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Custom snack boxes provide tailor-made protection for the product and maintain quality during transit and storage. We manufacture these boxes with the best raw material that makes them firm, durable, and attractive. The quality of your snacks will remain excellent in custom packaging. You can get these boxes at lower rates without compromising the quality of the packaging. We have the most thrifty customization options so you can get the unique packaging while remaining under your budget. We offer quality services to facilitate our clients and make it easy for them to get customized packaging. Whether you are looking for an eco-friendly option or you need high-end product protection we have everything for you. Besides this CustomBoxesMarket offers different types of printing options to cater to the requirement of your brand. You can get promotional snack packaging along with the best labeling. Our company gives the easiest chance to brands to promote themselves via packaging.

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    Preserve The Quality Of Your Snacks With Custom Snack Boxes

    When it comes to serving the guests, enjoying a leisure activity, and traveling, one activity that has significant importance is snacking. Because of convenience, the use of frozen and ready-made snacks has increased. And to pack them with quality, custom snack boxes have become essential.

    Packaging maintains the quality of the packed product whether you are getting packaging for frozen foods or fast food, only trust an experienced packaging industry, such as CustomBoxesMarket. We offer a huge variety of custom boxes that can elevate your product protection substantially.

    With our personalized snack boxes, you can give convenience to your customers as we have unique but easy-to-open box styles. You can get your custom boxes in any shape, size, and design without spending much.

    What Are Custom Snack Boxes? 

    Customized packaging is the best way to increase the sales of the product. By getting custom boxes, you can increase the protection of your snacks, make them easy to access by packing them in user-friendly boxes, and give your product a unique look.

    We offer high-quality food-grade materials that prevent snack contamination. The reason for the use of food-grade material is that the steam from the hot snacks can cause the leaching of harmful chemicals from the product.

    In the same way, if you are selling frozen snacks, the moisture in the freezer can cause chemical leaching. To avoid such problems, get custom snack boxes wholesale from CustomBoxesMarket and increase the safety of your product.


    We use different types of packaging materials to manufacture custom boxes. From small to large, all packaging box sizes can be availed from our company. We make this versatility possible with the use of high-quality facilities and flexible materials. From eco-friendly material to high-end protective packaging material we have all the choices.

    • Eco-Friendly Option 

    Our eco-friendly raw material includes brown kraft paper. This material is lightweight but has significant durability. So for snack packaging boxes, you can trust this material. This material is 100% eco-friendly so you do not have to be worried about the climate repercussions of the packaging.

    • High-Protection

    If you want high protection for your product then you can get benefit from our corrugated material. This material has flutes in it that can prevent collapsing of the box. Besides this, you can keep the food warm during transit using this material.

    • Variable Thicknesses 

    Apart from being eco-friendly and high-protection, we have boxes made from materials of variable thicknesses. We use cardstock when our clients demand the custom thickness of packaging. Hence, if you want a  custom snack box with personalized thicknesses, you can contact us.

    • Wax Coated Packaging 

    We have the option of wax-coated cardstock. This material has an inert internal lining of wax that prevents leakage. Besides this, this wax-coated cardboard is heat-resistant so best when it comes to re-heating the food.

    Printing Options 

    Besides the provision of protection, we provide an appealing look to the packaging. In this regard, we use eye-catching prints that will convert your printed snack box packaging into premium packaging. We use the following prints:

    • Off-Set

    Offset printing is a common and preferred printing process. We use this printing on demand when a large number of boxes is required within a small duration. So if you are also looking for the fastest turnout you can select this option.

    • Digital Printing 

    If you want your digital-based artwork on the packaging, then you can get digital printing on your personalized snack boxes. With this method you can easily get your pre designed artwork or any kind of famous character, say cartoons, on your packaging. It is one of the fastest printing methods and best for short-run packaging.

    • Screen Printing 

    CustomBoxesMarket provides screen printing on demand. If you have a small order and you do not need early delivery then this printing will suit you. Apart from being time-consuming, this method is a bit expensive.

    Logo And Labelling 

    To make your packaging branding tool we are offering logo printing on the custom snack boxes wholesale. We turn the simple packaging into a representative of your brand. As we are experienced in the manufacturing of custom boxes that is why we give the perfect alignment of logo on the packaging.

    Aside from logo printing, we offer the printing of labels on the boxes. CBM uses elegant but readable typography to highlight the qualities of your product. So you can communicate with your customers and build a trustworthy relationship with them.

    Why Do Companies Prefer Us?

    We are the preferred brand of many companies for their custom packaging. The reason for this is that we offer the best customization facilities that keep the boxes unique while allowing companies to promote their brands. Besides this, we give options for different materials along with eye-catching printings that elevate the look of the product.

    For custom snack boxes, you can trust us. We are offering wholesale rates for all types of packaging so you can get the best-personalized packaging at economical rates. Apart from this, we offer free design facilities and shipping in North America. So without wasting time get a quote.


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    Colton Dane
    Feb 23, 2023
     by Colton Dane

    Yes, yes the best in the town CBM is the best! They have well crafted my custom-snack-boxes and shaped them exactly the design I want. Must check them guys.

    Colton Dane

    February 23, 2023

    Yes, yes the best in the town CBM is the best! They have well crafted my custom-snack-boxes and shaped them exactly the design I want. Must check them guys.

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