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Custom donut trays give brands the opportunity to increase their sales and tell customers about the true quality of products. You can get the best facilities from our company.  Donuts need protection which can be provided with high-quality packaging. By getting trays for donuts, you can give them a unique presentation. Getting the customization trays for products has become quite easy. But the problem of getting economic rates persists. In this regard, our brand can help you as we offer different rates as per the convenience of the customers. And all our boxes come under wholesale rates so no need to bother about the packaging price. Material, printing, tray styles, inserts, and add-ons, we have all the different options for box customization. You can order the smallest order of 100 trays and get the best customization facilities from us. Besides this, we offer full customer support so you can grow with ease. 

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    Unleash The Potential Of Your Brand Using Custom Donut Tray

    CustomBoxesMarket is among the top box manufacturing industries that have a huge variety of box designs. We are specialized in all types of packaging, from the packaging of skin care products to the packaging of food items, we have everything. So if you are looking for a custom donut tray then we are here to serve you.

    We understand that packaging for bakery products plays an important role in the presentation. And CustomBoxesMarket is experienced in making packages appealing. Undoubtedly the quality of our raw material sets us apart, but with our 24/7 assistance to the customer we make our packaging services out of the class.

    The multifaceted nature of our donut tray display facilitates customers to get several benefits by spending a minimum amount. From simple donut trays to donut trays with lids, we have all the options for our clients.

    How Packaging Can Increase Product Worth 

    If wisely used, food product packaging can play a significant role in increasing the worth of the product. Although there are several packaging industries in the United States, our ability to make the packaging all-inclusive sets us apart. With our best manufacturing facilities, we ensure that our clients enjoy the full potential of packaging.

    We make the packaging enticing and unique by using different colors, unique artwork, and protective coatings on the boxes. The uniqueness of packaging attracts customers and helps you increase your sales.

    Manufacturing Of Custom Donut Tray

    CustomBoxesMarket has ultra-modern and unique printing facilities. Apart from this, we have several types of material and printing options so you can get the most distinct donut trays such as a mini donut tray, a donut tray with lids, etc.

    Paper Stock

    Have you seen a company flourishing without paying attention to the protection of products? Certainly not! Takeaways or delivery of baked products such as donuts, cupcakes, and biscuits is done in different types of packaging.

    If your customer gets a deteriorated product or messed up frosting, can you think you can increase your sales? Obviously not! Therefore CustomBoxesMarket gives you packaging made from durable products. The product remains safe in a customized donut tray and gives the true taste of your donuts. The following materials give us confidence in product protection:

    • Kraft
    • Corrugated
    • Cardstock

    Non-Toxic Material

    We understand that in the food business, how critical it is to prevent contamination in the food. That is why we only use food-grade material for donut tray display wholesale. Our paper-based materials do not contain any harmful chemicals or toxic compounds that may pose health impacts to consumers.

    The inert packaging material will provide protection from harmful external factors like dust and microbes. So you can give your consumers delicious donuts of original high quality.

    Designing On The Donut Trays 

    The reason for custom packaging is to get desirable designs. And in the packaging industry boxes are designed with high-quality prints. You can get any color for your printed donut tray. We have one of the best facilities to give colors to the packaging.

    To give a soft look to the packaging we use pastel hues. For a luxurious look, we offer dull bright colors. We use two types of printing such as:

    1. Offset lithography
    2. Screen printing

    Besides the two printing facilities, we have two ways of color mixing. If you want to design your boxes with four colors then we will use CMYK. Similarly, if you want a color with sharp edges and more than four shades then our PMS matching system is the best.


    When it comes to custom packaging, you have the choice to decorate the box with as many new ways as you want. Undoubtedly, you can give sufficient attraction to the boxes by getting our services of robust material and high-tech prints. But if you have a huge budget and you want to add something extra to the look of your packaging then you can use our add-ons.

    We offer various add-ons however for custom donut trays, embossing and debossing are popular. These two techniques are quite opposite to each other but from a commercial point of view, both of them have similar benefits.

    In debossing the paper is depressed from the plain surface of the material. In embossing, the paper is raised from the surrounding area. You can use any of the processes to highlight your logo or any other artwork on your packaging.


    Like all other bakery products, donuts also need to be packed with care. That is why, we are offering inserts and dividers to the packaging. You can give additional protection to the packaging and a bit more appealing look by using inserts and dividers in the packaging.

    You can get punch food partitions made from sustainable materials to keep the donuts in upright condition and secure.

    Brand Promotion

    We offer logo printing on the donut tray display, with which you can turn your ordinary packaging into a marketing tool. Wherever your packaging will go, your brand will get promoted. Our graphic designers will give the best placement to your logos and give you a modern marketing tool i.e. your packaging.

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    We have the most desirable facilities for custom donut tray. Your product already has the best quality and we will pack it with excellent packaging. To unleash the potential of your brand, so get a quote!


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    Cooper Daisy
    Sep 20, 2023
     by Cooper Daisy

    CBM created the premium standard custom donut tray for my food business. I appreciate their professional designing that helped me get more customers for my business.

    Cooper Daisy

    September 20, 2023

    CBM created the premium standard custom donut tray for my food business. I appreciate their professional designing that helped me get more customers for my business.

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