got custom noodle boxes from CBM for my restaurants and they worked great. Customers loved them more than before!

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