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People are open to consuming instant energy from donuts, but the presentation in proper boxes is indispensable. At Custom Boxes Market, we are committed to high-quality and pocket-friendly product packaging solutions that ensure added value for donut bakers. We provide our customers with the most affordable custom donut boxes or mini donut boxes so that your business can entertain the convenience for your customers. From jotting down your requirements to fulfilling the order, you can rest assured about how communicative and supportive our team is! We are non-compromising in ensuring the finest standards of manufacturing custom donut packaging boxes, as our passion is to reach the maximum level of your satisfaction. All our efforts make your customers fond of ordering your delicious donuts more often than ever. Since our inception, our team strives to dive deeper into the industry’s modern trends, with regard to design, size, and shape. Our specialized attention to detail is what us a top choice for customers. What we do is recognized and trusted by thousands of our customers. Do you know what it means? It infers that you can trust our abilities and leave this arduous job to our professionals.

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    We cherish a record of fulfilling the ambitious demands of our customers by dint of effort, no matter how relentless! At CBM, our team is highly recognized in all the areas we serve because of our customer-centric approach. Before we do anything, our team communicates to make sure of what kind of design, material, shape, or overall customization is required for donut products. Not all of our customers have the same choice, so do not leave any stone unturned for quality-ensuring each step of the process.

    For a long time, we have served in the different states of the USA, and we have always been a matter of praise and appreciation. That is why, you can put your unshakeable trust in our excellence.

    Types Of Quality Packaging Material We Use

    As the packaging market is rapidly evolving, CBM comes up with modern methodology, newer design trends, improvements in printing, materials, and much more. A variety of materials that we use have widely been used for different kinds of products, such as food, equipment, electronics, and others. From rigid plastic packaging to paperboard to cardboard to Kraft, we use a lot of different materials for manufacturing custom printed donut boxes wholesale.

    For food packaging such as donuts, we generally use plastic, wood, or glass. In addition, most customers have their own choice of material that they prefer. So, when donuts are yours, we also prefer the material choice of yours!

    No doubt, we have always continued to expand the scope of packaging quality.

    Why People Trust None But CBM

    We are not new in the industry but possess years of experience. This work is not a mere job but we find passion in this. A variety of reasons set us apart, holding us at the top and gaining customer trust. So, your donut needs us and let’s know why.

    Customer-Centric Solutions

    Most packaging companies in the USA have their pre-designed processes but our motto is to personalize every step, so we can achieve the highest possible level of satisfaction for our customers. And, that is what makes us the No.1 in the industry. Our team has profound knowledge of packaging boxes, no matter what offshoot of manufacturing we are talking about. You can stay assured that no matter how small or large your order is, we will nail it!

    Look no further because our exceptional expertise has got you covered for getting durable and eco-friendly custom donut boxes with window.

    High-quality Printing & Designing

    By using premium printing techniques and color combinations such as CMYK and Pantone matching systems, we happen to produce unique prints and designs as wonders. Most customers already would have design ideas, still, our ready-made stock is a harbinger for them to generate some ideas for design. As the design is more than half of the presentation, so we make sure everything is taken care of, just to make everything align with your branding strategy as well.

    Advanced Equipment & Machinery

    Only the people working in the packaging industry know that packaging is not a piece of cake but a very complicated process that requires specialized attention and proven expertise, to satisfactorily deliver proper boxes. To complete the process with efficiency, we use multiple tools and equipment.

    At CBM, we are dedicated to bringing modern tools that save time, improve efficiency, and quicken the process of days into hours. Therefore, our turnaround time (TAT) is quicker than thousands of other packaging companies. So, you can expect timely delivery without inconvenience.

    Trained Team

    No matter how modern equipment we have, our team with the required skill set to use it is what helps us achieve the results. With experience, our team has theoretical knowledge and a practical approach. All that combined with our dedicated management yields amazingly proper boxes, specifically designs for your donuts, no matter what size, shape, or print.

    In addition, we do not have any novices but experts only. So, you can rest assured that we are sure to meet your expectations.


    Pocket-friendly Price

    For a long time, we have been operational and bringing innovation to traditional packaging. Although our name is the only one that you can count on, yet we do not charge any heavy price, or die or plate charges, and we have no hidden costs.

    When you are careful about money and tight on budget, it is the best bet to keep your faith in us.

    Build Your USP, Call Us!

    Each business such as donut bakers must have personalized donut boxes, designed with a focus on colors, prints, and everything that resemble your branding kit. It helps build unique selling propositions and improve business operations. That is why, none but CBM is where your customized product packaging with branding is made convenient, easy, and accessible!

    So, what are you waiting for? Our customer support team is here to jot down the requirements, and provide awesome packaging for your sweet donuts!

    Give us a call right away to receive a cost-free quotation!


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    Custom Boxes Market
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     2 reviews
    Alison Kimbrell
    May 13, 2023
     by Alison Kimbrell
    On Time⏰

    My experience with CBM is exceptional. This is the seventh time I have ordered custom donut boxes from CBM. My delivery was always on time.

    Mar 15, 2023
     by Clifford

    I used their custom donut tray for my bakery shop. It was well-designed, safe, and attractive to onlookers. After using them, I observed a boost in my sales more than my competitor bakery brands. Thank you, CBM, for the best service.

    Alison Kimbrell

    May 13, 2023

    My experience with CBM is exceptional. This is the seventh time I have ordered custom donut boxes from CBM. My delivery was always on time.


    March 15, 2023

    I used their custom donut tray for my bakery shop. It was well-designed, safe, and attractive to onlookers. After using them, I observed a boost in my sales more than my competitor bakery brands. Thank you, CBM, for the best service.

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