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Custom macaron boxes are multifaceted packaging that gives the best presentation and unmatchable protection to this French pastry. From Custom Boxes Market, you can get the best design at the most feasible prices for macaron packaging. Whether you want a sleeve box or you are looking for rigid luxurious packaging you can contact us. We have the most popular designs for the boxes that make them different from other ordinary brands and make your experience with CBM worthy. You get free assistance from our representative to select the most suitable packaging style, design, and color for your biscuits. With our company, you can significantly reduce your packaging expenditure and advertisement costs. We provide logo-printed boxes that make the packaging an advertisement too. As we are among the top manufacturers of macaron boxes, therefore we have the best add-ons to make them outclass. You can get free shipping and the fastest turnout by getting your order from our company.

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    Add Value To Your Products Using Custom Macaron Boxes

    Macarons are a type of French pastry and come under luxury baked goods. It is one of the most favorite delicacies in the world and is enjoyed at special events. These luxurious cookies are packed in high-quality custom macaron boxes to give them an aesthetic look and to increase their worth. 

    Bakeries manufacturers need special attention to pack their products. The reason for this is that, apart from sturdiness, the packaging must look appealing. And only a renowned manufacturing industry can give such packaging with dual benefits, such as Custom Boxes Market. 

    Do not damage the quality of the product by getting substandard macaron boxes. You can significantly increase the worth of your product by getting custom boxes for your macarons. Whether your primary importance is to protect the product or give it attractiveness, with the customization you can get any feature in your packaging. 

    How Custom Macaron Boxes Can Increase Product Value? 

    You can increase the value of your product by packing them in high-end packaging. We provide only robust boxes so our clients can impress the buyers. Customers judge the perceived value of the product by looking at the packaging and willingly paying a bit extra price if they find the quality of food packaging good. 

    Considering this proclivity of clients, we provide the most catchy designs on our high-endurance packaging. You can add value to your macarons by getting custom macaron boxes design in an unmatchable way by CBM. 

    What Benefits Custom Boxes From CBM Provide? 

    Previously the sole purpose of packaging was to protect the product, but now people are wise and get the full benefits of packaging. Now packaging is used to promote the brand, protect the product, and appease customers. 

    Various tactics are used by the brands to get the most distinct packaging for their baked goods. The selection of the best material is an arduous task, however, from our industry, you can get the best macaron boxes wholesale. 

    Variety Of Material Options 

    The texture of packaging depends upon the material used to manufacture it. Therefore we use different types of materials to manufacture boxes. Our material ensures that the product inside the boxes remains fresh and crispy. 

    Macarons are labeled as premium biscuits and their packaging matters a lot to increase their worth. Robustness of material is necessary if you are looking for premium boxes. Custom Boxes Market uses four types of raw materials such as: 

    • Lightweight Kraft 
    • Cardstock material 
    • Fluted cardstock or corrugated material 
    • Rigid boxes 

    Enticing Artwork 

    Besides material, enticing artwork on custom packaging macaron boxes wholesale is also important from a commercial point of view. The customers give careful attention while selecting their favorite brand for macarons. That is why we use high-quality printings to make the plain packaging decorative. 

    We use offset printing when sharp images are required on the packaging and for the fastest turnout we offer digital printing. Furthermore, we have some other very popular types of printing processes. So if you want to design boxes with some other high-end printings then we are ready to facilitate you. 

    Best Color Combination 

    Macarons, the sandwich cookies, are mostly available in pastel colors. As the color of the packaging must resemble the product, hence we provide high-quality pastel colors to the macaron packaging boxes. 

    We use PMS and CMYK color mixing processes for packaging. Using these techniques we print the boxes with some of the splendid colors. So whatever the color demand of your company, whether pastel or some other shades, Custom Boxes Market has all the options. 

    Different Box Designs 


    To pack the products with different styles of packaging is very important. This is an excellent way to give something unique to the customers. As we fully understand that different box designs can play a crucial role in attracting customers, that is why provide the following box styles for macaron custom macaron boxes: 

    • Mailer boxes 
    • Tuck-end packaging 
    • Flip-top boxes 
    • Sleeves boxes

    The above-mentioned styles are some of our common box styles. We have various other styles for boxes and you can get any of the designs as per your requirement. 

    Get The Best Add-Ons For Your Macaron Boxes 

    Now you have learned adequately about the type of material and printing that we use in the manufacturing of macaron boxes wholesale. To give additional features and to make the packaging one of its kind we use different types of add-ons on the boxes. 

    For instance, for a raised impression on the boxes, we use an embossing method where the packaging paper is raised and the area becomes prominent from the surroundings. Our debossing process is the exact opposite of embossing and it also makes the debossed area visible. 

    Using both processes we give an appealing look to the packaging. We have numerous other options such as foiling, spot UV, etc for biscuit packaging. 

    Change The Look Of Your Packaging With Matt And Gloss Coatings

    To create packaging with a luxurious look, we offer matt and gloss coatings. For a velvety look, we offer matt coatings. This coating makes the packaging elegant. In the same way, our gloss coating creates a glare on the packaging that makes it premium. 

    Why Custom Boxes Market? 

    For custom macaron boxes, we are the brands’ first choice due to our economical rates, free design services, free shipping services, no charges for die plates, and fastest turnout. 


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    Todd Williams
    Sep 14, 2023
     by Todd Williams
    Highly recommend

    I highly recommend the CustomBoxesMarket due to their premium quality packaging of custom macron boxes. They don't charge extra free for custom design support and have a fast turnaround.

    Todd Williams

    September 14, 2023

    I highly recommend the CustomBoxesMarket due to their premium quality packaging of custom macron boxes. They don’t charge extra free for custom design support and have a fast turnaround.

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