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Empanada is a conventional and most cherished dish in America. The unique look and style of the empanadas sets them apart from other dishes. Only the thought of these delicious fillings like cheese, beef, chicken, and Mexican chorizo always makes us crave empanadas.  So, to satisfy our cravings we always make a quick visit to get our Custom Empanadas Boxes. Without wasting a second we pick our favourite brand’s empanada packaging boxes with catchy looks and delicious empanada images. So, the impressive packaging of the empanadas helped to pick our desired box.   We at CBM also prefer distinct and fancy packaging to stand out on the fully crowded shelves of the marketplace. We provide a wide array of sturdy and environmentally safe materials for packaging. Moreover, our proficient team also gives productive designing, styling, and customization choices to outshine your brand identity.  We also provide the customers with the latest printing and coating techniques alongside the exciting add-ons to grab customers. To access our quality services, get together with CBM and let your success make noise.

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    If you are tired of the generic and unbranded empanada box and want to jump out in the market or simply looking for the best packaging for the enhanced protection of your empanadas boxes, then relieve your stress and trust us. CBM is here to help you with perfect packaging solutions without breaking the bank.

    Our unbounded services offer the most suitable options for your product’s security and brand elevation. The high-quality material, advanced printings, reinforced coatings, and laminations alongside additional embossing, debossing, and UV Finishing make a perfect packaging box that can surpass all other competitive brands. Let’s dig into the details of our custom services to pick the best one for your brand.

    Design Empanada Boxes With Our Quality Materials 

    We offer standard materials for empanada boxes. Our durable and sustainable material provides protection and shelf life to the products during transit and storage processes. The material is eco-friendly and can be recycled thus help in making the empanada boxes a first choice for environmentally conscious people. Here are the material options we offer to our customers according to the requirements of the product.

    1. Kraft
    2. Corrugated
    3. Cardboard

    Kraft material is rust-colored paper and can be customized with various printing techniques. It is lightweight and is used commonly in the packaging industry. Corrugated material is three-layered with a fluted paper in between for additional protection of the products. Moreover, cardboard material is used for premium packaging and offers a catchy appearance when printed making it the best choice for customers. Cardboard empanadas boxes are best for easy handling and maintaining the nutritional values of the food items.

    Get Distinctive Empanada Box Styles 

    We have been manufacturing various styles of packaging boxes according to the product’s requirements. Some products need a robust style while some boxes are designed with a PVC sheet to give a sneak peek of the product to the customers. These packaging boxes are prominent in the marketplaces and give a comfortable unboxing experience to the users.

    However, we also provide custom empanadas packaging boxes in other styles including the ones given below.

    • Sleeve Boxes have a sliding drawer that gives a fancier look to the box. 
    • Two-piece Boxes have a separate lid and base for a premium look.
    • Gable Boxes offer built-in handles for easy carrying and handling giving aesthetic style.
    • Window Boxes with a polyvinyl chloride sheet to view the product without opening the packaging of the box.
    • Tuck-end boxes consist of flaps that can be opened in the same or opposite directions.

    Customized Empanada Packaging Box Printings 

    Printings give the boxes a completely new look and clear look. High quality custom printed empanadas boxes always look highlighted in the retailer’s shop. Moreover, visible and properly printed fonts also leave a positive impression on the customers. We at CBM, provide distinctive printing selections that can let your products catch the first glance of the customers. Given below are our affordable methods.

    1. Offset Printing
    2. Digital Printing
    3. UV Printing
    4. Flexography

    Protect Empanada Boxes With Our Alluring Add-ons & Coatings 

    Our vast services also include the addition of protective coatings and fascinating add-ons to keep you a step forward from the competitors. We provide different laminations for the security of the packaging box against environmental factors like moisture, heat, or infectious particles.

    Our experts recommend the given options for personalized empanadas boxes.

    1. Gloss Lamination
    2. Matt Lamination
    3. Hot Foil
    4. Hot Foil Embossing
    5. Spot UV
    6. Ribbon Closure
    7. Embossing
    8. Debossing
    9. Inserts & Dividers
    10. Die-cutting

    Benefits of Empanada Packaging Boxes for Businesses 

    These custom food boxes play an important role in elevating businesses. They are the key elements that can be customized with the logo, theme color, and texts showcasing the brand identity. This can build customer’s trust and encourage them to utilize your brand in the future. Moreover, we offer empanadas boxes wholesale with logo at discounted prices and deliver bulk orders at reasonable costs.

    What Distinguishes Us From Others?

    Our two decades of manufacturing experience make us the best choice among others. Secondly, our quality services and prioritizing customer requirements with affordable prices are the significant reasons that set us apart in the market. We also offer our expert opinions to the customers to help their sales skyrocket. You can get an integrated solution to your packaging needs at CBM such as

    1. Diverse Customization Options
    2. 24/7 Availability
    3. Free Design Assistance
    4. Free Shipping at your doorstep.

    Get In Touch With Us! 

    You can contact us at CustomBoxesMarket to get our outstanding services. Book your order now and give us your desired empanadas boxes dimensions, size, and style to get our services in a a short duration. Our non-stop customer services are available whenever you want. Get a Quote and Free delivery.


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