Why Are Custom Lipstick Boxes Necessary For The Growth Of Your Business?

Getting perfect and suitable packaging for the products is more than necessary now for the businesses. As the competition among cosmetic brands is increasing, there is a need to innovate the outlook of your products if you want to get more sales. Custom Lipstick Boxes are the perfect option for your company to enhance its brand image. So, invest in designing and printing these lipstick box packaging to attract more customers to your product.

The top-notch and high-quality custom printed lipstick boxes provide an attractive appearance to your products and provide complete protection and maximum security to them. In addition, these lipsticks can be fragile to handle, so always make sure you use premium quality material for the wholesale custom lipstick boxes.

Whether you are a well-established cosmetic company or a newly set up brand, you always need creatively designed packaging for your products.

Does the packaging impact the buyer's purchasing decisions?

According to the statistics, 81% of consumers purchase something new for the first time because they find it appealing.

Here are some of the reasons you should get the most attractive encaptivating packaging for your brand. Let's have a look at these reasons one by one. 

Provide Maximum Protection

Lipstick boxes wholesale are necessary to get maximum support and protection for your lipsticks and prevent them from getting damaged. To do so, you have to select the premium quality manufacturing material for the lipstick packaging boxes.

Most of the materials that we utilize at CBM to create your Custom Lipstick Boxes are:

Kraft Box Material: It is a biodegradable and environmentally friendly material that will not cause any harm to the environment and your products. As it is highly flexible, you can alter them into any shape, size and style according to your demands and product needs. Moreover, kraft lipstick boxes allow ventilation; hence the texture and fragrance of your product remain safe. You can print them in any way you want. They are simple and minimalistic. So you can decorate them in any way you desire.

Corrugated Box Material: It is composed of three layers which make it more studied and resilient against harmful environmental factors. Moreover, it protects your delicate products effectively.

Whatever material you select for manufacturing your Custom Lipstick Boxes, make sure the material is resilient, sturdy, and environmentally safe. These should protect your products from getting accidents, heat, moisture, bacteria and any harmful germs. Easy to assemble and lightweight materials enhance your standing as a brand.

Do customers care about the manufacturing material of the packaging of products?

67% of the customers report that they prefer cardboard or paper packaging - Ipsos

Make sure your packaging is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. If it is reusable and recyclable, mention it on the packaging prominently as it will get the attention of eco-conscious customers. Furthermore, they will prefer your product over other brands because you provide them with non-toxic and harmless products. People generally adore these properties and always get inclined towards these products.

Easy To Design

It is a fact that appearance matters in the marketing of cosmetic products. By getting the finely designed packaging, you can captivate the buyer's attention and make them trust your products.

There are a few fundamental elements that customers notice in the design of every Custom Lipstick Boxes. So, try to keep these elements in focus. As a result, you will get the perfect styles of your lipsticks packaging.

Attractive And Aesthetic Colors

Make sure you select the right combination of different colors for the design of your Custom Lipstick Boxes. Colors set the mood and the vibe of the product, and it is the first introduction of your brand to the customers. For this reason, select the colors that affect your brand persona and display its core vision to the customers.

If you want to depict a bold brand image of your cosmetic company, you can use bright colors that have a vibrant aura. Or otherwise, you can go for light and pastel colors if you are more on the minimalistic and uncomplicated side of the design.

For more innovation, you can combine both of these color shades to get a new design of colors for the packaging of your product.

Readable And Styled Typography

There are many fonts available that you can use. Whatever text style you pick, make sure it is readable yet innovatively styled. Hard to read text is often ignored by the customers. For this reason, always select the font that follows your brand personality and depicts your values well.

You can also get customized fonts. It makes your products look exclusive and more innovative in design and appearance. The black color shows elegance, confidence, and sophistication. A combination of feminine pinkish shades with white or purple colors will make the appearance of your Custom Lipstick Boxes more pure and inviting.

Patterns On The Packaging

The aesthetic and artistic sense of people is getting more enhanced and better. So they are noticing the design of every packaging more than ever. Modern designing techniques of the packaging include different patterns.

Custom Lipstick Boxes with patterns on packaging add a text and feel to the product and communicate with the customers. Select ways to market your brand well to the buyers and make them purchase your products.

People's widely used patterns are geometric, abstract art, floral designs, etc. You can get a simple and minimalistic line design to give an elegant aura to the products. You can select vivid colors and floral patterns to build a more feminine and lovely company brand image.

Seamless Marketing With Printed Lipstick Boxes

Customized and enhanced packaging will drive more customers towards your brand and generate more revenue for your company. By getting the perfect designs and appropriate finishing of your Custom Lipstick Boxes, you will get the attention of buyers, and it will generate more clients.

Another rising phenomenon is the trend of online shopping. Make sure you design the packaging in a way that looks stunning on social media platforms. To get customers' loyalty, provide them with the best user experience and unboxing experience. Nowadays, unboxing videos create an impact in crafting the buyers purchasing decisions and influence their choices.

Do these unboxing videos affect the viewers?

According to the stats, 55% of those who watch unboxing videos agree that the video convinced them to buy the product. 35% of the consumers agree that they watch unboxing videos of different products.

So there are many customers that you can compel towards your brand by providing them with intriguing designs and an excellent unboxing experience of your products with custom printed lipstick boxes. 

According to Study Finds, 2020, 60% of customers avoid brands with unattractive packaging or unappealing logos.

A significant embarrassment of your logon and other details uplift your brand image and make your products look professional and captivating. Once our customers trust your product and try it, they will become your regular and loyal clientele.

Custom Lipstick Boxes Grab The Customers' Attention

When you perfectly showcase your products in charming Custom Lipstick Boxes, they get noticed by the customers for sure. On the other hand, the boring packaging of the lipsticks or no packaging makes them look unprofessional and not of good quality.

Showcasing Necessary Information With Custom Lipstick Boxes

To flare up the appearance of your Custom Lipstick Boxes, Make them look professional and genuine. And to do so, it is significant to embellish the necessary information regarding the product or the brand on the packaging prominently.

This necessary detail includes

  • Enticing and unique brand logo
  • Brand Name
  • Product name
  • How to use the product
  • How to store the product
  • Ingredients
  • General qualities
  • Slogan or one line product description
  • Product image on the packaging
  • Side effects
  • Warnings
  • Cautions
  • Expiry date
  • Manufacturing date
  • Labels (Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, cruelty-free, harmless, etc.
  • Contact numbers, social media addresses, and customer care details

These details allow our customers to get complete information about the product and trust them. You can also mention the upcoming events on Custom Lipstick Boxes wholesale or the information regarding the new product you are launching. Consequently, it increases brand visibility and enhances its standing in the marketplace.

Unlimited Sizes, Shapes, And Styles Of Lipstick Boxes

You have complete freedom to choose which size and shape of Custom Lipstick Boxes are perfect for your brand. Every lipstick is different. So every lipstick needs exclusive packaging that protects it and makes it attractive. Whether you are selling casual lipsticks or luxurious ones, you can get the perfect style, shape, and size of the packaging of your lipsticks.

Another option that makes the lipsticks look professional and genuine is the usage of inserts in their packaging. Moreover, it uplifts your brand image and protects the lipsticks from getting into the chaotic collision or breakage. Some of the most popular insert options at CustomBoxesMarket for Custom Lipstick Boxes are,

  • Cardboard Inserts
  • Blister Inserts
  • Paper Inserts
  • Foam Inserts
  • Fence inserts
  • Custom shapes
  • Punch Inserts

Variety Of Styles And Printing Options For Lipstick Box Packaging

Design is useless if it is not printed professionally. Make sure you get the best printing practices for your product because it holds significant importance in getting the sleek appearance of your lipsticks. Moreover, you can also get several designs for your Custom Lipstick Boxes packaging, including window patching, off-set printing, UV coating, die-cutting, etc.

Print them well to give a fresh and modish outlook to your products. Some of the most famous printing practices that brands use are,

  • Digital Printing:

You can also print the Custom Lipstick Boxes with logo for a short time. For example, just for the promotional event or marketing campaign, you can get digital printing, and it gives off gorgeous colors and fades away with time.

  • Off-set Printing:

If you want to get high-quality printing with consistent properties, get off-set printing for your Custom Lipstick Boxes. Furthermore, it is a cost-effective and cheaper option compared to other printing techniques.

With vibrant and HD color printing, you can get exquisite packaging for the lipsticks and make your brand stand out among many others in the retail stores.

In The End, Here Are Some Main Takeaways

Stunning Custom Lipstick Boxes are necessary for your brand growth because

  • These lipstick boxes wholesale make products safe and secure. You can transfer these products from one place to another without fear of getting them damaged, displaced, or de-shaped by getting these boxes.
  • If you design them by unifying the best color combinations, stylized typography, and sleek patterns, you can get one of the best outlooks on your brand. As a result, more buyers will know your brand and purchase your products.
  • If you want to create your products' professional look, embellish the necessary details regarding the brand of the product on the Custom Lipstick Boxes prominently. It produces trust in your customers towards the brand.
  • The creatively designed packaging of the cosmetic boxes also acts as a seamless marketing tool and promotional tool that effectively promotes your brand to the customers when you are not there.

In a nutshell, lipstick box packaging can make or break your brand image because it is the presentation of your brand to the customers. But if you want to get a loyal customer base that you retain, you have to provide them value and premium quality products.

According to Dotcom Distribution, 40% of customers say they will share an image of your packaging on social media if it is unique or branded.

And here you go, another way of clever marketing your products. Once they trust your products, they will unknowingly become your brand ambassadors and effectively market them. So, word of mouth is the most reliable and the most effective marketing tactic.

Why Should You Choose Us For Your Lipstick Packaging?

We provide very durable and sturdy Custom Lipstick Boxes for your cosmetic item at CustomBoxesMarket. Furthermore, we provide free shipping and free custom design, and we offer no die or plate charges. In addition, we ensure that your wholesale lipstick boxes are delivered on time. So please select us and make your business well-known in the marketplace.

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