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If you are running a Chinese food restaurant then you must need to invest in custom Chinese food boxes. Custom Boxes Market made these boxes with three different types of paper-based materials. These materials provide strength to boxes and prevent food leakage and spoilage. We have avant-garde box manufacturing facilities that allow us to give our customers an exclusive food box. Moreover, we have an in-house facility to customize packaging, which allows us to give our customers a holistic and economical food box. To make the packaging convenient from the customer’s point of view, we produce metallic handles and wax-coated boxes for our clients. Not only this the material used in the manufacturing of boxes is heat-resistant so customers can easily re-heat the food.  Furthermore, we use food-grade material in these boxes to maintain the quality. To ensure sustainability, we use eco-friendly inks for printing. You can get the most appropriate packaging for your chinese food by contacting Custom Boxes Market.

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    Custom Chinese Food Boxes: Get Elegantly Designed Boxes To Protect Your Food Items 

    Chinese food is among the popular cuisines and a large number of the population loves to consume it. The consumption of Chinese food not only depends upon the taste of the food but also on the convenience it provides. If you are running a Chinese food restaurant and want to protect your food then get custom Chinese food boxes

    We make these boxes durable by selecting a high-quality material that keeps the food warm and maintains its texture. With our variety of food-grade materials, you can get the most unique packaging for your food. 

    CustomBoxesMarket elegantly designs these Chinese food boxes to grab customers’ attention. You can promote your brand, increase your sales, and protect your food in these holistic packaging boxes made by us. 

     How We Make Custom Chinese Food Boxes Unique? 

    As a renowned and experienced packaging industry, we give our customers unique packaging. We use different types of food-grade material, printing methods, and box designs that give our customers a distinct and enticing food box. Those customers that have a limited packaging budget can get benefit from our wholesale rates. 

    Manufacturing Of Chinese Food Boxes 

    After getting your order, we start manufacturing boxes in a strategic manner to avoid any errors. With our highly professional staff, we provide an avant-garde design to the custom printed chinese food boxes


    We use three different types of paper stocks to produce food packaging boxes. The variety of materials allows our clients to select the best material that fulfills their product requirements and comes under their budget. Our three packaging materials are: 

    1. Kraft: This is our lightweight material that is naturally brown in color. We have different varieties of kraft, such as bleached and unbleached. You can select any type as per the requirement of your product. 
    2. Cardboard: The other material is cardboard, which is available in different thicknesses. The durability of these custom Chinese food boxes will keep the food warm for a longer duration. 
    3. Corrugated: This is a fluted material and provides high-end protection to the food. Although it is a durable material but has lightweight so the shipping cost does not exceed. 

    You can select any of the above-mentioned materials to provide protection to your food. The price of these materials varies as per the thickness, however, we offer custom wholesale Chinese food boxes at economical rates. 


    At CustomBoxesMarket you can get unique packaging that will help you to tremendously accelerate sales. With the perfect and updated printing technique, we give a pleasant look to the food boxes. 

    For custom wholesale packaging Chinese food boxes, we only use food-grade inks that do not contaminate the food with heavy metals. Our food-grade inks include: 

    • Soy inks 
    • Water-based inks 

    We use PMS and CMYK color mixing techniques to give high-end colors to the food boxes. Using these color mixing techniques we give the boxes your desirable colors. To print the boxes we use the following two printing techniques: 

    • Offset Printing: This is the most popular printing process as it gives sharp images with the accurate portrayal of original artwork. 
    • Digital Printing: For customers that want small graphics on the boxes and a faster turn-out then this printing process is the best option. 

    Additional Options 

    As we have an in-house facility for each process related to packaging, therefore, we provide comprehensive packaging to the clients. To increase the eye-catching ability of the Chinese food boxes we provide our additional services of add-ons and foilings. 

    For instance, we add metal handles to Chinese food packaging to make them convenient for customers. Besides this, we add coatings that will prevent box damage and leakage of the product. 

    With our wax-coated cardboard material, we provide durability to the boxes. So you can deliver your product without any hassle. Not only this, all our boxes are heat resistant so the food can be reheated in them. 

    Default Process

    Our constant process for packaging includes gluing, scoring, perforation, etc. So if you want custom wholesale Chinese food boxes free from the hassle of gluing and taping then get your orders by CustomBoxesMarket. 


    You need to give us the dimensions such as the length, width, and height of your desired boxes. With the provided dimensions we will provide you with the most appealing food boxes for your Chinese foods. 

    Why CustomBoxesMarket? 

    With our thousands of satisfied customers, we are able to claim that our packaging services are the best. Besides this, with the availability of plenty of box designs and different options for materials, we give our customers memorable and attractive packaging. 

    For custom wholesale packaging Chinese food boxes we offer far less rates so that budget does not hinder our clients from getting the best. As we have an end-to-end service so we are able to provide packaging at economical rates. 

    With our free shipping policy in North America, we make shipping easy for our clients. Not only this, our average time to complete an order is 6-8 business days. That is why we are the first choice of companies that want the fastest turnout without compromising quality. 


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    Cynthia Berry
    Oct 6, 2023
     by Cynthia Berry
    Timely deliver !

    I want to express my gratitude to CBM for their timely delivery of our custom Chinese food boxes.

    Sep 19, 2023
     by Mat

    CBM just made our dreams come true by providing the best quality custom Chinese boxes. We would love to order again.

    Adalee John
    Feb 25, 2023
     by Adalee John
    custom Chinese food boxes

    CBM's custom Chinese food boxes are highly recommended and I am very satisfied with my order.

    Cynthia Berry

    October 6, 2023

    I want to express my gratitude to CBM for their timely delivery of our custom Chinese food boxes.


    September 19, 2023

    CBM just made our dreams come true by providing the best quality custom Chinese boxes. We would love to order again.

    Adalee John

    February 25, 2023

    CBM’s custom Chinese food boxes are highly recommended and I am very satisfied with my order.

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