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Sushi belongs to the unique South Asian cuisines that are relished differently. For this unique product, a different type of packaging is important. For all the restaurants CBM’s custom sushi boxes are an ideal choice. Our packaging boxes are a mixture of attractiveness and high quality so you can get dual benefits from them. We are among the top manufacturers of food packaging in the USA for all the good reasons. Whether you are running a small sushi counter or you have a large restaurant our sushi boxes are an excellent choice for you. We are suitable for all restaurants because of our multifaceted and economical packaging boxes.  If you want your sushi to look different from other brands then let us lead you. We provide resilient packaging that perfectly secures the sushi and makes it easy for you to deliver to far-flung areas. Furthermore, we adhere to the green planet so by selecting our services you can remain sustainable.

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    The South Asian dish sushi is among the very versatile foods that can be made with a variety of ingredients. Sushi mainly consists of rice and fish and both need to be packed to keep them fresh. If you are running a sushi business and want custom sushi boxes then CBM has something special to give. 

    As a packaging industry, CBM is determined to incorporate innovation in the packaging boxes of its clients. We have a talented team of designers that give a unique look to the packaging of your products. Our box designs are the latest and most appealing. 

    Apart from the aesthetic design of sushi box packaging, we are giving our clients the most economical option for customized boxes. With our food-grade packaging, you can keep your product safe from any kind of contamination or intoxication. 

    Main Objective Of Custom Boxes 

    Sushi is a bit of a different food product that needs a different kind of packaging. In the market, you can easily find general food packaging boxes but they are insufficient to protect your sushi. Besides this, with general packaging, you can not promote your brand and increase the charm of your packaging. 

    Considering these problems many restaurants have shifted toward the use of sushi take away boxes specifically customized for their product. But to get befitting packaging with incorporated branding features and durability you must have to contact an experienced packaging company such as CBM. 

    Aside from the use of resilient material and appropriate size for the sushi packaging, we make sure that your product looks different from the rest of the companies by designing it differently. 

    How Do We Design Your Boxes? 

    For the designing of sushi boxes wholesale we use advanced packaging facilities. Not only this, we have several customization facilities that help us in designing your boxes with the most unmatchable features. We believe that charming packaging can result from the use of quality material. Therefore from material to the coating on the boxes we use the best that we can. 

    Material Selection 

    We start designing your food product with a selection of high-quality materials. We know that the base of quality packaging is the material. If the material is substandard then there are no chances you can design the box attractively. That is why we use first-grade paper-based material to manufacture sushi packaging. 

    For custom sushi boxes wholesale we use three different types of packaging material such as kraft paper, corrugated material, and paper board. For companies that want to pack their food in eco-friendly packaging, kraft is an ideal choice. But it does not mean that our cardboard and corrugated material are deleterious for the climate. All our packaging materials are FSC-approved so you do not need to worry about the box’s sustainability. 

    Appropriate Color Selection 

    By adhering to our policy of incorporating quality in the packaging we only use high-quality colors and the best color mixing processes to design your boxes. For printed sushi boxes with logo we use the following two color mixing processes: 

    1. CMYK 
    2. PMS 

    Both procedures are widely used in the packaging industry. It totally depends upon the customers what process they prefer for packaging. To give a brief idea, our CMYK printing is suitable when you need 4 color combinations, however for more than 4 you can select PMS. 

    Printing Processes 

    The design of personalized sushi boxes is incomplete if the printing is missing. For printing, we use offset lithography, digital printing, and screen printing. To create unique packaging we use attractive artwork on the boxes. Our company works by understanding the target audience so that we can attract customers to your product. 

    If you have any specific design requirements you can tell us to add on the boxes. We make sure that our customers get what they desire which is why we have ensured our efficient customer service. Just contact us and let us know your requirements. 

    Wide Range Of Customization Facilities 

    For custom sushi boxes we have a huge range of customization facilities. Using these options we make sure the creation of an enticing packaging. Our add-ons, box coatings all help us to add glam to your product presentation. 


    Add-ons are used to add a luxurious touch to the boxes. The simple but the most elegant add-ons are embossing and debossing. However, we are not only confined to these two options, our spot UV, PVC window, handles, and foil stamping all are options that we use to make your product appealing. 

    Cost Of The Packaging 

    You may think that if we are providing all these amazing customization facilities and are using one of the best quality materials to manufacture the boxes then our rates will definitely be high. However, the reality is quite surprising because we are giving the market competitive rates to the customer. With our wholesale option, the cost of packaging is further reduced. 

    Fastest Turnout 

    CBM is famous for its holistic packaging services. From the start to the end of your order, we provide the most efficient services. You can get your order of custom sushi boxes in just 6-8 business days. 

    Free Delivery 

    Apart from the fastest turnout, you can get your order delivered free of cost. CBM provides free delivery in North America therefore we are the top priority of companies that want to get economical yet unique packaging. 

    Get A Quote 

    To get attractive and distinct types of custom sushi boxes, fill out the quote on CBM’s website. Our representative will contact you and facilitate you in getting the best packaging.


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     2 reviews
    Jun 21, 2023
     by Williams
    Customer care service user-friendly !

    I got the best custom sushi boxes from CustomBoxesMarket. Their customer care service is so user-friendly that gave me on-time information about the best design of boxes for my restaurant.

    Gertrude Wells
    Mar 21, 2023
     by Gertrude Wells
    Use Non Toxic Material

    For food-grade custom-sushi boxes, I choose CBM because their boxes are made from non-toxic material that keeps my sushi fresh.


    June 21, 2023

    I got the best custom sushi boxes from CustomBoxesMarket. Their customer care service is so user-friendly that gave me on-time information about the best design of boxes for my restaurant.

    Gertrude Wells

    March 21, 2023

    For food-grade custom-sushi boxes, I choose CBM because their boxes are made from non-toxic material that keeps my sushi fresh.

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