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To protect your delicious waffles and to preserve their quality you need to pack them in custom waffle boxes. CustomBoxesMarket manufactures waffle packaging with the most unique design and robust material that secures the waffles during transit and at the time of storage.  No matter what type of material you want for your waffle boxes and what different printing processes are your priority, you can get everything from CBM. These boxes have numerous benefits such as product protection, brand promotion, better customer experience, and eco-friendly material.  We have advanced unique packaging boxes. Our food-grade material prevents product contamination and makes the safe delivery of products possible.  Companies that are looking for new ways to advertise their product and enhance their customer turnout must invest in waffle packaging. You can easily get your desirable box size, shape, and raw material that can sufficiently cater to the requirements of your product.

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    Benefits Of Getting Custom Waffle Boxes From CustomBoxesMaket

    Waffles come under sweet breakfast foods. Although not all Americans are fans of waffles, many of them start their morning with waffles. These are flour-based products and have a short shelf life. To keep them fresh companies use custom waffle boxes.

    If your company produces frozen waffles and wants to pack them in high-quality boxes, then you can contact CustomBoxesMarket. Our company has practical solutions to maintain the quality of food products.

    By getting waffle box packaging from CBM, you can promote your brand, increase your customer turnout, give adequate protection to the product, and elevate customers’ experience. We have a large facility to provide custom boxes so you will not have to worry about the uniqueness of your packaging.

    How CustomBoxesMarket Gives Beneficial Waffle Packaging? 

    We are among the leading box manufacturers in the United States that provide premium customization facilities for packaging. You can get numerous benefits by placing your order with us. Brand promotion becomes a piece of cake with these custom boxes for waffles.

    Protection Of Product

    You can get excellent protection for your product with custom waffle boxes. We manufacture these boxes with different varieties of materials having different colors and properties. But all our packaging materials have one thing in common which is durability and protective ability.

    Waffles are perishable commodities and become the best breeding ground for bacteria and fungi if they are not protected adequately. For product protection and hygiene maintenance, we use food-grade material. We have different options for waffle boxes wholesale:

    1.  Solid Bleach Sulfate Boxes
    2. Coated Unbleached Kraft Packaging
    3. Chipboard
    4. Paper bags
    5. Corrugated material

    SBS material is clay coated and has sufficient durability to protect food products like waffles. If our customers demand a lightweight and minimalist look we give coated unbleached kraft material.

    Similarly, for costumes that love the use of recyclable material, we offer chipboard. Compare to other materials it has a bit lower strength but enough to protect the waffles. Besides this, we offer paper bags and corrugated boxes. Corrugated materials are fluted and give high-end resistance to external pressure.

    Brand Promotion 

    We offer our customers the full potential to promote their brands with custom printed waffle boxes. Our designer can turn your packaging into a marketing tool by adding your brand logo to the boxes.

    You can significantly increase your customer turnout by ordering your product from CBM. We use high-quality colors for printing your logo on the boxes. We make every possible attempt to give our customers the best promotional packaging.

    Companies that can not spend higher costs on advertising their products can get the benefit of our logo-printed custom waffle packaging. If you want to give a specific color or you desire to use metallic foiling for your logos you can contact us.

    Enhance Customer Experience Using Customized Waffle Packaging 

    You can see that many companies are offering frozen products like waffles, then how you can become the popular choice. Indeed, the quality of your products is a significant determiner of your success but how can people assess the quality of your product?

    The simple answer to this is waffle box packaging. By assessing the quality of your packaging, the quality of your product will become visible to them. The way you are the expert on waffles, CustomBoxesMarket is the expert on the packaging. By getting boxes from us you can increase customers’ experience.

    We provide one of the most unique and user-friendly packaging styles that make the product appealing. Likewise, we use high-quality add-ons and lamination on the packaging to make boxes different from other products in the retail market.

    Custom Waffle Boxes Are Eco-Friendly 

    You can find several other packaging manufacturers in the market, but how we are different from them. The reason for this is that we offer only eco-friendly material to manufacture waffle packaging. You can get a large variety of sustainable packaging materials from CutsomBoxesMarket.

    We offer raw materials obtained from FSC-approved woods. This way we fully follow the sustainable development goals. Our packaging materials are 100% recyclable so if you are worried about the generation of waste due to your product packaging, then you must invest in wholesale waffle packaging boxes manufactured by us.

    Customization Of Sizes And Shapes 

    One thing that can increase the worth of your waffles and give them the best presentation is the use of befitting packaging. A befitting box be achieved only by customization. We have the most advanced die-cut machines that give the exact size and shape to the boxes as demanded by our clients. You can get your boxes in:

    • Hexagonal shape
    • Rectangular shape
    • Sleeves boxes type
    • Top-tuck packaging

    Besides this, if you are looking for other box styles, you can contact us at our given number for full assistance. A perfect box shape and size as per the product requirement shows the professionalism and high standards of the company, hence help to attract customers.

    Easy To Ship 

    We understand that the opportunity cost of custom packaging matters a lot. Companies want their custom food packaging to be low-cost but of high quality. These dual benefits can be achieved by only renowned packaging companies that have in-house facilities to manufacture wholesale boxes such as CustomBoxesMarket.

    We use durable but lightweight material that is easy to ship due to its low weight. You can get custom waffle boxes flat, which you can reshape for use. This way the space as well as the weight of the boxes is reduced, ultimately limiting the cost of the packaging. So without wasting time, get the multiple benefits of waffle boxes by placing order at CustomBoxesMarket.


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    Lucas Brown
    Aug 21, 2023
     by Lucas Brown
    Waffle Boxes

    Boxes were good, I appreciate the effort put in by Alan!

    Jan 27, 2023
     by David

    I never found these kinds of innovative ideas to have the most unique waffle boxes. Strongly Recommended. By the way, I loved their innovation in simple things.

    Lucas Brown

    August 21, 2023

    Boxes were good, I appreciate the effort put in by Alan!


    January 27, 2023

    I never found these kinds of innovative ideas to have the most unique waffle boxes. Strongly Recommended. By the way, I loved their innovation in simple things.

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